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Charles Goldberg is the epitome of why small businesses are the backbone of our national success story. Mr. Goldberg provides hands-on guidance with his decades experience in the breathing machine field. Not only does he provide great knowledge, but he and his team are keen on providing that ultra-golden customer kindness that makes doing business with Sleep Restfully a pleasure. I would go no where else for my CPAP needs. Recently, I was going on a trip and wanted a smaller CPAP unit to travel with. The mini-ResMed that Charles personally uses was demonstrated and so I purchased one. It was the most awesome portable machine I could have dreamed of. Thank you Sleep Restfully - keep up the outstanding work !!!

Written on August 22, 2019

First I want to thank you for your help and always taking care of my needs of CPAP machines and supplies.

Second, sometimes we do things for people not knowing what their circumstances in there life are. My life has not and will not be the same since February 9th. I have been reminded of how people can really be. Some sincere, some that just gossip, some that are there at the moment but then forget about you which I understand because life is, then you have the people who take advantage of your situation, then the people who know your situation and look out for you. Then you have the people that have no idea about your situation and still take care of you.

You fall into the category of having no idea of my situation and still taking care of me. You just did what you do which is take care of your customers. However, I am sure you have no idea how much this means to me and probably other customers. You are a good person and entrepreneur. I hope that I don't have any more problems with my CPAP equipment and don't have to bother you again and hope that you have a great life. But I felt I needed to let you know that you do touch people's lives and can have a profound impact on their lives. I am grateful for that first contact that I had with you and have always used your company for my needs that were not covered by insurance company required suppliers.
I hope you take this email as it is meant to be which is gratitude.


I was in Houston on vacation, and a clip on my CPAP mask broke. I was up most of the night frantic Friday night. I had googled and found your company, and saw your office opened at 9am Saturday. I was in Houston for an event that began at 10am sharp, so I had to be very methodic in what to do. I took an UBER from my hotel and got to your office right at 9am. The young man that was working (and I am so sorry that I don't remember his name) was SO helpful. He was able to get me exactly what I needed, and I was out there and back in an UBER in no time at all. I made it back to the event with time to spare!
I usually have to order my cpap supplies through APRIA healthcare, due to my insurance. I paid as much for my mask retail with you guys, as what I have to pay as my insurance 'copay'. PLUS, Apria's customer service is absolutely horrible.
In today's world of everything being online, or over the phone, I have got to give a shout out for the outstanding help and assistance I received from your employee Saturday morning!
I will remember your company in the future for any of my CPAP supplies!

Have a great day.

I just wanted to thank you for the fast service and shipping.
I especially wanted to let you know that the fellow who helped me, Charles, was patient and helpful beyond the service one tends to expect. Clone him if you can!

Want to say thank you for the prompt delivery of my last order, for the new travel cleaner. You were also very helpful when I was inquiring about a battery for the ResMed Air Mini. I appreciate your great service and honest answers. There are a lot of choices for CPAPs and supplies, you’re one of the best. Be well, and thank you.

Thank you for your services and products.
This is our second order from your firm and we are very happy with the way we have been served.
I would like to point out that for the first order we chose to trust you with out business because of the attentive and professional customer service representative that assisted us ( after we had contacted other suppliers that offer identical and similar products) .
This second order was a no brainer to order from you since we had been well served on our first order.
Naturally we would recommend your firm .
Please pass on our regards to the customer service representative that helped us twice ( Harnold ) / he his a very competent ambassador for your company .

Merci from Montreal

Its good to know that sleep restfully is still the same company that it use to be back when I started my purchases and referring others to such a wonderful company that cares about the customer as #1 and the almighty Dollar as #2.

For granted making money is important for a companies existence. Yet the attitude of many companies today are that customers will eventually return to us since the new companies will eventual turn to our tactics.

This was one thing that IMPRESSED me with your operation when I found you many years ago. Healthcare, medical equipment vendors, are something people need today, and therefore it creates an open market for businesses to EXPOIT customers. Several years ago the same equipment you offered new, was offered to me from a company my healthcare provider referred me to. They offered me a refurbished CPAP machine for $2700.00 and a Oxygen Concentrator for almost $4000.00 again refurbished. You came in NEW for both pieces for 1/6th the cost!

It took me about several years to find you, and I don't want to loose that VALUED ASSET. Others that I have referred to you in the past have avoided insurance CO PAYS to buy DIRECT from you because the overall SAVINGS again are thousands of dollars compare to a healthcare insurance system that they are forced to pay into that is actually BROKE!

My first CPAP machine that I got through healthcare over 12 years ago cost me a CO PAY of $150.00 per month for 24 months. I had to contact the healthcare provider myself because the machine was only suppose to have 12 months of payment and after that, the machine was mine. After that, the insurance company quit paying the bill and the medical equipment company continued billing me until I reached out to them as well. I never got a refund from insurance or the equipment provider. I feel bad for seniors that can't navigate this wonderful and ever changing healthcare rules and regulation. But enough of my rambling.

