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Best Holiday Gifts CPAP

The winter holidays are coming with quick steps, and, making special and truly useful gifts is important. CPAP patients constantly require new technologies, gadgets and practical items to help them keep up with their required therapy. Enjoying comfortable therapy is extremely important, so please find below a few outstanding holiday gift ideas particularly suitable for people using CPAP therapy.

H2O for CPAP Distilled Water Filtering System

CPAP Distilled Water Filtering System

This distilled water filtering system helps turning tap water into distilled water. The distilled water is highly required by CPAP patients because heated humidifiers work best with distilled water. This filtering system represents the perfect gift for anyone using a heated humidifier with their CPAP. With the help of the filter system, patients can avoid constant trips to the store for buying distilled water for their CPAP device. Each filter delivers up to 60 nights of use of distilled water.

  • The filtering system allows patients to prepare required distilled water in less than 2 minutes
  • Eliminate the need of purchasing heavy bottles of distilled water at the supermarket
  • Plain tap water can be easily turned into distilled water that works best for any heated humidifier system
  • An extremely safe system and a reliable option when it comes to producing distilled water at home within a few minutes
  • Easy to use & laboratory tested

The H2O for CPAP Distilled Water Filtering System is designed to remove contaminants such as manganese or Calcium from tap water. Therefore, you can rest assured that your humidifier will stay clean and mold/bacteria free because you are using pure distilled water. By using distilled water you can also prolong the lifespan of your humidifier system.

When purchasing the H2O for CPAP Distilled Water Filtering System, this is what you will receive in packaging: an easy to use, ergonomic pitcher and 1 filter cartridge enough for producing distilled water for 2 months.

DreamStation Auto CPAP

Dreamstation Auto

DreamStation Auto CPAP is a highly popular and trusted automatic positive pressure device. The unit is intended for use by patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The device features highly intuitive technology, with the auto function allowing the pressure delivery to vary according to the pressure required by the patient. This will help overcoming successfully all apneic episodes. DreamStation also features an incredibly sleek and modern design, fitting perfectly into any environment. It has a stylish and non-medical look, blending well into a cozy classic or modern environment.

Dreamstation Auto CPAP best highlights & features

  • SmartRamp – allows patients to fall asleep against a gentle pressure. The device will maintain a lower pressure for the set period of time, until you fall asleep. Then, it will gradually and softly increase the pressure to required settings, ensuring that you get the exact pressure prescribed.
  • Control knob & user screen are located at the edge of the device so that patients can control their unit with ease even while in bed
  • Ambient light sensor feature- helps detecting ambient light and dimming it accordingly. It will dim the screen in a darker room to offer you a restful night of sleep, and it will brighten the screen when it senses lights in the room.
  • Opti-Start function- the function will monitor the average required pressure and it will start delivering therapy at that respective pressure
  • Heated Humidifier- ensures patients can enjoy warm and moist air making therapy the most comfortable. The water chamber is easily accessible so that patients can quickly remove and refill the water chamber.

DreamStation Auto by Philips Respironics what is included:

  • DreamStation Auto main device
  • Stylish carrying case
  • Detailed user manual
  • Power cord & power supply
  • SD card
  • Flexible tubing system
  • Reusable pollen filter, Disposable ultra-fine filter
  • Heated Tubing (optional
  • Heated Humidifier (optional)

DreamStation Auto main specifications:

Therapy modes: Fixed CPAP, CPAP Check, Auto CPAP mode

Features: EZ Start, Opti Start & Auto Trial

Pressure Range: 4 to 20CmH2O

Humidification: Fixed, Adaptive & Heated Tube

Ramp time- 0 to 45 minutes range – Ramp/ Smart Ramp modes

Automatic Altitude Compensation

Advanced Event Detection

Built-in Bluetooth

Standard Oximetry DreamMapper Compatibility

Less than 30db noise level

Weighs 2.94 lbs. with power supply

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing Companion

Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner



The Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizing companion represents a great gift for the holidays. All CPAP patients need to maintain their CPAP devices clean and disinfected at all times. The Sleep8 Sanitizing Companion is a practical, innovative and highly useful device which cleans and sanitized CPAP components within minutes. It is a compact sanitizer that kills 99.99% of all bacteria and germs residing within the tubing system and other accessories. These germs and bacteria represent a great health risk, as they can lead to sinus problems, aggravated allergies, and other issues. Mold buildup represents yet another huge problem, but with the sanitizer you can keep the components perfectly clean and sanitized.

  • Helps sanitizing all types of PAP devices & components
  • Cleans and sanitizes both heated and non-heated tubes
  • No adaptors required
  • Sanitation process starts with only one click- user friendly system
  • Disinfects with the power of active oxygen

You can start the sanitation process with the push of one single button. Sleep8 will start the sanitation process immediately and the main device turns off automatically when the CPAP is fully cleaned. Sleep8 is a cordless and waterless sanitation system. It is a travel friendly sanitizer, so that patients can have the peace of mind they need even while away from home.

Sleep8 is not only compact, but also lightweight and with a silent operation. You can use it to sanitize to perfection your CPAP mask, tubing, and other accessories. Start using the Sleep8 Sanitizer Companion by connecting it to the filtered bag provided, and then press start for the sanitation cycle to begin. In order to power up the device, please use the USB charger supplied.

