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Product ID HoseBuddy
Manufacturer Bro-Gho
HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Suspension System

The HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder fits between your mattress and box spring to lift your CPAP hose above you while you sleep. The arm swivels back and forth as you turn, keeping you from rolling over on the hose or having to wake up and make adjustments during the night.

Now available in two (2) sizes:  Standard Hose Buddy or the Hose Buddy Plus with 8" Extention to accommodate extra thick mattresses (maximum height of 45"). 

HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder

Best Price: $51.95
Product ID HoseBuddyTravel
Manufacturer Bro-Gho
HoseBuddy Travel CPAP Suspension System
The HoseBuddy CPAP Hose Holder fits between your mattress and box spring to lift your CPAP hose above you while you sleep. The arm swivels back and forth as you turn, keeping you from rolling over on the hose or having to wake up and make adjustments during the night.
What is the difference between the original HoseBuddy and the Travel HoseBuddy? The Travel HoseBuddy is constructed from thinner metal, adjusts to 30 inches, weighs 1.6lbs, and comes with Travel Case. The Original HoseBuddy weighs 4.5lbs, raises to 33 inches and does not come with a Travel Case. The Original HoseBuddy also comes with a hook to hang your mask and the Travel HoseBuddy does not.
Best Price: $31.95
Manufacturer Plastiflex
Hybernite ROC 2300 Rainout System
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Heated CPAP offers initial comfort by providing humid, heated air. The problem arises when the temperature in the tube drops from the required level down to close to room temperature. This sharp drop can generate condensation in the tube, provoking discomfort, gurgling noises, water on the nose and face or pressure fluctuations.

Hybernite resolves these unpleasant side effects by providing regular heating all along the tube. This guarantees the required temperature at the mask end and avoids any part of the tube reaching the dewpoint temperature.
Enjoy Superdays with Hybernite. With its independent power supply and compatible cuffs, you can fit Hybernite onto just about any CPAP equipment, even if it is not heated.

Hybernite Heated CPAP Hose

Best Price: $75.00
Product ID 1114784
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
Respironics PR System One Travel Briefcase
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OSA patients can travel with ease when carrying their sleep therapy system. Our stylish PAP travel briefcase is the only customized, all-in-one luggage option that organizes PAP equipment, a laptop, and small carry-on items neatly, securely and discreetly. This is for The PR System One CPAP/BiPAP machines only.

CPAP Travel Briefcase

List Price: $99.00
Best Price: $85.00
Product ID AG1642
Manufacturer AG Industries
Oxygen Enrichment Connector 22mm OD x 22mm ID

Oxygen Enrichment Connector, 22mm O.D. x 22mm I.D. allows you to connect your oxygen supply to any CPAP, BiPAP, or BiLevel machine. It works with standard oxygen connecting tubing and will allow you to have oxygen bled into your CPAP or BiLevel airflow throughout the night.

Best Price: $6.99
Manufacturer AG Industries
Boomerang Gel Pad
The Boomerang Gel Pad is a patent pending accessory that helps increase patient compliance by decreasing irritating leaks and improving overall comfort with both nasal and full face masks.
• Increases Comfort & Seal
• Decreases Skin Irritation & Soreness
• Decreases the Potential of Air Leaks
The Boomerang Gel Pad is manufactured from a proprietary USP grade mineral oil including essential oils.
• Non-toxic
• Hypoallergenic
• Latex & Silicone Free
Available in 2 sizes.

Boomerang Gel Pad

Best Price: $13.95
Product ID NSC-001
Manufacturer Sleep Care Technologies
Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

By adding extra padding between the CPAP mask and nose the Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion helps prevent nasal skin breakdown, bridge soreness and mask leaks.

Works with all brands of nasal and full face mask. Each pad will last approximately 30 days.


Nasal Soft CPAP Cushion

Best Price:
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Product ID AG7178
Manufacturer AG Industries
Bacterial Filter

Bacterial Filter for use with all CPAP and Bi-Level machines

Best Price: $4.95
Product ID Adapter
Manufacturer Sleep Restfully
Universal Worldwide Travel Adapter AC power with 2 USB
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All in one adaptor with a surge protector, safety shutter, and power indicator light.
Cover more than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs.
2 USB charging ports.2 USB charging ports provides total 1A,2.1A Output. Charging current will be matched automatically. compared to most 300-500mA USBs, it shortens your charging Period to a half.
Do NOT use with Hair Dryers, Curling Irons or any electric appliance whose power is higher than 600W.
It protects your valuable electronic appliance from spikes and surges.
It accepts earthed and unearthed plugs from dozens of countries.
Package included
1 x Universal Travel Adapter 
1 x Adapter Bag
1 x User manual
Best Price: $12.95
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