APAP- or Automatic Positive Airway Pressure- is a medical grade device quite similar in function to a CPAP machine. The PAP based devices help to deliver a given prescribed air pressure into the airways of the patient, in order to maintain the airways from collapsing. Patients with Central Sleep Apnea or OSA – Obstructive Sleep […]

Making CPAP therapy more convenient, comfortable & efficient ~ After your physician has appointed whether you need to wear an APAP, CPAP or BiPAP for your therapy, you have plenty of accessories available that can help personalizing your device and make your therapy even more comfortable and efficient. Air humidification supplies-patients struggling with a dry nose or congestion problems can benefit […]

An APAP, or Automatically Adjusting Airway Pressure device is a medical breathing apparatus which provides patients with the needed amount of pressure. Generally, the device will be set by a physician, and the device will then provide the patient with the right amount of pressure to maintain the airways open. *APAPs are prescribed by physicians *before […]