Maintaining your CPAP equipment clean and sanitized will ensure the proper functioning of your machine and accessories for very long years. Typically, when you purchase CPAP equipment, the user manual will contain special instructions on cleaning CPAP mask, the tubes or the device itself. Clean and sanitized CPAP equipment will also help you ensure you […]

Maintaining your CPAP equipment clean and sanitized will ensure the proper functioning of your machine and accessories for very long years. Typically, when you purchase CPAP equipment, the user manual will contain special instructions on cleaning CPAP mask, the tubes or the device itself. Clean and sanitized CPAP equipment will also help you ensure you are receiving quality air therapy with each session. Proper maintenance of your air treatment device is of primordial importance, to avoid illnesses and infections.

Cleaning CPAP

What can happen if your CPAP is not clean?

The heated tubing and heated humidifier systems of your CPAP equipment are basically humid environments. Such conditions are prone to developing mold, yeast or fungus. Certainly, these accessories help you enjoy a warm and comfortable breathing experience, but you must pay particular attention to regular cleaning of these accessories. When moisture builds up in excess within the tubing or humidifier system, dangerous molds can accumulate and expose your health to certain risks. When purchasing your CPAP equipment, also look for a quality CPAP sanitizer that you can use to keep your machine clean

Mold can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing, eye and skin irritations.

Cleaning your CPAP Equipment: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Always make sure to unplug your CPAP from the power outlet before starting the sanitation process. Electrocuting yourself is one of the risks when trying to clean an electrical device with water. Never immerse your device in water, even if unplugged!

2. Dismantle the machine: detach the mask from the tubing system, remove the headgear, and also remove the CPAP tubes from the power outlet. Next, remove the humidifier and the water chamber. Check your user manual to see how to disassemble your CPAP equipment properly. Make sure you follow all the instructions.

3. Start cleaning your gear using a soft wet cloth. If you wish, you can add some gentle baby shampoo or sensitive dish soap to the water. For better disinfection, some users prefer using a mixture of water and vinegar to cleanse their CPAP equipment. However, for even more professional results you should use an automated sanitizer such as the SoClean CPAP cleaner.

4. Thoroughly wipe the parts and accessories of your equipment with the damp cloth, making sure to change the water at least once during the procedure.

Drying The CPAP

5. Soak the heated tubing, mask, and headgear in warm water, and allow soaking for approximately half an hour. It is crucial to allow these accessories to air dry before you can use them again. If you don’t let them dry properly the risks of accumulating mold are much higher. Repeat the cleaning procedure once a week.

6. Check the CPAP machine filters if your machine has such components. Some devices come with reusable filters that can be cleaned (washed) and then reassembled again. Other devices will require that you replace the old filters at last once a month. Again, check the user manual to see manufacturer’s instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance of these filters.

The importance of a CPAP cleaner:


• With the help of an automated CPAP cleaner, you can actually maintain your equipment clean and sanitized without the need to disassemble the machine. This makes the cleaning procedure much easier for people who aren’t able to move a lot

• These machines do not require water or the addition of any chemicals

• An automated sanitizer destroys 99.9% of the viruses, bacteria or mold that resides within the equipment

• The machine provides safe and powerful hospital grade sanitation for your entire CPAP equipment

In 2017 Virtuox announced their new CPAP cleaning machine called the Virtuclean. This little machine is great for people who want to have a clean CPAP while traveling. It’s very easy to use and not only it fits in any suitcase but is also quite affordable. It’s ultra quiet and charges in less than two hours. The cleaning cycle is only 30 minutes. Unlike other CPAP cleaners, the Virtuox doesn’t require maintenance and parts changing. It has an 18-month guarantee and a battery life of 10 years. It’s a really helpful cleaning machine for people who don’t have the time for a thorough cleaning process. However, ozone can be harmful to people who have high-ozone sensitivity. That’s why you have to use it in open and well-ventilated areas.

Lumin CPAP CleanerThe Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner is another great machine that uses UV light instead of ozone to clean your CPAP. It was first released in February 2018 and has gotten nothing but positive user reviews. The manufacturer claims that it can kill 99% of bacteria just as well as the Virtuclean.  It can disinfect the CPAP in only 5 minutes. The best thing about this machine is that it’s suitable for disinfecting other items as well.  You can clean cell phones, kid’s toys, and other accessories. The compact design really helps as it doesn’t take a lot of space in your home. Unlike the Virtuclean, the Lumin doesn’t use ozone and is much safer for the user. It even turns the light off when you open the drawer. This is done to protect your eyes from the UV light.

