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Respironics BiPAP AUTO M Series with Bi-Flex

Respironics BiPAP Auto

The most compliant, natural sleep therapy device.

The BiPAP Auto M by Respironics is the only BiPAP therapy device which combines smartly breath-by-breath Bi-Flex technology with the auto adjusting pressure delivery. Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, lung cancer, and many other breathing insufficiencies requiring Bi-Level therapy can now enjoy the most natural sleep therapy with this device.

The most important advantage of the Bi-Flex technology is that the device makes the airflow much softer at the inhalation and exhalation processes, thus helping patients breathe more comfortably and naturally.

When the device is in Bi-Flex mode, it provides respiratory relief in allthe important stages:

  1. EPAP (Expiratory Airway Pressure) to IPAP (Inspiratory Airway Pressure)
  2. IPAP to IPAP
  3. During the exhalation process

The BiPAP M Auto series from Philips Respironics has been developed as the best alternative for noncompliant CPAP patients. Many patients using CPAP therapy, especially those that have specific respiratory needs complain they find it extremely difficult to produce an exhale against a high pressure coming from the machine.

In CPAP therapy both the inhale and exhale pressure are at the same level- Continuous Flow pressure. The BiPAP therapy allows for a different pressure adjustment for inhaling (a higher pressure) and a different one for the exhale process (a lower pressure).

The M series Bi-level therapy machines by Respironics are extremely small and sleek in design, allowing for even more confortable use.

  • The special algorithm of the BiPAP Auto M series will analyze all the important parameters in order to offer the best response to the patient’s breathing rate. The device adapts exactly to the breathing needs of each patient
  • M series BiPAP Auto devices are designed to fit the sleep therapy needs of a full range of patients
  • BiPAP Auto offers the perfect leak compensation

BiPAP Auto M Series therapy algorithm is able to provide more appropriate pressures which are compliant with the variable breathing rates of the patient.

BiFlex Technology

  • The airflow is softened for both inhalation and exhalation to offer the most compliant pressure relief
  • Patients breathe more comfortably- no breathing against sudden/high pressure bursts of pressure
  • Each breath of the patient is monitored smartly thanks to Auto-Trak technology
  • Bi-Flex technology allows the device to cycle perfectly between the inhale and exhale levels of the patient to deliver pressure that is custom tailored to the patient’s breathing rate

BiPAP Auto M & Smart Ramp Technology

The M Series from Philips Respironivs features smart inbuilt ramp technology which allows patients to enjoy more comfort of ramp without risks that would compromise the therapy in any way.

The Smart Ramp feature helps greatly compliance with the BiPAP treatment. The ramp basically delivers a lower pressure than what is prescribed at the beginning of the treatment, helping the patient to fall comfortably asleep. When the ramp feature is on, the pressure will increase gradually to the prescribed pressure in approximately 30 minutes.

Bi-Pap Auto M Series- Maximum Therapeutic Effectiveness at Minimum Pressures

Pcrit Test- the IPAP will be gradually decreased, the flow is constantly monitored for indications of flow limitation. With this test it is ensured that the most efficient therapy can be kept at minimal pressure delivery.

Popt Test- the IPAP is gradually increased, while monitoring the flow signal for improvements in the airway of the patient. With this test it is ensured that the device delivers the optimum therapeutic levels.  


Auto-adjusting Bi-level pressure delivery
Multi-level algorithm Uses two different sets of analytical parameters to keep track patient's breathing.
Bi-Flex Softens the air at inhalation and exhalation to provide more comfortable therapy
Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity Tracks and reacts to a patient's natural breathing pattern. It can detect the point of inhalation and exhalation in every breath, allowing Bi-Flex to make each breath more comfortable.
Integrated Humidification Options help to improve compliance
Encore Pro SmartCard® and Data Management Software allow providers to track treatment progress.
Enhanced Event Reporting Tracks factors like apnea / hypopnea index, leak and snore.
4 - 25 cm H2O pressure range
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