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Hybernite Rainout Control System

Hybernite Rainout Control System

Pressure fluctuations, waking up with a wet face and nose, or hearing suddenly a gurgling nose coming from the mask and CPAP device are only a few discomforting issues that need to be addressed. You cannot get CPAP therapy compliant when condensation and rainout problems are present. However, all these problems will find their solutions if you will opt for the Hybernite Rainout Control System.

Pressure fluctuations, water present on the face or these gurgling noises are provoked by the fact that temperature in the tube basically drops to almost the same level as ambient temperature. This is when discomforting condensation will be present, and patients cannot get comfortably the required CPAP therapy.

  • Hybernite provides a constant heating solution all along the tube
  • Patients will receive required temperature air through the mask
  • No point along the tube will reach dew levels
  • Independent power supply + compatible cuffs ensure that you can quickly and easily fit Hybernite with just about any CPAP equipment even if it does not feature a humidifier system

Hybernite helps controlling temperatures, thus avoiding condensation which can have uncomfortable side effects for the patient. When using Hybernite, you will not have to control temperature settings constantly on the humidifier.

  • Get optimal air humidification
  • Prevent condensation from forming within the tubing/mask
  • No more sleep disruptions

Hybernite represents a universal solution, as it can be integrated with any type of humidifier, or CPAP masks that use the traditional tubing systems. The heated breathing tube is equipped with a user friendly plug and play connector so that patients can set up the system quickly and easily. For maximum comfort and therapy compliance with any type of humidifier, the Hybernite heated breathing tube definitely represents a solution.

One of the worst negative side effects of PAP therapy is still the condensation that forms within the breathing tube. Patients cannot feel comfortable during therapy, they are woken up suddenly because water gets onto their face and breathing is difficult. Such rainout control systems as Hybernite come to provide the patient with optimum humidification levels- patients get the realistic humidification levels produced by their humidifier.

For a relatively small investment, CPAP therapy patients can now finally become compliant with their therapy. Do not allow side effects such as condensation or rainout keep you away from required therapy. Upgrade to the innovative Hybernite solution, and enjoy a restful sleep, all throughout the night.

  • Hybernite can be connected easily even to CPAP equipment without a heating system
  • The heated breathing tube is compatible with any CPAP equipment
  • Creates the same heating levels all along the tube
  • Compatible with older version CPAP therapy devices
  • Get improved sleep quality

You do not have to change your CPAP equipment if condensation is a problem. Simply upgrade to the Hybernate Heated Breathing Tube and enjoy comfort, natural breathing, no more rainouts and condensation and overall compliant CPAP therapy.

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Hybernite ROC 2300 Rainout System
Manufacturer Plastiflex
Hybernite ROC 2300 Rainout System Discounts Apply !

Heated CPAP offers initial comfort by providing humid, heated air. The problem arises when the temperature in the tube drops from the required level down to close to room temperature. This sharp drop can generate condensation in the tube, provoking discomfort, gurgling noises, water on the nose and face or pressure fluctuations.

Hybernite resolves these unpleasant side effects by providing regular heating all along the tube. This guarantees the required temperature at the mask end and avoids any part of the tube reaching the dewpoint temperature.
Enjoy Superdays with Hybernite. With its independent power supply and compatible cuffs, you can fit Hybernite onto just about any CPAP equipment, even if it is not heated.

Hybernite Heated CPAP Hose

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