Experts advise that users should clean their CPAP equipment at regular intervals (minimum once a week). However, if you are down with the flu or any other respiratory disease, you should clean your machine every single day to remove properly any potential discharges or residues from the tubing and mask. To reduce condensation properly, you should use a heated tubing and humidifier system. It is also advisable to use only distilled water with your system, to avoid any infection risks.

Replace your mask at 3 to 4 months, and pay attention to replacing all spare parts regularly such as the air filters. Never operate your CPAP device with used masks or tubing systems, but ensure to purchase new ones each time it is required. Also stay away at all costs from sharing your equipment, as this increases substantially the risk of infections.

Sleep8 & SoClean2 CPAP Cleaners

Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep8 is a highly popular CPAP parts cleaner. Patients can easily disassemble their CPAP or BiPAP parts and sanitize them perfectly with the help of Sleep8. You can use the device to disinfect your CPAP mask, the water chamber or the tubing system. Sleep8 comes with a designated large sized bag where you need to introduce all the parts and sanitize them properly. When you purchase Sleep8, this is what is included in the package: the main Sleep8 device, the sanitizing filter bag and also one micro USB charger so that you an easily charge your unit even while you are away.

Sleep8 uses the power of Ozone in order to sanitize and disinfect your equipment. Sleep 8 is small, stylish and it can easily fit in your carry bag. This is why it represents the perfect solution while traveling. With Sleep8 you can sanitize properly your CPAP equipment without the need of harsh chemicals or special detergents; the unit uses only powerful Ozone. You also do not have to spend extra money on detergents or special solutions for cleaning.

  • Quick and easy operation- all you need to do is attach the main device to the filter bag and press start
  • Very safe sanitation process for all your CPAP parts
  • User-friendly operation and overall design
  • Get rid efficiently of all the viruses and bacteria that reside inside your equipment and keep diseases at bay

Use Sleep8 for the effective sanitation of both heated and non-heated tubing systems, and keep in mind that you do not have to use any special adapters. With one single click, you will get perfectly cleansed and sanitized CPAP parts. Enjoy carefree therapy every time.

Sleep8 features a bright and easy to read screen where you can easily track data such as remaining battery, the time left until sanitation is complete, the progress of the sanitation cycle (the “fan” icon’). Even if you are a first time user, you will find Sleep8 extremely easy to use. If needed, you should sanitize your CPAP equipment even every single day, especially if you are sick and you want to keep germs and bacteria away from entering your system. In humid environments the viruses and bacteria are capable of multiplying extremely fast; this is why it is so important to maintain your CPAP equipment effectively clean and disinfected. Patients who use a heated humidifier should definitely sanitize their equipment on a frequent basis.

  • Before you add it to the bag make sure to empty your water chamber. Water should not enter the filter bag
  • You can easily take Sleep8 with you everywhere you go. This way you can enjoy clean and sanitized therapy regardless of where you travel
  • You can use Sleep8 to also sanitize other items such as kid’s toys or even dental appliances

so clean 2 machine

SoClean2 is yet another highly popular and intuitive CPP cleaner that you can consider using. This is an automated cleaner and sanitizer that helps you clean parts of your CPAP or BiPAP equipment. Sanitize your CPAP mask, the tubing, or even the humidifier chamber. With SoClean2 you do not have to disassemble your equipment in order to cleanse it, and you also do not have to use any harsh chemicals or detergents for the process.

When purchasing SoClean2 this is what is included within packaging: one small bottle of pre-ash that you need to use before the first usage of the unit, the cartridge filter, 1 slot plug, check valve assembly and an AC power adapter.

SoClean2 has an extremely stylish and modern design, and it will fit well into any desired environment (on a nightstand in your room or even in the bathroom). The unit has a front display showing different icons that will help you read data such as remaining battery life, the progress of the sanitation cycle, etc. Then, for even more convenient usage you can choose between a right or left hose insertion. The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty for this sanitizing unit.

