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-The ultimate comfort and compliance solution for CPAP users-

The contour CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid Pillow will become your most trusted and favored solution when sleeping. Regardless of the type of mask you use during CPAP therapy, the Multi Mask pillow will accommodate it and you will finally be able to get a restful night of sleep, without interruptions.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a health condition where the upper airways of the patient become blocked during sleep, and the patient cannot breathe comfortably. According to estimates, 65% of OSA patients will use their CPAP therapy for only about 4 hours every night. However patients are generally required to get CPAP therapy for the entire duration of the night- which is 6 to 8 hours.

Patients do not feel comfortable sleeping with their heavy/bulky and sometimes rigid mask, and they definitely cannot find a comfortable sleeping position using the mask. The CPAP Multi Mask Sleep Aid comes to address all these issues and offer patients maximum compliance and comfort all throughout the night- regardless of the type of mask they use.

Noncompliance is caused by discomfort, but if you will test the CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid even for one night you will surely note the difference. The pillow features several specifically designed comfort points:

  • Comfortable neck support for back & side sleeping
  • Specially carved support for the shoulders- this natural curve helps patients maintain correct position and get the best neck support
  • 2 pressure-free mask zones
  • Comfortable head support area
  • Ear comfort depression on both sides
  • Forehead support which is slightly inclined in order to help maintaining the face from rotating downwards

With the innovative CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid pillow patients can get a restful most comfortable night of sleep in any desired position. Don’t worry anymore about not being able to sleep on your side because of a rigid mask that will cut into your skin. Simply find your preferred position, fall gently asleep on required CPAP therapy. Wake up in the morning refreshed and without wrinkles, sores and irritations caused by the mask.

The CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid pillow helps improving mask comfort, and it offers greater freedom of mobility during sleep. You will not only sleep comfortably while wearing your mask, but you will also sleep in a correct position, since the pillow helps you get proper spinal alignment.

Mask pressure and leaks are reduced, and you will get better air resistance thanks to better neck support. When using traditional pillows with your CPAP mask you are actually increasing mask leaks and discomfort issues. Trust Contour Living for the best pillow technology for CPAP/Bi-level therapy users.

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