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Tidy Tubing Coiled Self Storing Oxygen Line

No More Tripping Over Oxygen Tubing Laying on the Floor!

Tidy TubingSelf Storing Oxygen Tube

Captive Technologies presents the unique Tidy Tubing Coiled Self Storing Oxygen Line which is 5 feet or 15 feet long, and it includes a nasal cannula as well. This system has an operating range of 5 or 15-feet, so that oxygen therapy patients can move freely around the home without having to transport their oxygen concentrator. Tidy Tubing is an extremely convenient accessory, which can be retracted and it measures only 15 inches when not in use.

Patients can even connect as many as 3 Tidy Tubing systems for even greater freedom of mobility. Three Tidy tubing systems connected will give patients up to 45 feet of effective operating range.

If you are looking for an affordable oxygen management accessory, Tidy Tubing represents the best solution. The tubing has an extremely low noise operation, it is odorless and conveniently self-retracting to adapt to your movements perfectly.

  • Clothing clip available for even greater ease of use
  • Disposable nasal cannula
  • Low maintenance O2 equipment
  • Manufacturer recommends replacement once a year, especially if Tidy Tubing is used on an everyday basis

Tidy Tubing technical specifications

  • Construction material: Medical grade polyurethane
  • Main dimensions: 3/16” ID / 5/16” OD & 1/8” wall thickness
  • Weight: less than 1lb. (all sizes)
  • Available in 5 feet and 15 feet lengths.

Tidy Tubing Self Coiling Oxygen Tubing Oxygen Hose

Tidy Tubing Coiled Self Storing Oxygen Line
Product ID 1835
Manufacturer Captive Technology
Tidy Tubing Coiled Self Storing Oxygen Line Discounts Apply !
Tidy Tubing is the well mannered oxygen line that provides up to 15 feet of operating range and self-retracts to just 15 inches.  Connect three (3) together for a total of 45 feet of mobility.  Tidy Tubing easily installs on an oxygen barb just like conventional oxygen tubing, but it also has a swivel connector with clothing clip on the other end to eliminate strain. It comes complete with a disposable Two-foot-long soft nasal cannula that connects to the clothing clip.  
Tidy Tubing comes in three lengths: 
5 feet (retracts to a 5-inch coil))
and 15 feet (retracts to a 15-inch coil)
The five-foot coil is ideal for ambulatory systems such as tanks and portable concentrators.  The ten-foot coil is perfect for scooters and golf carts.  And the 15-foot coil enables free movement around the room.     
Kink free & self retracting
Quiet, odorless, smooth bore 
Long life – annual replacement recommended
Swivel connectors at each end
Clothing clip to eliminate strain 
Material: Medical grade polyurethane
Dimensions: 3/16” ID; 5/16”OD; 1/8” wall thickness
Net Weight: All sizes less than 1 lb.

Tidy Tubing Oxygen Line

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