Sleep apnea patients invest quality time and efforts into finding the right CPAP machine. They are looking for small, compact and stylish devices which can be easily transported‚Ķbut patients also look for the most comfortable masks. After all, the mask is the part that comes in direct contact with the skin, and having to wear […]

WISP is a highly comfortable, minimalistic designed Nasal CPAP brought to you by Philips Respironics. The device is similar to a regular mask with nasal pillows, but WISP features a more compact mask which covers the entire nose to achieve a high standard seal, comfort and fit. The mask is available with two frame options: […]

QuattroAir ResMed masks incorporate latest technology equipment featuring minimalist designs and delivering maximum comfort. The ResMed Quattro Air mask for full face is an extremely popular choice among CPAP users. The mask is 45% lighter than the Mirage masks by the same manufacturer. The mask also features only 4 parts, making it extremely easy to […]

  As part of the ResMed AirFit Series, the AirFit F20 is an ultra-comfortable and highly therapy compliant mask. When comparing airfit F20 vs F10 we can say the shape of both masks is quite similar. AirFit F20 offers an open field of view, which makes it easy for patients to read or watch TV […]

Full face CPAP masks might not represent the best solution for everyone, but there are many instances when such a mask is preferred. Full face masks are designed to be larger, more comfortable and cover up a wider portion of the face. These types of masks offer the greatest stability and comfort when compared to […]

Nasal Mask or Nasal Pillow Mask After your physician has appointed the right type of CPAP device that you should use it to get the best CPAP therapy, it is time to choose a perfectly fitting mask. The CPAP mask must fit perfectly over the face to offer you maximum comfort during therapy and to help avoiding mask leaks. […]