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Resmed S9 Series CPAP

ResMed S9 series is an incredibly intelligent CPAP therapy device incorporating Climate Control technology. This technology ensures to provide patients with constant temperature and humidity right at the mask, regardless of changes in ambient temperature.

The AutoSet Benefit

ResMed S9 Series is able to respond to critical parameters such as Obstructive Apnea, snore or flow limitation and provide patients with custom tailored therapy each night. The enhanced AutoSet algorithm is now capable of making the difference between Central Sleep and Obstructive apneas and respond accordingly. ResMed S9 always delivers the correct therapy parameters.

Intelligent Climate Control System

ResMed S9 series delivers the correct temperature and humidity right at the mask, regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity. With traditional humidifier systems, when the ambient temperature drops, the temperature within the tube will drop as well. As a result, condensation will form within the tubing. With smart Climate Control you are protected from rainout and air temperature discomfort.

Ergonomic Design

ResMed S9 is an extremely compact and stylish oxygen therapy unit that blends in nicely with any home environment. Besides, the patient menu controls are easy to operate and the entire design is intuitive and evolutionary.

Resmed S9- Low Noise

This CPAP therapy deice is extremely quiet, integrating the Easy-Breathe motor which adds to the overall performance of the device, but takes away from the discomfort generally caused by noise. With ResMed S9 series both the patient and the sleeping bed partner can now enjoy a restful night of sleep. A noisy Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device can cause patients to wake up in the middle of the night, and then struggling to fall back asleep. ResMed S9 definitely helps you get uninterrupted, comfortable sleep while receiving CPAP therapy at the correct parameters.

SlimLine Tubing System

Less tubing, greater efficiency. The SlimLine tube system is a patented technology by ResMed. The tube is small in diameter, and it is an easy to use, ultra light tube that will never get in your way.

CPAP therapy compliance and data management

With ResMed S9 patients can become quickly compliant with therapy, even from the very first day of use. The device delivers gentle yet highly efficient CPAP therapy thanks to intelligent technologies incorporated. Clinicians and patients can now monitor therapy easily and quickly and make the necessary changes in settings whenever required.

Overall, the ResMed S9 is an incredibly smart device which ensures patients get CPAP therapy in the most comfortable and efficient manner.

Please contact SleepRestfully customer service team for more information available on this innovative sleep therapy device. Remember that in order to purchase any CPAP therapy device or accessory through the site you need to present a valid medical prescription. 

S9 Series AutoSet

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