With SoClean, you can actually destroy up to 99.9% of the germs, bacteria, viruses or mold that resides inside the tubing, mask or other parts of your equipment. This is a fully automated cleaner, so all you have to do is push the button and let the machine perform the rest. You only need to insert the equipment in the chamber and press start. SoClean uses a similar sanitation process used in healthcare facilities, hotels or even water purification systems. The interior chamber of the SoClean2 can accommodate easily different types of masks such as full face masks or nasal pillow masks. Regardless of the type of mask you use, it will definitely fit into the chamber for thorough sanitation.

  • Please keep in mind that for the following CPAP models, you will need to use an adapter with the SoClean sanitation unit:
  • Fisher & Paykel 600series
  • Fisher & Paykel Icon Heated Hose Adapter
  • Philips Respironics System One 60
  • S9 Climate Line Heated Hose Adapter

As you can easily note, both Sleep8 and SoClean 2 are automated sanitation machines for CPAP or BiPAP equipment. The main differences include the fact that you need to use a special adapter for some models with the SoClean2, or that Sleep8 requires that you disassemble your equipment before introducing it into the filter bag. Also, SoClean 2 uses a chamber within the unit, while Sleep8 uses an attachable filter sanitation bag for the cleaning process.
When buying a CPAP cleaner or sanitizer make sure to comparison shop smartly. Price is an important factor but you also need to look for a sanitizer that serves best your needs and requirements. For example, if you are looking for a travel only sanitizer, you need to search for a small, compact and easy to use device. Or, if you are looking for a sanitation unit that you will use on a daily basis at home, you should search for a more robust unit that fits well into any environment.

Alternative cleaning methods: CPAP cleaning wipes and CPAP Sanitizer

CPAP Wipes

The CPAP cleaning wipes help you maintain your CPAP device clean and hygienic. Famous manufacturers such as ResMed offer cleaning wipes that allow for a convenient way to keep your CPAP clean on a daily basis. Use these wipes to remove the facial oils build up from the mask cushion.

The cleaning wipes will gently yet effectively remove any dirt and residues from the cushion, and this, in turn, helps to optimize the mask seal. When a CPAP mask has facial oil buildup on it, this will not seal properly which means your air therapy might be compromised.

High-quality CPAP cleaning wipes are made from pure cotton, and they do not contain any fragranced ingredients, latex or alcohol. The wipes are infused with a gentle cleansing lotion and natural deodorant such as Aloe Vera extract.

Disinfectant Germicide

The Control III Disinfectant Germicide is an EPA approved cleaning solution that can greatly help with cleaning your CPAP and accessories. Once you have created the diluted solution it can be re-used for up to 14 days. This makes the Control III extremely cost-effective. It has a very pleasant odor and it doesn’t irritate the skin. The Control III has a low environmental impact and is easier to use than alcohol or other alcohol-based solutions.

You can find plenty of CPAP cleaning supplies to keep your machine clean and sanitized on a regular basis. There is the tube cleaning system which helps to keep your tubing free of mold and bacteria. There are also many citrus, or natural extract infused gentle CPAP detergents available which help you perform cleaning of your device in a professional way right at home. The CPAP tube cleaning wands and brushes are also efficient, allowing you to clean the inside of your tube in easy steps.

Especially if you use a humidifier for your treatment, you must properly care for your device. Look for supplies and accessories that allow you to clean your device quickly and comfortably. At times, you might find it tiresome to disassemble your equipment and bathe every single part separately in soapy water. Then, you must allow everything to air dry before you can actually use the system again. This is why investing in an automated CPAP sanitizer might be a truly efficient solution because it allows you to clean your device without having to take apart the machine.

CPAP Cleaning Wipes with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E-

Aloe Vera Cleaning Wipes

Offered by Sunset Healthcare, these practical et wipes will help you effectively cleanse your CPAP equipment. It is highly recommended to use these wipes on a daily basis. They will help you remove dirt, dust, grease, facial oils and any other organic residue available on your equipment. The package contains 64 wipes, and you can use them on a daily basis for perfectly cleaning and good maintenance of your CPAP equipment.
The wipes have a solvent-free formula, they contain beneficial Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and they are highly safe and effective part of your cleaning routine.

CPAP Tube Brush

CPAP Tube Brush

With this CPAP brush you can thoroughly clean the tubing of your CPAP equipment. If you are using a humidifier with your therapy, you should know that the tubing is a humid environment that is prone to bacteria accumulation. Viruses and different pathogens can multiply with extreme speed in such humid environment. This is why it is so important to cleanse the tubing on a regular basis and allow it to air dry until next usage.
This is custom made tube brush made with ultra-soft nylon bristles on a galvanized stem. Use the brush to cleanse thoroughly the interior of the tubing. Tubes can be extremely difficult to cleanse in the interior, but now with the use of such a gentle brush, you can get rid of all the accumulated dirt or any tiny particles that might reside inside your tubing and compromise your health.

