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Product ID 100379
Manufacturer Bleep
Bleep DreamPort Starter Kit
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The DreamPort Sleep Solution from Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Bleep's uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts in place eliminating headgear. You will not wake up with marks on your face.

Before applying clean areas around nostrils of makeup, oil or dirt with DreamPrep wipes or other mild astringent like alcohol or witch hazel wipes. Then allow your nose to air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Includes one DreamWay Interface & one box of  32 DreamPorts (good for 16 nights of use).

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Sleep Solution

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Product ID 100381
Manufacturer Bleep
DreamPort Nasal Pillows
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Bleep DreamPort replacement pillows (32 per Box) (good for 16 nights of use)

Specially Priced until December 24th

Best Price: $24.00
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Product ID 100433
Manufacturer Bleep
DreamPreps Wipes

Bleep DreapPrep are a Witch Hazel cleaning wipe to remove oils and dirt from face prior to attaching your DreamPort nasal cushion.  Use a single wipe before bedtime. 100 wipes per container.

Best Price: $12.00
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