Choosing the right type of CPAP mask is of primordial importance. A good mask will help you enjoy the best quality therapy, regardless of the required pressure. ResMed presents the innovative AirFit N30i, which is a nasal cradle type of CPAP mask with a top of the head tubing designed that allows you to sleep […]

Airfit N30i

Choosing the right type of CPAP mask is of primordial importance. A good mask will help you enjoy the best quality therapy, regardless of the required pressure. ResMed presents the innovative AirFit N30i, which is a nasal cradle type of CPAP mask with a top of the head tubing designed that allows you to sleep in any position. This mask represents the perfect choice for side sleepers, back sleepers or restless sleepers who do not want tubing getting in their way during the night.

The nasal cradle cushion will also cover less of your face and will sit very discreetly under your nose, without the need to insert the pillows into your nostrils. The mask is also equipped with a self-adjusting SpringFit frame that adapts perfectly to any facial structure for a safe and secure fit at all times. If you are looking for a highly reliable mask, the AirFit N30i provides everything you are looking for: quick compliance, reliability, the best performance and great comfort for many hours.

Sleep in the position that you want

Airfit CPAP Mask

ResMed AirFit N30i comes with a tubing design that is located at the top of the head. This automatically means that you will not have to put up with the tubing getting in your way during sleep. As you turn, the tubing at the top of the head will rotate gently and provide you with all the comfort you need without the hassle. The mask will sit nicely out of your sight, but also out of your way.

Most restless sleepers complain about the tubing getting in their way while they toss and turn in bed during the night. AirFit N30i represents the ideal solution even for the most restless sleepers. With the innovative AirFit N30i, you can also enjoy greater intimacy with your bed partner. You can sleep very close to your partner thanks to the SpringFit adaptable frame and the finely designed nasal cradle cushion.

How to fit the mask for the first time

Airfit n30i Fitting

As a first step, you need to pull the frame and the headgear over your head. You should pull up until the elbow is positioned on top and the headgear will be behind your head. Next, make sure to fit the cushion right under your nose. Now you need to fit the headgear by loosening or tightening and up until you feel the cushion sits comfortably under your nose yet it provides a good seal.

On the elbow, you will find side buttons that you need to squeeze in order to detach from the frame. You need to connect the air tubing to the elbow and then reattach the frame. You are all set now, so you can enjoy a carefree and restful night of sleep while getting required therapy.

Daily cleaning of your AirFit N30i is also extremely important. This will help keeping your mask virus and bacteria free so that you can enjoy a clean and comfortable experience with each therapeutic session. Check closely the instructions and take off the cushion as described. Next, make sure to soak the cushion part in warm water, using a very mild detergent. You need to thoroughly clean the cushion and also its vents by using a brush with soft bristles. Use running tap water to rinse the cushion and let air dry. Always place the cushion to dry away from the direct sunlight or heat.

AirFit N30i has a truly unobtrusive. If you looking for a minimalistic CPAP mask design that also provides great performance, the best fit and comfort, then AirFit N30i might be the right choice for you. This mask allows for great freedom of movement, and it will not obstruct your vision like other more bulky masks. You can wear glasses, read or watch TV without problems while wearing the AirFit N30i nasal cradle mask.

This mask also represents the best choice for patients who find the full face mask too intimating, but the nasal pillows masks too obtrusive. This mask is a combination between the two, with a nasal cradle with vents that sits just below your nose. You will not need to cover your entire face with the mask, nor will you have to insert nasal pillows into the nostrils.

How to correctly manage leaks

An ill-fitting mask will have as a result leaks. Therefore, you need to make sure that your mask fits well, and that it is comfortable. If you believe there might be a leak problem, simply check where does air escape from. Usually, air might leak from above or below the cushion. What you have to do is to pull away the cushion from your nose and allow it to reseal/adjust by itself. This is how you will adjust the cushion the best way.
You can also adjust the headgear in order to achieve a much better seal. Also, check the frame and make sure it is secure enough, and that the tubing and the elbow do not pull on the mask. Make several adjustments until you feel there are no leaks present, while your mask feels extremely comfortable.

AirFit N30i – before you buy –

  • Women should start with the small frame size
  • Men should choose the standard frame size as a first try
  • If the frame of the standard size sits very close to your ears, you should choose the small frame for a much better fit
  • In case the frame feels large, try a small size and see if it fits better
  • If the small frame size sits just too close to your eyes, you should opt for standard size for a better fit
  • For a more comfortable fit, opt for standard size instead of small

The best thing about AirFit N30i- the Starter Pack comes with 3 cushion sizes in order to help you find the best-fit right from the first try. According to a study in the field, up to 90% of the users found that the mask fits very well and it is extremely easy to adjust for optimal seal.


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Stan Holcenberg
May 7, 2019 7:37 am

My wife and I have each had the ResMed AirFit N30i for about two months. It is great. However, we noticed a couple of weeks ago that the frame has turned from the original transparent color to sort of a light yellow color. It has happened on both. I am wondering if there is a problem or it that is normal.

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Charles Goldberg
May 10, 2019 10:51 am

Without knowing anything more I would bet that you are using a SoClean 2 to clean your equipment. This is very common when you clean your CPAP equipment using an ozone type cleaner It is not dangerous and does not alter the mask. Please let me know if I called it correctly.

Default user avatar
June 9, 2019 4:51 pm

The SoClean turned my N30 frame orange, but my Dreamwear frame has never discolored.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
June 10, 2019 10:05 am

+It is not unusual for a mask to have a little color change. This however will have not effect on the equipment usability or life.

Default user avatar
March 27, 2019 1:35 pm

the ResMed AirFit N30i Nasal Mask is to SHORT. The frame is to short for my husbands face, the standard medium size, They should have made a large or that the frame was adjustable.

Default user avatar
February 16, 2019 9:59 am

What if you an’t got insurance what is the cheapest CPAP MACHINE

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
February 21, 2019 8:22 am

CPAP Machines run anywhere from $199.00 to around $1,000 depending on the bells and whistles you would like to have on it. At the least I would make sure the machine has expiration relief.

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