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Z1 CPAP Base System by Human Design Medical

Z1 CPAP is Light

The Z1 Base System CPAP with Z-Breathe technology is engineered using latest technology and incorporating some of the most advanced features to deliver maximum comfort during CPAP therapy. Z1 is the world’s smallest, lightest and most portable CPAP machine, displaying an ultra elegant design all throughout. Years ago patients had to rely on CPAP therapy devices which were heavy, bulky and quite uncomfortable to carry around. The market’s most innovative CPAP machine, the Z1 Base System is now compatible with lifestyle choices even of the most active users.

Z1 CPAP Base Unit from Human Design Medical

  • Ultra light CPAP device weighing only 10 ounces (~283 grams)
  • Compact and small – measuring 2.02 x 6.48 x 3.3 inches- easily fits in the palm of your hand
  • FAA approved CPAP machine – your best CPAP therapy assistant even during long distance flights
  • Whisper quiet operation- only 26dbA sound levels. Get the quietest, most restful night of sleep with the Z1 Base System

The Z1 Base System everyday use and travel CPAP machine is brought to you by Human Design Medical. The engineers have gone above and beyond to bring you one of the most fully featured, integrated CPAP solutions. This tiny machine adapts to your needs on a breath by breath basis in order to help you become quickly compliant and enjoy truly comfortable CPAP therapy.

Z1 PowerShell

-The PowerShell Integrated Battery (Optional)-

Z1 CPAP is Battery Powered

PowerShell is the world’s first fully integrated CPAP power solution which gives CPAP users the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. Weighing only 9oz and integrating a 45wH Lithium-Ion battery, PowerShell is capable of delivering 8+ hours of cordless use. Even if you require as many as 3 nights of battery power you can just simply add extra battery modules for more freedom of cordless use. PowerShell represents the best solution as a failover power source, and it can offer you maximum peace of mind that you will get required CPAP therapy while you are away from power source.

Tracking therapy compliance

Z1 CPAP is Data capable

The Z1 Base System CPAP for everyday and travel use allows you to record therapy compliance data so for personal therapy tracking or to present important information to the monitoring clinician. Get access to all important therapy data through an extremely user friendly interface by using the free Z1 Software platform.

Natural breathing with Z-Breathe Pressure Relief Technology

The Z1 Base System CPAP will allow you to enjoy a more natural breathing throughout required therapy. Pressure relief technology will ensure to reduce gently the pressure upon the edge of exhalation and then return back to prescribed pressure levels by the time inhalation phase starts. Thanks to this innovative technology incorporated, you will not experience difficulties anymore exhaling against a high pressure coming from the machine. You can easily set the Z-Breathe to provide moderate or maximum pressure relief during therapy.

Z1 Travel CPAP

Z1 Base System additional comfort features

  • Automatic Altitude Compensation- the Z1 Base System CPAP automatically adjusts to altitudes up to 8,000 feet. The FAA cleared the Z1 for use on an airplane, and the system will automatically adjust to specific cabin pressure requirements. Voltage of the system is converted automatically, so that you can have the peace of mind you need when traveling outside the US.
  • Ramp Time settings- Z1 Base System CPAP allows you to set the ramp feature so that you can fall asleep on a gentle pressure. Ramp can be set from 0 to 45 minutes, and the system will gradually return to prescribed pressures to deliver maximum therapy efficiency.
  • HME Waterless Humidification Filters- Z1 CPAP incorporates two waterless humidification filters, which eliminate completely the need for a water-based, bulky and heavy humidifier. The filters will capture all the moisture and heat from the exhalation ports and will adjust humidity levels to your specific needs. The humidifier filters help preventing a dry mouth during sessions, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted and comfortable CPAP therapy.
  • CPAP Mask compatibility- Z1 Base System travel CPAP is compatible with any mask of your choice. The 48 inch slim tubing system and the universal tube adaptor will allow you to use the Z1 with any mask that you desire. Pick your favorite and get gentle and highly efficient therapy at home or away.
  • Z1 & Automatic Leak Compensation- no more worries about mask leaks and air leakage, because Z1 will automatically detects and compensates for such episodes. In case of an air leak, the system will inform you by displaying a screen alarm so that you can correct leaks properly.
  • User friendly bright LCD display- Z1 Base System CPAP features a big and incredibly bright LCD screen display where you can track important therapy data such as: the ramp time, the current pressure setting, the status of the batteries, and plenty other.

What’s in the Box

When purchasing Z1 Base System travel CPAP, you will receive the following items within packaging:

  • The Z1 CPAP main unit
  • SlimStyle TUBING System- 4 feet long
  • Universal Tube Adapter
  • Air Filter
  • Universal AC Power Supply + Power Cord
  • Micro USB Cable
  • 1 Heat Moisture Exchange Units
  • PowerShell Battery Pack (optional)
  • Printed User’s Guide
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Z1 Base System CPAP Main Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6.48 x 3.30 x 2.02 inches
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Compatible with any CPAP Mask/ Fully approved by the FAA
  • Z1 Pressure Range: 4 to 20cmH2O
  • Ramp Time settings: 0 to 45 minutes (in 5 min. increments)
  • Automatic Altitude Compensation up to 8,000 Feet
  • Sound levels: <26dbA
  • Z-Breathe pressure relief algorithm
  • Automatic Leak Compensation
  • HME – Heat Moisture Exchanger Filters Humidification solution
  • Therapy Date Storage: 30 Days onboard;
  • Power Options: AC Power / DC Power / Powershell Battery pack for cordless use up to 3 nights (optional)

! Please keep in mind, when traveling outside the US you will need to use a plug adaptor.

Z1 Travel CPAP Base System
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The Z1 Travel CPAP by Human Design Medical  is the world's smallest, lightest, most integrated cpap machine. At only 10 ounces the Z1 is a quantum leap in portable cpap.
Z1 CPAP by Human Design Medical
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