Tube Cleaning & Hang System

Clean and Hang CPAP System

The CPAP Tube Clean & Hang System will help you get rid of all the bacteria and the mildew existent within the tubing system. Easily hang it anywhere using the hook attachment or stick it to a flat surface using the suction attachment.
The system helps you clean, soak and effectively dry your tubing equipment. Make sure to use the end caps in order to introduce cleansing solution within the tube. Then, you can hang the hose to soak. As a last step, take off the end caps and flip the tube dry while hanging it from a surface.

Tube Cleaning Wand + Cleaning Pads

CPAP Cleaning Wand

Thanks to this system, you can now easily and efficiently cleanse the inside of the tube without problems. The tube cleaning wand will snap together fast so that you can clean your tube every morning if needed. The smart cleaning pads will attach to one end of your wand and then you can slide everything along the tubing to cleanse it inside. The system represents an ideal choice for traveling. Easy, fast and convenient cleaning of your tube even while you are traveling.

  • Can be assembled to 40” so that you can clean any type/length of tubing
  • Highly durable
  • Disposable cleaning pads for more convenience of use
  • Snaps apart so that you can store it efficiently
  • Nice storage bag

Remember that keeping your CPAP machine clean will ensure that it will work much longer and it will not compromise your oxygen therapy.

There are plenty of options available on the market, from the less expensive cleaning wipes and brushes and up to the most hygienic and medical grade cleanse units. Choose whatever fits your needs, requirements and of course your available budget.


Default user avatar
September 14, 2017 7:18 am

The best mask cleaner: Johnsons & Johnson’s baby shampoo. I use it sparingly and I use it with a tube brush for the tubing. Yes, keep your mask clean but don’t over-clean it either. Too much cleanings removes the oils in the softened mask and makes it brittle – wear out sooner.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
September 14, 2017 8:50 am

John that’s a great choice for cleaning the CPAP mask however the hose and humidifier chamber should be clean with a different solution in order to avoid respiratory infections. Try soaking your hose and humidifier chamber in 1 gallon of warm water and 1 cup of white vinegar. Be sure to rinse it afterwards so you do not smell the vinegar all night

Default user avatar
David D
October 6, 2019 11:10 pm

can I clean the mask itself in water & vinegar

Default user avatar
October 14, 2019 1:36 pm

The CPAP mask should only be cleaned with mild detergent and water.

Default user avatar
george a torres
October 2, 2018 3:38 am

what type of tube brush

Default user avatar
Murphy Rivenbark
August 18, 2017 6:15 am

I have a full face mask. The so clean machine is not large enough for the mask to fit. Do you have a larger machine. ?

Default user avatar
July 8, 2019 9:54 pm

You should look into the Sleep8. The bag used to contain the accessories is so large you could fit a couple pairs of shoes inside (not that you would do that).

Default user avatar
January 13, 2020 4:23 pm

The SoClean should fit all masks.

Default user avatar
Laurie Kitchen
July 24, 2017 2:41 pm

How much are these machines are they like the so clean 2 machines

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
July 25, 2017 7:40 am

The SoClean 2 is a great machine for those who do not want the mess of cleaning their CPAP machine and parts with soap and water or white vinegar and water. The SoClean 2 makes cleaning your CPAP equipment an easy job and does not use any water or other chemicals. We currently sell the SOClean for $299.00 and you may order it on our site: or by call us toll free at (866) 923-2727.

Default user avatar
September 7, 2017 4:05 pm

I have a SoClean quit sanitizing 6 months after I paid hundreds of dollars for the China crap.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
September 9, 2017 7:21 am

The SoClean is a great device. It is the ONLY automatic CPAP cleaner on the market and does not use water or detergents. It should work just fine on your CPAP made in China. Personally I would avoid any CPAP machine that is not manufactured in the US.

Default user avatar
October 10, 2017 12:35 pm

Wayne said that the SoClean quit sanitizing after 6 months not his CPAP. Is the SoClean made in China?

