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CPAP Comfort Covers

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Patients relying on CPAP therapy know how important it is to be comfortable. Quite often, CPAP masks can irritate the skin, cause rashes and offer an overall uncomfortable experience. If you are struggling with skin irritation, air leaks, and red pressure marks…the CPAP Comfort Cover can help.

  • The Comfort Cover is designed using an ultra-CPAP Mask Coverabsorbent blend of polyester and cotton fabric that provides a comfortable barrier between your face and mask.
  • American-made and patent pending
  • Elastic lining keeps the cover in place.
  • Covers can be laundered and worn over and over again.
  • 2 covers per package

Care for your CPAP Comfort Covers

CPAP Comfort Cover is made of a soft, dura ble fabric. Covers are pre-washed. Wash in cold water using perfume and dye free detergents. Dry on high heat. Covers may be cut if needed and won’t unravel as they are a knitted material.

CPAP Comfort Cover


CPAP Comfort Cover is compatible with most full-face and nasal masks. Find your mask to select correct cover size:

CPAP Comfort Cover Size

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my Comfort Cover prevent air leaks?CPAP Comfort Cover on Mask
You should find that the soft fabric of our covers provide an effective barrier between the mask and your face. Depending on the style of mask, this can lessen the problem of air leaks. Don't be lax because your mask will be more comfortable. You still need to keep the straps tightened to reduce air leaks.

2. What if my CPAP machine shows I have air leaks?
Some CPAP machines don’t necessarily register leaks correctly when there is a cloth interface. Many sleep techs have told us that if you sleep better wearing a cover and your AHI is under control, you are more assured of continuing with your sleep therapy. If this is the case, a machine indicating air leaks might not be a concern.

3. What if I wear an Eson nasal, Simplus or AirFit F20 full face mask?
Snap the cushion into the mask frame before attaching a cover.

4. What if I wear a Mirage Quattro or Comfort Gel Blue full face mask?
There is not room at the top of the mask for the cover to grasp. These masks have tabs on each side that hold the seal in
place. Loop the elastic over each tab. Once you have trimmed the nose/mouth hole to fit your face, the tension in the
fabric will ease and the cover should stay in place.

5. Will the nose/mouth hole in the Comfort Cover fit my face?
You wear a specific style and size of mask for a reason. One size does not fit all where masks are concerned. The same is true of CPAP Comfort Covers.

  • It is important that to get the full benefit from our covers they must properly fit your individual mask and face.

  • There are over fifty different mask styles and sizes that we cover. For this reason, they are fabricated with a small starter hole in the center. This allows you to cut the opening to best fit your needs. See the Instructions category for information. A video is also available on manufacturer's website

6. What type of cloth is used to make the Comfort Covers?
Our covers are fabricated from a blend of cotton for softness and absorbency combined with polyester for durability. An “American Made” article under categories on our website tells more about the fabric and construction of the covers.

7. Does a Comfort Cover's elastic contain latex?
No, we use latex-free elastic that is sewn into a cloth casing so that the elastic does not touch your skin. If you have concerns about the elastic, speak with your physician.

CPAP Comfort Covers

8. What is the best way to clean my covers?
Before they are packaged, our covers are laundered in a dermatologist approved detergent free of dyes or perfumes. They then are placed in a re-sealable bag separate from the other items included in your order.

  • With proper care your Comfort Cover can be used over and over. The cover is a cotton/polyester blend. It is machine washable or may be laundered by hand. Use cold water. A cover can be placed in a dryer, low or medium heat, or line dried.

  • If the fabric has stretched, launder in hot water and dry on high heat to tighten the fabric.

9. Do the Comfort Covers work on any type of CPAP mask?
We attempt to offer covers to fit the most popular masks available on the market. There are two considerations important to fabricating a cover:

  • Will the elastic in the outer edge be able to grasp the mask so that there is a good fit and the cover does not accidentally slip off?

  • Will there be enough material to completely cover the mask without impeding the effectiveness of the mask's design while keeping facial skin from coming into contact with the silicone of the cushion?
    There are a few masks we don’t cover. Their head gear must provide a surface or tab for the latex-free elastic to grip. If there are special suggestions for fitting a cover on a particular mask, that information will be shown in that mask's product description section on our website

10. Will my Comfort Cover eliminate the red pressure marks that my mask puts on my face?
For some people, prolonged use of a mask leads to facial skin irritation and even persistent rash and sores. Red pressure marks are common even without allergic irritations. Our covers provide a soft and absorbent liner between your skin and the silicone of the mask.
A well-fitting mask will still apply pressure to your skin. However, there is a good chance that any redness that might appear could be less severe than without a cover.
We are not physicians or licensed sleep technicians. If you develop problems such as skin deterioration or sores on your face or nose, contact your doctor.

11. How will my wearing a Comfort Cover impact my sleep partner?
With fewer air leaks, your therapy will be more quiet which is a benefit to your sleep partner.

12. Will my Comfort Cover restrict the air flow to my mask?
When you cut the nose/mouth hole so that the fabric still covers the silicone but not your nose or mouth, air flow should not be restricted. However, since air leaks should be reduced, you might perceive a slightly different feeling against your skin from when you did not wear a Comfort Cover.

13. I have a beard. Will a cover be comfortable for me?
We have been told that the covers are more comfortable than having silicone pressing against facial hair.

14. Are there color choices for my Comfort Covers?
The color we offer is "Comfort Cover" blue.

15. How many Comfort Covers will I get in an order?
You receive two covers in a package. This allows one to be laundered while you use the other. The covers may be used over and over. Having two covers also allows you to use both at the same time if you need additional padding.


CPAP Comfort Cover
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Air leaks, red pressure marks, skin irritation? We've got you covered.
  • A CPAP Comfort Cover provides a patent pending American made soft absorbent cotton/polyester blend fabric barrier between your mask and your skin reducing red pressure marks and skin irritation.
  • Helps reduce air leaks on many mask styles.
  • Stays in place with latex-free elastic sewn into the perimeter of the fabric.
  • Can be laundered and worn over and over.


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- 7/14/2018

I have only had my covers for one week they are fantastic. Haven't had one leak since I have put them on my mask. My wife is happy also she said my mask has been very quiet since I started using the covers. My mask used to make my nose sore, that is not h...


- 7/14/2018

I have only had my covers for one week they are fantastic. Haven't had one leak since I have put them on my mask. My wife is happy also she said my mask has been very quiet since I started using the covers. My mask used to make my nose sore, that is not h...

Comfort cover

- 7/13/2018

Excellent product


- 7/7/2018

The liners fit ol but material is to thick and hot to wear

Did not work

- 7/6/2018

This was not easy to use. It was difficult to get to stay on the mask and did not provide a good enough seal for the mask. Very disappointed

Mask liner

- 6/26/2018

Everything is like you said it would.i like it

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