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Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

 Hybrid Full Face Mask  InnoMed

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

 ~ A universal solution for CPAP therapy users~

The Hybrid full face mask incorporates smart technology and provides a unique, universal solution to help a wide range of patients become compliant with CPAP therapy instantly. The Hybrid CPAP mask works at the same time as a nasal pillow mask, an oral mask, or a combination of the two.

The mask represents the best solution for patients who are not compliant with nasal pillows masks only, because they breathe through the mouth as well. The Hybrid CPAP mask allows patients to breathe through their nose and through the mouth comfortably. Hybrid adapts quickly to all your CPAP therapy needs!

A perfect combination of the most efficient nasal pillows mask and a full face mask, the Hybrid provides patients with maximum comfort and CPAP therapy compliance even from the first day of use. The mask has received rave reviews from users who did have problems in the past accommodating with the traditional full face masks or with the nasal pillows only mask.

InnoMed Technologies Hybrid Full Face Mask
  • Innovative design helps eliminating pressure points at the forehead and at the bridge of the nose
  • No need to wear a chin strap thanks to the built-in chin flap design
  • As many as 5 adjustable points so that patients can find the best fit
  • No contact with overhead or forehead

The Hybrid CPAP mask represents the perfect solution for patients who wear glasses. The mask allows for a clear field of vision, so that users can read or watch TV comfortably while getting CPAP therapy.

Hybrid is a complete system which offers peace of mind to both patients and physicians who can now fit a wider range of patients with an efficient solution. The mask is also an out-of-the box solution containing all the important accessories to size properly users without going through the hassle of opening multiple packages to find the right fit mask.

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask main benefits

  • The universal design makes selecting the right mask extremely easy
  • Physicians/technicians will spend less time with patients during the titration, addressing problems such as breathing through the mouth. Patients can choose to breathe through the nose only, or combined through nose & mouth with the new Hybrid
  • Hybrid does not make contact with the face at the forehead or the nasal ridge. This means patients can wear comfortably their glasses, and there will be no more sores at the nasal bridge or the forehead. The mask provides perfect seal, and air leaks near the eyes are eliminated thanks to the innovative design
  • Patients become therapy compliant extremely quickly
  • Hybrid is a complete system which contains all sizes of cushions and pillows within packaging. Patients can find quickly the most comfortable fit.
  • Increased support and better seal is ensured by the five points of adjustability of the mask

Please contact SleepRestfully customer service for more information on the Hybrid Full Face CPAP mask.  

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Interface
Product ID HYB500
Manufacturer InnoMed Technologies
Hybrid Full Face CPAP Interface Discounts Apply !

Hybrid Dual-Airway Interface

The Hybrid is a dual-airway interface that delivers air to both the nose and the mouth. With its ultra compact design, the Hybrid is half the size of traditional Full Face Masks. The Hybrid comes in an All Sizes Kit (which includes 3 Pillows sizes and 3 Cushion sizes), where all 3 cushion sizes can fit the single mask shell.

  • ·Ultra compact design offers clear line of sight with no forehead contact
  • Half the size of traditional full face masks
  • Delivers air to both the nose and mouth without the typical discomforts of Full Face Masks, such as nasal bridge sores, air leaks near the eyes, and claustrophobic feelings
  • Double membrane cushion optimizes sealing and comfort
  • Built-in chin flap gently supports the chin, eliminating the need for a chin strap
  • Nasal pillows can be adjusted to either a “TALL” or “SHORT” position to allow for a further customized fit

Hybrid Full Face CPAP Mask

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