Airmini CPAP Machine

Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) or other pulmonary insufficiencies are required to use oxygen therapy. The therapy is generally delivered through a CPAP machine (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) with continuous flow. The CPAP machine will pump therapeutic quality oxygen into the mouth, or nose and mouth of the patient – depending on the […]

The best Pulse Dose Portable Oxygen Concentrator- Portable oxygen concentrators give patients the freedom of movement and peace of mind they need while getting oxygen therapy. The Inogen One G2 is a revolutionary POC with plenty of useful and efficient features that help delivering the best oxygen therapy for patients with breathing difficulties. Extremely powerful […]

The Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator family of products has been developed to provide patients with proper oxygen therapy any moment of the day or night. These devices are lightweight and quiet and they are perfect for active users. With Inogen One POC you will never run out of oxygen. How it Works The Inogen One portable oxygen […]

For active patients who need to be on oxygen therapy, the Devilbiss iGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator machine is the perfect solution. It is lightweight, portable and has many helpful features for delivering optimum oxygen treatment. At SleepRestfully, patients can now have access to a wide range of portable oxygen concentrators, reading detailed descriptions, price specifications, indications, important patient resources and more. As […]

SleepRestfully offers patients a wide range of CPAP-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines for CPAP therapy. Among these, the Goodknight from Puritan Bennett are quite popular CPAP machines which help delivering efficient CPAP therapy for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Patients can now breathe unobstructed, because they can get enough quality oxygen into their lungs with any Goodknight model of […]

Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillow Mask After your physician has appointed the right type of CPAP device that you should use it to get the best CPAP therapy, it is time to choose a perfectly fitting mask. The CPAP mask must fit perfectly over the face to offer you maximum comfort during therapy and to help avoiding mask leaks. […]