Invacare Technologies is recognized as one of the best providers of home oxygen devices. Invacare XPO2 is an innovative, lightweight and extremely efficient portable oxygen concentrator which has been recently added to the line of medical devices manufactured by Invacare. What XPO2 promises: Extreme portability Lightweight device- weighs only 6 pounds Extremely robust structure Ease […]

As a general rule, the FAA- Federal Aviation Administration- does not allow the use of oxygen devices (oxygen tanks) to be taken on board, because they are regarded as hazardous. However, the FAA has guidelines according to which the use of certain Portable Oxygen Concentrators is allowed. Oxygen patients should know that the sole allowed […]

Invacare designs and develops some of the most sturdy and efficient oxygen therapy products. The Invacare SOLO2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator has been designed to help physicians meet the needs of almost all oxygen therapy patients. SOLO2 by Invacare: An extremely lightweight device which allows patients to move it around comfortably The SOLO2 features Continuous Flow […]

The ECLIPSE 5 device by SeQUAL is recommended for both stationary and ambulatory use. The device offers a continuous flow of 0.5 and up to 3 Liters per minute, and when in Pulse Dose it delivers between 16 and 96mL in 16mL increments. Patients can also choose from plenty of helpful accessories such as AC […]

The best Pulse Dose Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Portable oxygen concentrators give patients the freedom of movement and peace of mind they need while getting oxygen therapy. The Inogen One G2 is a revolutionary POC with plenty of useful and efficient features that help delivering the best oxygen therapy for patients with breathing difficulties. Extremely powerful […]

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator family of products has been developed to provide patients with proper oxygen therapy any moment of the day or night. These devices are lightweight and quiet and they are perfect for active users. With Inogen One POC you will never run out of oxygen. How it Works The Inogen One portable oxygen […]