Let’s see how one of the new CPAP cleaners performs and how it can help your CPAP treatment

Purify O3 review

As a long-time CPAP machine user, keeping your equipment hygienically clean is an absolute must for you. You use your CPAP every night, so any bacteria or dirt that builds up gets breathed in while you sleep. This poses a real health hazard, especially for someone prone to sinus infections. You used to manually clean your mask, tubing, and reservoir with soap and hot water, but it is tedious and you are never sure you are fully disinfecting it.

You have heard about using ozone to sanitize CPAP equipment, but are wary of trying any ozone cleaner devices. Ozone gas can be hazardous to breathe in high concentrations. However, the PURIFY O3 PORTABLE CPAP BIPAP SANITIZER is well designed to contain the ozone only during the sanitizing process. It has built-in ozone sensors and automatic features to purge any residual ozone before the chamber can be opened. This gives you the confidence to give it a try.


Purify O3 CPAP review

Operating the device is simple with the one-touch button control. When ready to sanitize, you just plug it in, open the chamber and place your CPAP parts inside. One push of the button starts the automated sanitizing cycle. A 15-minute cycle is recommended for thorough ozone penetration to kill germs. The device has longer 30-minute and 45-minute cycles as well.

During the purification process, built-in sensors actively monitor the ozone concentration. Ozone levels reach up to 1500 mg/hr at the peak. Smart design ensures the ozone remains fully contained inside the closed chamber. This high concentration of ozone sanitizes by breaking down bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other contaminants on a cellular level.

Once the cycle completes, the PURIFY O3 uses an automated air purge to eliminate any lingering ozone gas. The sensors verify the chamber has reached safe ozone levels before allowing the door to unlock. You will really appreciate these safety features. It provides peace of mind that no ozone gas escapes when removing your clean CPAP equipment.

After the first sanitization cycle, you carefully inspect and take a whiff of your CPAP parts. The mask, tubing, and reservoir come out looking freshly clean without a hint of ozone odor. It’s like just receiving brand new equipment out of the box. You can run several more purification cycles over the following weeks. Each time, everything comes out sparkling clean.

You will definitely notice a difference in your CPAP use since adding regular sanitization with the PURIFY O3. The first night with the clean equipment is amazing – the airflow feels smoother and you wake up with more energy. You assume bacteria buildup had been causing increased resistance and aggravating your sinuses. Deep sanitizing has kept that under control.


This device will quickly become an indispensable part of your daily CPAP routine. The purification process only takes 15 minutes, so it is easy to do after you wake up in the morning. Then you go to sleep each night assured your equipment is hygienically clean.

The PURIFY O3 can also make travel with your CPAP much simpler. It is lightweight and compact enough to pack in your luggage. The universal power adapter works anywhere in the world with 110-240v outlets. In hotel rooms, you simply sanitize your mask and tubing to ensure they are clean before use. This gives you confidence sleeping away from home.


Considering the proven sanitizing results and convenient size, the price point of the PURIFY O3 is more than fair. It costs around $300 online, but provides invaluable health benefits. You used to buy replacement parts frequently trying to keep your CPAP clean. Now your equipment lasts much longer. So the device quickly pays for itself.

Ordering the PURIFY O3 is quick and easy through our website. And it costs only $199 (at the time of posting this article).

It arrives neatly packaged along with the power adapter. The device itself is compact in size, lightweight and portable. It easily fits on your nightstand. The purification chamber inside has enough room for your mask, 6 feet of tubing and water reservoir.

For any CPAP user struggling with cleanliness and respiratory issues, we can highly recommend trying the PURIFY O3 PORTABLE CPAP BIPAP SANITIZER. It is an extremely effective tool for sanitizing and deodorizing your equipment. The fully automated purification process makes cleaning easy and worry-free. Your breathing and sleep will significantly improve thanks to this device. You cannot imagine your daily CPAP routine without it. The PURIFY O3 is an excellent product that you are happy to have discovered.

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