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ResMed Quattro™ Air Full Face CPAP Mask

Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask

ResMed Quattro Air Full Face CPAP Mask The Lighter Way to Better Sleep… Currently, Quattro Air is the best selling full face CPAP mask on the market. Thousands of OSA patients, but also clinicians trust the quality and efficacy delivered by the Quattro Air ResMed.

  • Ultra light CPAP platform weighing only 3.3 ounces
  • 45% lighter than its predecessor, the Mirage Quattro by ResMed
  • Built for performance, efficacy and compliance
  • Designed with only 4 removable parts for convenient disassembly, cleaning and sanitation

The sleek and ultra lightweight design of Quattro Air makes it the most popular choice for patients who cannot stand wearing rigid, bulky and heavy masks which also obstruct their vision. For the best freedom of mobility, and a truly comfortable feel and relaxing sleep all throughout the night, choose Quattro Air by ResMed.

Quattro Air for Her

The Quattro Air has been specifically designed to fit the finer lines and contours of a woman’s face. This ultra soft full face mask will help you fall asleep fast and get the comfortable CPAP therapy that you require. Wake up in the morning refreshed, without irritations on the skin, wrinkles or cuts into the sin made by a rigid mask frame. Enjoy the lightest most comfortable CPAP therapy with Quattro Air for Her.

ResMed Quattro Air CPAP Mask

Quattro Air mask specifications:

  • Dual-wall SpringAir cushion- takes away pressure from the nasal bridge area and helps patients get ultra comfortable CPAP therapy without irritations or pressure points
  • FlexWing forehead support- provides the best stability
  • Headgear design with SoftEdge- a rolled edge fabric for even more comfort and stability for the mask
  • Quiet diffuse ventilation system- diffuses the air quietly, up and away from the sleeping bed partner

Quattro Air is available in three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large), so that every patient can find the perfect fit. Quattro Air is latex free, so even patients struggling with allergies can wear it safely. Thanks to its ultra soft design, the mask does not cause any irritations or feelings of “tightness”.

Quattro Air cleaning instructions:

  • On a daily basis, ensure to wash the mask using lukewarm water and a mild soap. Never use soaps which contain harsh detergents, and always rinse well then allow to hang-dry away from direct sunlight
  • On a weekly basis- disassemble the Quattro Air full face mask and hand wash thoroughly each component in lukewarm water. Rinse each component well, allow to dry away from direct sunlight
  • Never use vinegar, harsh detergents, bleach or chlorine to cleanse CPAP masks. There are many special mask wipes available that can help you keep the mask clean and sanitized day by day.

Please keep in mind that in order to buy any CPAP or BiPAP mask or accessory through you need to present a valid medical prescription.

Quattro Air Full Face Mask
Product ID 62702
Manufacturer ResMed
Quattro Air Full Face Mask Discounts Apply !

The Quattro Air is the one of the lightest full face masks on the market. Weighing 45% less than its predecessor, it is lighter, sleeker and less bulky, and builds on the proven reliability and performance of the Quattro Series for a more comfortable therapy experience. 

  • Patented dual-wall cushion with enhanced design at the nasal bridge delivers significantly better comfort 
  • Quick and easy to clean and assemble—only four parts 
  • Circular vents quietly direct air away from you and your bed partner 
  • Flex-wing forehead support feels light on the face while providing the right amount of stability for a dependable seal 

Because fit and comfort are critical to therapy compliance, the Quattro Air comes in three sizes.  Like all ResMed masks, the Quattro Air is ultra-soft and latex-free.

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Quattro AIr Full Face CPAP Mask Quattro Full Face Mask Parts

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