In case you are looking for the best, most durable cpap battery pack you have come to the right place. CPAP equipment batteries are extremely important accessories that will help you enjoy freedom of movement and peace of mind at all times. With a good CPAP battery, you will enjoy required therapy even up to […]

In case you are looking for the best, most durable cpap battery pack you have come to the right place. CPAP equipment batteries are extremely important accessories that will help you enjoy freedom of movement and peace of mind at all times. With a good CPAP battery, you will enjoy required therapy even up to 18 hours. The market is abounding in CPAP battery offers, but you really need to choose one that is highly reliable and of course compatible with your oxygen machine.
CPAP batteries are used as backup in case of an unexpected power outage, or in order to make your CPAP machine portable and efficient while you are traveling or camping for example. According to current FAA regulations, patients that need oxygen therapy can easily take their CPAP with them on board. Certainly, in order to enjoy required therapy during your flight, you need a CPAP with a good battery.

Let’s check out below some of the best portable cpap battery options for 2020

FREEDOM CPAP Battery Kit for DreamStation by Respironics

The Freedom CPAP batter kit represents the best solution that allows you to use your DreamStation machine whenever and wherever you need it. Use the battery when you travel by plane, camp or even use it as a backup accessory in case of a power outage. This specific battery is extremely powerful, lasting up to 2 nights in case you do not use the humidifier or the heated tubing function. In order to increase run times, you can even pigtail two batteries and get even more running power for your CPAP machine.

The battery comes with an intuitive display screen that will show you details such as the remaining time, and it takes only 4 hours to a full charge. You can also opt for an accessory such as a solar charger and then you can recharge your batteries easily outdoors. When you purchase the Freedom battery kit, this is what you will get: the CPAP battery, a 12V power adapter, the AC/DC power supply, several connector tips, a user’s manual and the DC input cord. You can also use the USB port of the battery in order to charge some of our smart devices such as your phone or tablet.

C100 CPAP Battery Kit for ResMed S9 PAP

This battery for CPAP machine offers you an incredible freedom of movement. You can easily power your CPAP or BiPAP machine regardless of where you are. This battery kit is compatible with the ResMed 9 devices, and it basically weighs less than 2lbs. The battery is also available in a nice and stylish travel case so that you can easily pack it when you travel.

  • The battery lasts up to 2 nights – especially if you do not use your heated humidifier or heated tubing function
  • Includes 24V power converter, helping you to power your PAP
  • Full charging within 4 to 5 hours max
  • Extremely portable battery
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

What’s included in the box: the C100 CPAP battery, a stylish carrying case, power converter, DC power accessory for battery pigtail, AC power supply, instruction manual.

Use the pigtail function to increase run time, or use the solar power charger for freedom of charging outdoors.

Philips Respironics CPAP Battery- Remstar / System One

This is an automatic CPAP battery backup pack compatible with the Philips Respironics Remstar Auto A-Flex/ System One machines. This battery has an incredibly long life when compared to other batteries in the same range. With one charge you can get up to 2 nights of operation for your machine.
The battery is relatively small, compact and lightweight, which makes it the best choice for travel. It takes about 3 hours until full charge. Please keep in mind that most other types of similar batteries will need approximately 4 to 5 hours for a full charge. The battery is extremely easy to use, and the user manual contains quite useful information for first time users.

  • Can be used as automatic backup- in case power from the mains fails, your machine will keep functioning properly. All you have to do is connect the battery to the power outlet and the CPAP machine to your battery
  • You can take it on a plane
  • This battery is compatible with REMstar Auto Flex, Auto CPAP and Pro devices as well as the BiPAP Pro devices

CPAP Battery + Backup Supply Complete Kit for ResMed S9 & AirSense 10

This is the MediStrom Pilot -24 battery pack for CPAP machine. It supports CPAP machines including the ResMed AirSese 10 and the ResMed S9. The battery can be easily used as a continuous backup (automatic backup solution) for your device. Patients typically use constant backups in order to prevent any interruptions of required therapy in case of power outage for example. Not all batteries can be used as a permanent backup solution, but MediStrom battery can be easily set up as a continuous solution.This battery also represents the best choice for traveling. In order to increase your CPAP running time while on battery, make sure to remove the heated humidifier. The MediStrom CPAP battery can be used for charging electronic devices such as your phone or tablet. The battery comes with a USB port intended for this purpose. The battery is further compatible with the following CPAP devices by ResMed: AiSense 10 Elite, Airsense 10 Autoset, S9 Escape/ Elite/ VPAP S/ VPAP Auto.

  • What’s in the box: main battery, output cables compatible with AirSense 10 + S9 by ResMed, Battery bag, manufacturer warranty (6 months)
  • Main product specifications: 19x12x2 cm size, 500 full discharges lifetime, 3 hours to full charge, weighs 1.8lbs.
  • Additional features: USB port for charging external small devices (such as a phone) + LED light to help you see/find controls during power outage
  • External accessories: Medistrom car charger, so that you can charge your Pilot-24 battery comfortably while on the road, using the cigarette lighter adaptor

What are your thoughts or experiences with these CPAP batteries? Share in the comments below.


Default user avatar
Tugela Boshoff
March 20, 2019 4:21 am

Where in South Africa can I get hold of these batteries for the c pap machines and what is the cost?

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
March 26, 2019 10:01 am

I am sorry but we cannot assist you with a place you can purchase CPAP batteries outside the US. You might call some of the local home medical equipment suppliers and maybe they can assist you.

Default user avatar
Richerd Kravitz
February 19, 2019 7:44 am

I have a MediStrom backup battery for my Remstar cpap machine. Is this battery allowed on board a plane according to Tia rules. What type of battery is it and what is wattage? Thank you

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
February 21, 2019 8:24 am

The Medistorm battery is allowed on planes.

Default user avatar
Wanda Little
January 19, 2019 7:04 am

looking for the price need one for 2 cpap machines same bed,,,,,,,husband and wife

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
January 23, 2019 6:29 am

There are many CPAP machines available and the price depends upon the features you wish. Please call us toll free at (866) 923-2727 so we may come up with a price of the machine that fits your needs and budget. Thank you.

Default user avatar
May 2, 2019 10:24 am

What battery backup is design for S10 auto sleep net masjine

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
May 2, 2019 2:00 pm

I would recommend the Medistrom Pilot 24 for use with the ResMed AirSense 10. You will find information at the following link:

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January 26, 2019 10:13 pm

I have just been looking into this myself. I am about to try out a suaoki S270 battery system (about $150AUD). It has 4 X DC out ports, so with a DC converter for the cpap, it should fit the bill – particularly if you have a husband and wife setup.
I will try and post back results once I give it a go.

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