Here are the topc choices for CPAP masks in 2020.

Here are the top masks for people that breath through their mouths when they sleep.

Most CPAP users like to use masks that allow them freedom of movement during sleep. Full face masks might feel claustrophobic for some, while nasal pillows that go into the nostrils feel quite obtrusive. The good news is that there are many types of masks available, and you can always find the perfect CPAP equipment […]

Airfit N30i

Choosing the right type of CPAP mask is of primordial importance. A good mask will help you enjoy the best quality therapy, regardless of the required pressure. ResMed presents the innovative AirFit N30i, which is a nasal cradle type of CPAP mask with a top of the head tubing designed that allows you to sleep […]

Choosing the perfect full face mask might easily become a huge challenge. The market is simply invaded by a plethora of products offered by different manufacturers. However, one of the first things you should consider when shopping for a full face CPAP mask is to select one offered by a top reputable provider. This way, […]

The newest addition to the palette of high quality and innovative full face masks by ResMed is represented by the AirFit F30 Full Face mask. ResMed is a world-leading provider of CPAP masks and oxygen therapy equipment and accessories. The company continuously strives to offer the best quality products, placing a huge focus on patient […]