A Home Oxygen Concentrator is a unique device which helps to concenter room air into pure, medical grade oxygen for therapeutic uses. Today’s advanced technology home oxygen concentrators are designed to be quiet, lightweight and extremely energy efficient. Patients who depend on constant medical grade oxygen for breathing will benefit greatly from the purchase of […]

The stationary oxygen concentrator devices require that a special oxygen tank is connected to the machine, and these are generally required by patients who need supplemental oxygen therapy (richer, more concentrated oxygen than the one delivered by portable oxygen concentrators). SleepRestfully.com offers patients stationary Oxygen Concentrators designed by world renowned brands such as Invacare or […]

Hospitalized patients with breathing difficulties such as COPD or other lung deficiencies will receive Oxygen therapy delivered through a special outlet in the walls. When the patient is sent home and needs to continue oxygen therapy, there will be an Oxygen Delivery System required to continue treatment- with the use of an Oxygen Concentrator or […]

Oxygen is the breath of life. Every single cell of the human organism needs oxygen to develop and live. Certain health conditions such as COPD-Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, lung cancer or Obstructive Sleep Apnea require that the patient uses regularly oxygen therapy. This therapy is provided with the help of an Oxygen Delivery System such […]