Sleep8 Sanitizer step-by-step guide

  • Start by connecting the CPAP tubing system inside the bag, and then insert the water chamber and the mask into the zip bag. There is a valve component available within the bag, and this is where you have to connect the tubing of your CPAP device. Insert all other components that you need sanitized.
  • Next, make sure to connect the Sleep8 port to the valve available on the bag. Once the device is connected properly to the bag, you can start the sanitation process.
  • Press the Start button on the Sleep8 main device. After a short beeping sound, the Sleep8 is signaling that it is ready for use. Now you can track the remaining time on the main screen. When the sanitation cycle is complete, the unit turns off automatically.

Sleep 8 features an intuitive screen showing battery life, a timer indicator, the fan option and the O3 option. When O3 shows up on the screen, it means that you have connected correctly all the accessories. However, when you see an X next to the O3, this signals that you have to try reconnecting the bag to the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner.

For proper functioning and sanitation of your CPAP device and accessories, it is highly recommended to use the sanitizer even on a daily basis. You should use the sanitation particularly often during colds, allergy seasons, etc. With the Sleep8 , there are three highly important accessories that you should sanitize at all times. These are the mask, the tubing system and the water chamber of your humidifier. These are 3 main components that are most exposed to the growth of mold, bacteria and germs accumulation. Before adding the water chamber to the sanitation bag, make sure to properly empty it. You should never add water into the sanitation bag. This is a waterless and cordless sanitation system for your CPAP components.

  • No adapters required
  • Heated/ non-heated tube sanitation
  • Highly portable sanitizer
  • 18 month warranty on the unit

Freedom V2 CPAP Battery

Freedom V2 CPAP Battery

Battery Power Solutions brings a highly efficient accessory for all CPAP users. This is the Freedom V2, which is an external Lithium-Ion battery that powers a wide range of CPAP devices. The good news is that the battery is also compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Whenever AC power is not available, the Freedom V2 can be used to power these devices.

There are different Freedom V2 packages available that users can choose from. Each package contains different cables that are required to connect the battery to certain PAP devices/ models.

Freedom V2 Battery Kits/packages

  • ResMed Air10 Kit- This kit includes the Freedom V2 battery, an output cable compatible with the ResMed Air 10 series (such as AirSense & AirCurve). The kit also includes a detailed user manual
  • ResMed Air Mini Travel CPAP kit- This kit features the Freedom V2 CPAP battery , an output cable for the AirMini, a power supply adapter and a detailed user manual.
  • ResMed S9 Series- This kit includes the Freedom V2 battery, an output cable for the S9 Series, the S9 power supply adapter, and a user manual. The S9 power supply is used to charge the Freedom V2 battery. Use the power supply adapter to connect to the battery.
  • Respironics DreamStation Kit- including the Freedom V2 battery, a Dreamstation output cable, and a detailed user manual.
  • 1500W Sine Wave inverter kit- includes the Freedom V2 CPAP battery, the 1500W Sine Wave power inverter, a mobile power receptacle, Freedom V2 power supply and a detailed user manual.

Must Have Holiday Gift Ideas for CPAP Users

Extremely affordable, small accessories, useful CPAP holiday gifts!

CPAPology Table Top Protector Mat


A great holiday gift for patients who struggle with CPAP noise. The mat helps reducing noise and vibrations coming from the device, plus helps protecting the furniture from spills or scratches. The mat is made of high-quality non-slip silicone, and it helps absorbing any vibration or noise coming from the CPAP, but it also absorbs the heat coming from the machine.

CPAP Mask Wipes

The mask wipes represent accessories that a CPAP user needs and uses all the time. The Economical CPAP Mask Wipes help keeping the mask and other accessories free from dirt and oils which can destroy the silicone parts over time. The wipes help keeping CPAP and accessories fresh and clean without any toxic residues. You can choose between unscented and fresh citrus scented wipes. Each container has 75 CPAP wipes and they are Hypoallergenic.

Bedside CPAP Table

Bedside CPAP table

The Bedside CPAP table represents the perfect gift for patients requiring CPAP treatment. The accessory is ideal for both home and travel use. Patients who have very small nightstands or no nightstand at all, will find this bedside table very useful. The table fits easily between the mattress and the box springs and will hold any CPAP machine and the humidifier. The CPAP table measures 30” x 13,5” and weighs only 16.6 oz.

Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners

Silent Night Mask Liners

The mask liners improve the life of CPAP patients. These liners help reducing air leaks, and reduce dramatically the pressure marks. The liners attach nicely to the mask and also help reducing nasal bridge sores. Furthermore, these liners will help absorbing facial moisture and oils, and they are made of anti-microbial materials. These liners are reusable and economical, and they fit most ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykel masks.

The Silent Night CPAP Mask liners feature Micro Pillow Fabric technology, they are soft and cushioned and they are extremely easy to handle. The fabric resists curling and will form nicely along the edges and curves of the mask.

  • Extremely healthy, clean, and safe
  • Innovative mask liners that help reducing nasal bridge sores and pressure marks
  • Help keeping the mask cleaner & reduces mask cleaning time
  • The micro pillows act as a barrier against air leaks
  • Highly practical items, help to prolong mask life & improve overall therapy compliance


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