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S8 Escape™ II Auto

ResMed Escape II Auto CPAP

S8 Escape II Auto ResMed offers to CPAP patients a truly innovative, efficient and comfortable auto titration device. The S8 Escape II Auto is an auto-adjusting device which brings plenty of benefits:

  • Effective patient treatment is ensured by the proven Auto-Set algorithm. The S8 Escape II Auto is extremely user friendly, and even new patients can use it easily
  • Easy-Breathe technology incorporated
  • Extremely quiet operation at only 26dB
  • Accurate patient monitoring- makes it easy for physicians to track therapy for patients
  • ResScan data card integrated for better patient-clinical data transfer

The S8 II range of medical grade devices by ResMed is extremely popular, and proved to offer the best comfort, plenty of user friendly features, efficiency and low noise levels.

S8 Escape Auto II Further important specifications:

  • Main modes of operation: CPAP with EPR and Auto with EPR
  • Whisper quiet operation, automatic altitude adjustment
  • EPR with Easy Breathe technology. The Easy–Breathe Waveform is a clinically proven system which helps recreating the exact breath pattern of each patient. Breathing will become more natural and comfortable, and therapy becomes more efficient and custom tailored. Easy breathe technology is also a feature integrated in other bi-level devices from ResMed such as the VPAP Auto 25, the VPAP Adapt, VPAO ST.
  • Recurring patient reminders & Settling
  • Automatic leak compensation
  • Mask fit feature, Adjustable Min pressure/ Adjustable Max Pressure
  • Sleep Quality Indicators
  • H4i Integrated Humidification System
  • Data storage details: compliance data on device (180 sessions); compliance data on card (180 nights), High Resolution row data via SD card
  • Air Tubing: Flexible plastic (2 m length)
  • Operating Temperatures: +41 degrees F to 95 degrees F (5 degrees Celsius to 36 Degrees Celsius)

S8 Escape II Auto Cleaning & Maintenance

Patients need to sanitize their device on a regular basis to ensure hassle free and efficient therapy. Ensure to disconnect the air tubing every day, and hang it in a dry place until you will use the device again.

On a weekly basis, you should cleanse thoroughly the device and its accessories. Remove the air tubing and the mask, and wash the air tubing in lukewarm water and mild soap mixture. Rinse thoroughly the tubing and hang it in a cool and dry place.

Use a damp cloth to clean the exterior of the S8 Escape Auto II device. Regularly check the air filter for any holes of blockages of dirt/dust which would compromise the efficiency of the machine.

*Never immerse the S8 Escape Auto II device in water. Before cleaning it, make sure to unplug the unit, and before plugging it in again ensure it is completely dry on all surfaces.

*Regularly check the tubing and the mask for damages caused by wear and tear. If the tubing or the mask presents any damages, you need to replace these accessories immediately.

*Never allow the accessories to dry in direct sunlight, because the plastic parts might harden and then crack.

*Do not use any bleaching agents (such as chlorine) to cleanse the mask, the flexible tubing or the S8 Escape Auto II device

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