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S8 AutoSet II  CPAP Machine with Easy-Breathe technology


AutoSet II

AutoSET II by ResMed is a leading technology, auto adjusting sleep therapy device incorporating the following benefits:

  • EasyBreathe Technology- a completely innovative technology which ensures whisper quiet operation and breath by breath assistance for efficient therapy
  • The device ensures the most natural breathing thanks to EasyBreathe technology
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief- EPR will lower the pressure upon exhalation for maximum patient comfort during breathing
  • Easy patient data management through integrated Data Card

Patients looking for whisper quiet therapy, quick compliance and extremely efficient assistance for their oxygen therapy should opt for ResMed’s S8 AutoSET II device. Thanks to EasyBreathe quiet motor, now both patients and their bed partners can enjoy a restful, uninterrupted night of sleep.

The integrated EPR technology with AutoSET ensures to provide a pressure relief that is continuously adjusting to the changing needs of the patient.

ResMed S8 AutoSet

S8 Elite II with EasyBreathe Technology ResMed brings onto the market its premium quality CPAP therapy device- the S8 Elite II

  • Up to 78% quieter motor than any previous devices. Whisper quiet operation for a restful night of sleep! EasyBreathe technology
  • EPR-Expiratory Pressure Relief technology will lower the pressure at the edge of the exhalation to provide maximum comfort for the patient at the exhalation phase. The device will then return to the prescribed pressure levels by the time inhalation phase begins
  • Data Card & usage based compliance- download of therapeutic data for perfect therapy monitoring

EasyBreathe technology makes the S8 Elite II an incredibly quiet device. Both patient and the sleeping bed partner can now enjoy a restful, uninterrupted night of sleep. For the most natural breathing comfort, EasyBreathe with EPR work in synchrony to provide patients efficient therapy at the lowest pressures. Up to 80% of the patients prefer the comfortable and efficient S8 Elite II CPAP over the traditional devices.

S8 Escape II with EasyBreathe Technology

S8 Escape II is a CPAP therapy device brought to you by ResMed. Being part of the highly popular S8 Series, the device incorporates the following benefits:

  • Extremely quiet operation- up to 60% quieter than other devices within the same range
  • Expiratory Pressure Relief – EPR technology ensures that patients can now exhale against a much lower, gentler pressure. The device will then return back to prescribed pressure levels to guarantee therapy efficiency
  • EasyBreathe technology- tracking on a breath by breath basis and delivering gentle yet highly efficient CPAP therapy even to patients with some of the most complex therapeutic needs
  • Two-way data transfer for quick patient management- integrated Data Card

EPR with EasyBreathe is a clinically proven technology which ensures maximum patient comfort and quick therapy compliance. The S8 Escape II is a highly recommended device for patients noncompliant with traditional CPAP devices, or for first time patients who need quick compliance and instant therapeutic comfort.

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