CPAP equipment represents an important investment, and you need to pay attention to the cleaning and care instructions suggested by the provider. There are plenty of supplies and accessories that can help prolonging the life of your equipment. For example, if you will replace the CPAP filters at regular intervals, your machine will operate at […]

CPAP equipment represents an important investment, and you need to pay attention to the cleaning and care instructions suggested by the provider. There are plenty of supplies and accessories that can help prolonging the life of your equipment. For example, if you will replace the CPAP filters at regular intervals, your machine will operate at maximum efficiency for a much longer time. So let’s check out which are the best CPAP supplies you can find on the market in 2017:

CPAP filtersCPAP Machine filters

There is a wide range of CPAP filters available. You need to carefully check the make and model of your machine, and select the filters accordingly. You can find filters for Respironics, ResMed, Fisher&Paykel, Puritan Bennett, DeVilbiss CPAP machines and many other brands. The bacterial filters help to maintain the air that comes through the tubing properly sanitized. If you replace the filters at regular intervals (at least once a month), you will enjoy superior quality oxygen treatments every single time you use the machine.

Among the Respironics CPAP supplies, you should check out the DreamStation reusable pollen filters, the ultra-fine filters, and the foam pollen filters. These accessories will help to keep the air 100% pure and therapeutic grade with every use.

Sanitizing system for CPAP machines

SoClean2 CPAP CleanerAmong the best ResMed CPAP supplies and general accessories, you will come across a highly powerful sanitizing system for CPAP machines. This is the SOCLEAN CPAP Sanitizing system which helps to maintain your machine free from viruses, bacteria mold growth or dust. The sanitizing system represents an all in one solution for any type/brand of CPAP machine, and by using it on a regular basis, you can enjoy at all times a safe and efficient air treatment.

The SOCLEAN system allows you to sanitize your equipment without having to disassemble your machine completely. You can immerse hose, reservoir, and mask at once into the automatic sanitizer. The sanitizing system helps you clean thoroughly and quickly all your equipment. With SOCLEAN, you will get rid of all the disease-causing bacteria that reside in your machine/tubing, a mold that represents a high risk for your respiratory health and any disease carrying bacteria are efficiently removed. With SOCLEAN, you can sanitize both heated and non-heated humidifiers, reservoirs, tubing systems, headgears, masks and any other accessories or components of your CPAP equipment.

Ultra comfort during therapy with CPAP pillows

CPAP Pillows

There are many models of specifically designed memory foam pillows. These pillows are created for CPAP users to help with a restful and comfortable sleep. For example, the Best in Rest memory foam CPAP pillow is made of premium grade multi-layered foam which is infused with herbal green tea. The pillow is also infused with a cooling gel to help to keep the pillow dry, comfortable and fresh all throughout the night. The pillow has special ventilation pores to help with air circulation, and the pillow molds to the perfect shape to follow the contour of your body. The pillow has an adjustable height, and it is incredibly easy to care for thanks to the 100% breathable cotton removable case.

When purchasing a CPAP pillow, look for easy care and maintenance, allergy free materials and make sure the pillow is made with top quality memory foam. Also, ensure the pillow case is easily removable with the help of zipper. This way, you can easily aerate the pillow whenever needed and wash the case in the washing machine without problems.

CPAP Comfort Covers

comfort covers
Patients who are undergoing CPAP therapy know how important it is for everything to be comfortable. Introducing the new stylish and highly efficient CPAP comfort covers. It can greatly reduce air leaks and protect you from skin irritations. It provides a comfortable barrier between the CPAP mask and your face. The covers come in a pack of 2. Different sizes are available for almost every CPAP machine in production. Here are some of the top features of the comfort cover:

  • It’s made in the US and is patent pending
  • Elastic lining keeps the cover in place.
  • Covers can be laundered and worn over and over again.
  • Soft and durable fabric
  • Can be cut if needed

CPAP Cleaning & Moisturizing products

CPAP Cleaning supplies

When it comes to CPAP supplies online, you should look for special care and moisturizing products. These will help keep your equipment clean and sanitized and your skin without irritations. The Sleep Restfully CPAP mask wipes help you keep your mask free from facial oil and dirt. By using these wipes, your mask will adhere properly, and you will also get a proper seal. When the mask is oily and dirty, it will not provide a good fit, and you will struggle to enjoy effective therapy.

The SR mask wipes are available infused with a refreshing citrus scent, and they will help you clean your mask thoroughly and leave it fresh and nice smelling. It is highly recommended to use at least one wipe every day to thoroughly clean and degrease your mask, or any other part/accessory of your CPAP equipment.

The CPAP tube brush is yet another accessory that will help you maintain your tubing clean and free from dirt, dust or condensation. Especially if you are using a humidifier, it is crucial to thoroughly cleanse your tubing with the brush and the let air dry. When moisture sits for prolonged times inside a tube, there will be an increased risk of mold and bacteria growth. Use such handy and practical accessories to keep your tube clean, dry and bacteria free.

The CPAP tube brush comes with soft bristles which allow you to clean gently yet thoroughly the inside of your tubing system. The brush fits all universal tubing systems and even the more modern slimline tubes. Don’t forget to look for a CPAP tubing hang system that allows you to air dry the tubing in the most practical manner. Just attach the tubing on the hanger and allow the tube to dry by itself.

Regarding skin moisturizers, the Roezit nasal lubricant will work wonders on your skin. This moisturizer is infused with natural Aloe Vera and Emu oil. It is a 100% perfume free product, so there will be no skin irritations, and even allergic patients can safely use it. The moisturizer is specifically created to help with chafing, skin irritation and nasal dryness which occur as a side effect of the CPAP usage. Make sure to apply the moisturizer both on the inside and outside of the nasal passage to get instant relief from dryness and irritations. It is also recommended to use Roezit at the start of your therapy to avoid the risk of any irritation, skin trauma or feelings of dryness.


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