CPAP comfort supplies for regular CPAP treatment patients. Learn which are the best.

by Chris Johnson Posted On May 8, 2020

CPAP Pillow

There is a wide range of CPAP comfort accessories and supplies available. These are meant to help you enjoy an even better experience during your required therapy. There are many supplies available, but you do not need all of them. You should opt for comfort supplies that would indeed help personalize your CPAP experience to a comfort level that you are looking after. Let’s check out some of the most popular accessories and supplies that offer enhanced comfort for CPAP patients:

Mouth Strips – for better sleep with a CPAP

The mouth strips represent quite innovative and useful accessories for CPAP users. These are non-invasive sleep aids that help reducing mouth breathing. These strips will adhere in a gentle manner to your lips and allow for an extremely natural jaw movement during sleep. With a chin strap, your jaw stays in a fixed position and you cannot move it freely. The mouth strips will help to keep the lips closed so that there will be no more mouth breathing.

The mouth strips will hold the lips together in a gentle manner. They are extremely skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. While wearing such a strip, the patient will channel his/her breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. According to genuine reviews, these types of mouth strips work extremely well. Many patients talk about how they could fix their dry mouth problems, and how they could finally enjoy a better and more restful night of sleep with truly efficient therapy.

CPAP Mask Liners

The main role of the mask liners is to help eliminating leaks and prevent irritation on the skin of your face. Top quality mask liners are made of moisture-wicking and extremely breathable fabrics to help make your skin eel cool while wearing such a liner with your mask. The mask liners help a great deal in reducing skin breakdown, irritations, pressure marks and sores.

The PAP mask liners are especially beneficial for patients who need to use their CPAP therapy on higher pressures. The higher pressure also represents a higher risk for leaks, and such a mask liner can solve the problem. The mask liners are also machine washable, so you can always enjoy clean and risk free therapy.

Top benefits of the mask liners:

  • Helps keeping your mask in place. This way, you will not need a chin strap for example
  • Acts as a protective barrier especially in the case of patients with a sensitive and/or irritated skin
  • Helps reducing sleep disturbances caused by leaks / pressure sores.

The only downside for these types of liners is that they cannot be used with nasal pillows masks.

Contoured CPAP Pillows

CPAP Mask Pillow

Many patients struggle with sleeping while having to receive their CPAP therapy. The mask can easily shift or leak, facial pressures can be also bothersome, and overall comfort is greatly compromised during the night. These contoured CPAP pillows allow patients to enjoy a good night’s sleep while maintaining compliance and maximum comfort.

These are orthopedic types of pillows that provide an ergonomic solution for sleep apnea patients. The pillows ensure adjustable comfort, as compared to a regular pillow. The contoured pillows also provide the best comfort for all types of sleepers, such as back, stomach or side sleepers. Contoured pillows are typically made of memory foam which is ventilated, and they feature 2 sleeping surfaces. One side is made of memory foam with mesh cover for an improved airflow, and the other side made of plush for an extremely soft and comfortable sleep.

The pillows feature inside core layers which allow the user to adjust the pillow to the desired height. There can be up to 4 different heights patients can choose from. Therefore, patients can truly customize their pillow to enjoy the best sleeping experience while wearing the CPAP mask.

  • Cool night’s sleep thanks to a ventilated core
  • Better compliance regardless of the type of mask used
  • 2 different sleeping surfaces- cool or warm & soft
  • Ergonomic design for the best head, neck and shoulder support during sleep

Nasal moisturizing creams

Nasal Mosturizing Cream

Nasal moisturizing creams and gels are water-soluble formulated, in order to provide immediate relief and long-lasting protection to the patient. These gels help to alleviate instantly the irritation caused by friction from the cannula of the mask. Typically these gels are non-greasy and non-odorous. Patients with nasal discomfort, redness, irritations, and sores caused by the use of a CPAP mask will find immediate relief by using such gels.

The main role of the gel is to moisturize the skin and to alleviate sensitive skin and a wide spectrum of irritations. Besides being moisturizing, such a gel is also extremely soothing. Generally, the creams contain aloe vera extracts to offer immediate relief to the skin.

CPAP Hose Lift Systems

CPAP hose lifts practically suspend your CPAP tubing , and thus reducing hose entanglement issues. They are generally light, compact and easy to use suspension accessories that are highly recommended for patients struggling with tube entanglement and mask pulls during the night. They are designed for both home and travel use, and many patients gave great reviews regarding the use of such a lifter. The hose lifers are easily extendable and most of then come with a stylish carry bag so that patients can easily pack and carry them.

Extra comfort accessories and supplies:

  • Heated humidifiers- the CPAP humidifiers are great for relieving a sore throat, irritations, etc. The role of the humidifier is to provide patients with proper temperature and moisture air into their lungs. Not all CPAPs include humidifier systems.
  • Hose covers- CPAP hose covers are made of knitted fabric and they resemble a tube that you can fit over the hose. These covers will help warming up the air that flows through the tube. The hose cover can also help reducing the buildup of condensation inside the tubing to prevent rainouts.
  • Gels to create more secure seals. You can use such a gel if you have noticed that your mask leaks and air is leaking towards year eyes. This in time can lead to dry and irritated eyes, and you can solve the problem with a mask liner or a special gel that creates a barrier.

You can find all of these in your favourite CPAP online store or at a physical store in your area.


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