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Build A CPAP Mask

Need a New CPAP Mask? No Prescription? No Problem!

Build-A-Mask No Prescription Needed CPAP Mask

How many times has your dog or cat gotten hold of CPAP mask and destroyed it leaving you to scramble to find a copy of that old CPAP Mask prescription?  After searching your house you decide you just cannot find it yet you want to sleep tonight and know the wait to see your sleep doctor will mean anywhere from several days to several weeks without the use of your CPAP Machine. No Machine, No Sleep!

Now there is a answer to this problem that will allow you to get a new CPAP mask immediately.  A complete CPAP mask system is a prescription item and as such cannot be sold without the seller having a copy of your mask prescription on file. However, you can purchase all mask component parts without a prescription since these component parts are not prescription items. The problem has always been, how do you know if you are ordering all the necessary parts to assemble a complete mask.

Sleep Restfully has made this process easy for you with our new service, Build-A-Mask Program.

How Does Build A CPAP Mask Work?

We have tried to make this process very simple for you.  Currently we offer a selection of ResMed CPAP Mask for you to choose from.  You will find Nasal Pillow Systems, Nasal Mask as well as Full Face Mask to choose from. All you do is visit our Build-A-Mask product pages, decide which mask you need, select a few options such as cushion size and headgear size and add the mask component parts to your shopping cart with the click of one button.  You will see the total price prior to adding the mask component parts to your shopping cart.

Am I going to pay a premium by purchasing my mask this way?

In most cases you will find that the price of all the mask components needed to build your CPAP mask is the same or very close to what you would pay if you ordered the mask as a single unit.

How do I get started?

It's not only easy to get started but easy to complete your purchase.  Just click on the picture below:

ResMed CPAP Mask       Fisher & Paykel CPAP Mask
Component System         Component System
                Brevida Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask
Free Shipping - Minimum spend $99
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