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Perfecto 2W Oxygen Concentrator

The Quietest Oxygen Concentrator by Invacare

Invacare Perfecto 2W Oxygen Concentrator

Perfecto 2W is a 5 liter oxygen capacity concentrator which besides being the quietest ever released by Invacare, it is also the most compact and light unit in this range. The oxygen concentrator is actually up to 60% quieter than the market leader Perfecto 2, and it has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of the most noise sensitive patients. Perfecto 2W performs creating an especially soothing white noise that will help you fall asleep gently.

  • Featuring HomeFill oxygen system compatibility
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Small & compact size
  • Incorporated sound treatment- White Noise- Perfecto 2W has a sound level of only 39dB. It is up to 90% quieter than the Platinum concentrators by Invacare!

Perfecto 2W is equipped with an O2 Sensor which tracks the purity of the oxygen delivered by the unit. Whenever the oxygen purity concentration drops below the ideal levels, the device will notify the patient through a light indicator alarm.

Compatible with HomeFill Units

Perfecto 2W can be used with a HomeFill oxygen tank system, and thus you will never have to worry that you will run out of oxygen. Filling the HomeFill system is now easier than ever- the Perfecto W2 is equipped with a direct hookup system so that it can be filled while in use.

Perfecto W2 is Echo friendly- when compared to the Platinum XL units by Invacare, the Perfecto 2W is up to 25% more energy efficient. This translates into overall savings in the long run.

Purchase vs. Rent

Perfecto 2W is the best return on investment solution. Instead of renting an oxygen concentrator for your therapy needs, it is a much better solution to purchase because you will get a return on your investment in less than 12 months.

  • The manufacturer offers 3 years limited warranty of the Perfecto W2
  • Invacare’s quietest stationary oxygen concentrator ever released
  • Contemporary design, blending nicely with any home environment
  • Quick access to the unit’s filter
  • Lower power consumption than any other oxygen concentrator in this range
  • Highly compatible with many components of the Platinum XL concentrators by Invacare
  • Easy and quick mobility thanks to ergonomic top handle

Perfecto 2W features important alarm & safety features:

  • Power loss alarm (battery free)
  • Low oxygen flow alarm
  • SieveGard monitoring for sieve performance
  • SensO2 oxygen purity monitor
  • 35 PSI Compressor (pressure relief valve)

! Please keep in mind the altitude restrictions when using the Perfecto W2. Up to 2438 meters (8,000 feet) above the sea level the unit functions without any loss of the oxygen concentration levels. However, when used from 8,000 feet to 13,129 feet attitude the unit functions with reduced efficacy (below 90% of its capacity)

  • Dimensions: 13” W X 23” H X 11.5” D
  • Oxygen Flow Settings: 0.5 to 5 LPM
  • Oxygen concentration: 95.6% to 87% oxygen purity at any Flow Rate
  • Power Consumption: 280 watts at 3LPM setting
  • Total weight: 45 lbs.


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