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Common Oxygen Definitions

Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen administered as a medical intervention can be done in both chronic and acute patient care. Cell metabolism relies on oxygen, and if the blood and the major organs in the human system are not oxygenated properly, the patient is exposed to great health risks.

When the patient receives oxygen supplementation through the lungs, the entire system benefits of oxygenation. Depending on the medical circumstance, oxygen can be administered in a number of ways, and it is used in both clinical settings and as home care therapy.

Oxygen Saturation- what is it?

The oxygen gets into the bloodstream being “attached” to molecules of hemoglobin. The oxygen saturation is basically the measurement of how much oxygen is actually carried within the blood, compared to how much oxygen the blood should normally carry.

Blood is oxygenated in the lungs- the oxygen molecules are transported through the air and into the blood. Oxygen saturation is measured with the help of a pulse oximeter. In clinical settings, pulse oximeters are used to monitor the O2 saturation in the blood, and in case the oxygen levels drop below the safety levels, the medical team can perform an instant intervention.

Supplemental Oxygen

Patients requiring supplemental oxygen therapy are generally instructed by their physician to use an oxygen therapy device at home. The CPAP or BiPAP device helps maintaining the airways open and deliver required pressure of medical grade oxygen into the lungs.

Patient needs differ, this is why proper medical investigation is of primordial importance. For some patients using a CPAP machine which turns ambient air into therapeutic oxygen is enough while others may require even higher oxygen concentration delivered through oxygen tanks and a corresponding device connected to it.

On-demand vs. Continuous Flow Oxygen

Continuous Flow oxygen is when a special therapy device such as a CPAP-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device emits a constant stream of oxygen. Regardless of whether the patient is breathing in or exhaling, the machine delivers a continuous stream of oxygen.

Some patients who find it difficult to exhale against this high constant pressure, will generally require replacing their CPAP with a BiPAP. The bi-level devices allow for two different oxygen pressure settings

  • A higher oxygen pressure at inhaling
  • A lower oxygen pressure at exhaling

Patients who are noncompliant with the CPAP therapy, generally find Bi-level therapy much more comfortable.

“On demand” oxygen therapy is when the device delivers a burst of oxygen only when the patient inhales. A POC- Portable Oxygen Concentrator is such a pulse delivery system which delivers oxygen only at the inhalation process. The device “senses” when the patient starts to inhale and it will emit a burst of oxygen, at the set pressure, for inhalation.

There is a huge variety of POCs available at SleepRestfully, and we feature only top grade devices which are cleared for use on board. Portable Oxygen Concentrators help patients become more active and mobile, so that they are not housebound because of having to use bulky oxygen tanks for their therapy.

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