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Philips Respironics SimplyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Philips Respironics SimplyGo is a highly versatile, efficient and portable device that provides patients with therapeutic quality oxygen for their pulmonary/breathing disorders. SimplyGo is an oxygen therapy machine that meets the needs of almost all oxygen patients.

One of the biggest advantages of the SimplyGo by Respironics is that it is capable of providing both Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose oxygen. The device weighs only 10lbs. and in Continuous Flow mode it delivers 2LPM of oxygen.

-Continuous Flow module- the machine delivers a continuous burst of oxygen for the patient to breathe in. This module is the most comfortable to be used during sleep.

-Pulse Dose module- the device delivers a burst of oxygen with each breath the patient takes. Pulse Dose is particularly suited for day use. On Pulse Dose the SimplyGo delivers up to 6Liters Per Minute.

SimplyGo is a portable oxygen concentrator. Patients can enjoy oxygen therapy wherever they go: traveling by air, by plain, while playing golf, attending conferences, going shopping, dining out and plenty more. With SimplyGo patients regain their freedom of mobility and they can become active again!

  • No more housebound patients who use dangerous oxygen tanks and cylinders
  • No more worries they will run out of oxygen
  • Extremely powerful batteries delivering up to 8 hours of continuous therapy
  • Lightweight device which simplifies everything! On average, the portable oxygen concentrators weigh approximately 20lbs. The SimplyGo weighs 50% less than traditional POCs.
  • SimplyGo is an FAA approved POC

SimplyGo by Philips Respironics provides comfortable oxygen therapy for patients with different levels of breathing difficulties or lung disease. Discuss with your doctor if this specific portable oxygen concentrator would indeed meet all your needs.

SimplyGo contains the highest quality parts, it comes with a design which is extremely impact resistant, a long-life compressor and a cart with oversized wheels for even more stability and ease of portability.

The manufacturer has exposed the SimplyGo to different rigorous testing modules such as great impacts, vibrations and extreme temperatures. SimplyGo achieved successfully each objective and thus the manufacturer can now offer patients an incredibly stable, impact-resistant and efficient portable oxygen concentrator.

Patients even have the option to select a SimplyGo / EverFlo duo module of oxygen therapy. This way, it is extremely easy to create a special oxygen system that can meet the needs of all patients, even of those that require supplemental oxygen therapy.

The SimplyGo & EverFlo Duo Treatment

The EverFlo by Philips Respironics is one of the most powerful stationary oxygen concentrators for home use. By simply teaming it up with SimplyGo, patients will enjoy medical grade oxygen therapy every time they need it at home. The oxygen delivery costs are quite expensive, but with a SimplyGo/EverFlo duo module, patients can cut the costs considerably because they can fill their own oxygen when needed.

With SimplyGo/EverFlo Module you will enjoy:

  • A smart reduction of the costs needed for oxygen delivery
  • Eliminating oxygen cylinder related hassles
  • Fewer patient calls
  • Lower overall maintenance costs
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