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
October 12, 2017 7:38 am

Yes the SoClean 2 is made in China. However, the SoClean 2 has a one year warranty and if the company you purchased it from will not honor it I would suggest that you contact SoClean directly. You might also look at the newest CPAP cleaner to come on the Market. The VirtuCLEAN is a great product and significantly smaller than the SoClean making it perfect for use when traveling as well as at home.

Default user avatar
gene frazier
March 29, 2019 6:44 am

Not true. There are MANY cleaners on the market that do not use soap or water. I.E. Sleep8, Moocoo, Lumin etc.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
April 1, 2019 1:14 pm

You are absolutely correct. However, when that was written in 2017 the SoClean2 WAS the ONLY CPAP cleaner on the market. Since then we have seen the Virtuclea Lumin and Sleep8 come to market.

Default user avatar
Rita Lamberson
March 19, 2020 3:39 am

Is there a machine similar to So Clean 2 which is manufactured in the US? I like the idea of not having to disassemble to clean.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
March 26, 2020 3:59 pm

There is not a CPAP sanatizer that is made in the US. All are manufactured in China.

Default user avatar
January 5, 2019 7:54 am

The ozone that this machine uses to disinfect will degrade the cpap device over time.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
January 7, 2019 1:13 pm

I really would love to see the science to back up your statement as I cannot disagree with you more.

Default user avatar
February 9, 2019 9:40 am

There are legit but they are not worth the cost. Ozone is not good for your equipment it breaks down the plastics in your machine . … CPAP cleaning machines that I know of produce ozone/O3/activated oxygen to kill throughout the humidifier, tubing, mask and possibly the pump.

Default user avatar
April 21, 2019 11:22 am

My Mom is in the 2nd week trial of SoClean. She said it smells…is that normal?

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
April 22, 2019 12:48 pm

There is a slight smell. If it causes her an discomfort I would suggest she turned on her CPAP a few minutes after cleaning and let the ozone blow out more.

Default user avatar
August 6, 2019 3:26 am

My mask and tubing turned brown and had a horrible ozone odor. Looked on line and complaints all over about the machine. I used it for a month and now it sits in the garage collecting dust. I had to by a new mask and tube. My humidifier had to air out for weeks before I could stand the smell.

Default user avatar
August 23, 2019 2:11 pm

The ProResp shop that gave me my temp CPAP machine told me they are leery about the Ozone ones and would go for the cleaners that use the UV Light instead.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
August 23, 2019 3:13 pm

We believe both the Ozone and the UV CPAP Cleaner and Sanatizers have their place and are of excellent quality. Each person needs to decide which fills there needs better.

Default user avatar
R J Ward
February 17, 2019 4:10 pm

Could you please cite a reference to substantiate your claim that ozone will degrade the CPAP device over time? Thank you.

Default user avatar
August 9, 2019 12:51 am

My local CPAP dealer is encountering that issue now. They have quit carrying So Clean for that reason. She said that at this time manufacturers are honoring warranties, but will probably discontinue honoring them if the So clean system has been used.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
August 9, 2019 11:23 am

Another rumor by those not authorized as a SoClean dear or those who have recently lost the distributorship as SoClean is becoming more select. We have never had any manufacturer refuse a warranty because of a SoClean being used. As a matter of fact we have never had a manufacturer ask us if a SoClean was being used. A big secret is that no mask manufacturer ask for the mask back when there is a replacement claim unless the mask broke of a patient was injured. We have done hundreds of mask replacement claims with many manufacturers and never returned a single mask. So sad that suppliers are lying to patients to get out of correcting a problem.

Default user avatar
January 10, 2019 7:54 pm

Do you know anything about thepurity oxygen3 CPAP cleaner

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
January 11, 2019 1:38 pm

I have never heard of it and could not find anything about it on the internet.

Default user avatar
David Casanova
September 10, 2019 9:32 pm

I’ve read in a number of places that the So Clean damages your CPAP and insurance won’t replace it if you use So Clean

Default user avatar
September 17, 2019 8:19 pm

This is idol rumors as the SoClean has never ruined any equipment. On some mask you may get a little color change however NO DAMAGE.

Default user avatar
September 11, 2019 5:56 pm

I used a SoClean 2 for 2 days and the smell was nauseating. I was told that any ozone type cleaning system will come with a smell. I am so sensitive to odors that I have abandoned any cleaning machine as even the UV light machine leaves an odor.

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