Sorry for my initial email, but I was concerned. It also proves to me on a different note about companies that put all their eggs in the INTERNET BASKET. Whether it is EMAILS, JOB APPLICATIONS, PERSONAL INFORMATION. The internet is a Tool, but like MANY TOOLS in life they are not PRECISE or PERFECT!.

We still need that personal touch of human contact to stay on the straight and narrow. BOTs/Robot messages show that we really do not care and where not afraid to show you that. Where your personal email shows ADMIRATION of what you have, (CUSTOMERS)! While I didn't get the first email you sent, I did get this one.

I value that relationship of REPUTABLE BUSINESS and CUSTOMER. I will continue to use Sleep Restfully for my CPAP and Medical Supplies as well as refer ALL THOSE IN NEED to your site. I have even referred you to MULTIPLE DOCTORS in the AREA. You are better than a MEDICAL EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER, You FOLKS CARE!
Gary, Ohio

I received the FedEx package with the BiPAP from you on Wednesday of last week. It included everything I needed as well as the Provider Set-Up booklet which was indispensable. My workload is so full that I wasn’t able to set the parameters I need until last evening. Wow, it is a great unit and very feature filled for complex sleep apnea syndrome (COMPSAS) patients like me. Last night I also used a brand new Fisher & Paykel Zest™ Plus nasal mask with a FlexFit™ 407 Stretchgear™ head strap that has a “special elastic segment” in the lower strap (F&P #400HC302; see photo below). This nasal mask/strap combination is the most comfortable I have used since I was diagnosed with COMPSAS 5+ years ago.

I slept great for 7+ hours last night without waking up even once in the middle of the night – something that hasn’t happened in many months. Also, I felt really good in the morning – well rested and bright minded (something that also hasn’t happened in many months). As my research indicated, this unit was almost “custom designed” for my specific respiratory needs and you provided me with valuable advice, great service and a competitive price.

I am most grateful to Philips Respironics for designing and marketing this unit, to Fisher & Paykel for offering the Zest Plus nasal mask with special head strap, and to Sleep Restfully for having you on staff to assist customers. As you can tell, I am very pleased with the purchase of this new unit and simply wanted to share my feelings with you. Most customers are quick to complain, but there aren’t so many that express their gratitude to vendors when they are satisfied.
Best regards,
Chuck, Minnesota

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service!!  A while back I ordered a new mask and some maintenance items from you folks, some how the items never reached me. After numerous phone calls to our local post office, they determined that they delivered the package and it was our fault that we never got it. I phoned you folks and ask the gentleman that answered the phone what we could do about this and without hesitation he offered to resend my order to me at no charge. I was actually shocked, but overwhelmingly pleased to see that type of response. In this day, that is definitely not the norm. His comment to me was that “we believe our customers”  I just wanted to thank you again for your outstanding service and can tell you that in the future I will buy all my CPAP supplies from you folks.
Jim, Sanatoga, PA

I'd just like to congratulate you and your company on really good no-hassle customer relations!  I presume that you're a fairly big company, and to have personal attention like that is just so good, and not all that common!  We might be on opposite sides of the world, but it's like popping down to the corner store and chatting to the shopkeeper!  Thank you very much.
John, New Zealand

I purchased a Resmed S8 last year and it has worked perfectly. Recently the heating element went out your customer service was beyond great the order # was 3025.
Please extend a heartfelt “Great Job” to the gentleman that dealt with my problems, they are a great asset to your firm
Bob, Florida

I can't thank you enough!  I feel like I've been given my life back, honestly!  I'm 41 and have a rare, devastating lung disease.  I've been home since sending in my unit and now I'm free to roam about!
Thanks so much!

What you sent was EXACTLY what i needed....THANK YOU so much ! I know you went out of your way to make me a happy customer and I AM !!!!
Thank you for going that extra mile !!!!
Paula, Oklahoma

I received both my orders on time.  The portable EVER GO is some kind of unit.  It should really help us.
Thanks for all your help.  Till my next order take care………………………….
Robert, Texas

This is to advise that the order arrived today, Sept 24. Thank you for your prompt service.
Australia being downhill from America possibly helps speed up the delivery process :)
Norman, Australia

I purchased a Resmed S8 last year and it has worked perfectly. Recently the heating element went out your customer service was beyond great the order # was 3025.

Please extend a heartfelt “Great Job” to the gentleman that dealt with my problems, they are a great asset to your firm.
Bob, Florida

As always the level of service and communication with your firm and especially Darin has been superb!

It is difficult enough to be compromised with medical devices to sustain some quality of life but you and your team add such value. Mostly it's about my confidence in going to a friendly and intelligent professional. Those qualities make you so unique in today's world compared to the evolving norm of telephone communication with a telemarketer in India.

Darin is a value added associate and again of great service to me. I salute you both and wish you the best of 2009 and beyond.My very best, 
Stephen, California

Thanks again for the great customer support.  I appreciate.
Bins, California

Thank you for your efficient service.  I received the Swift LT yesterday , used it last night and I love it! Not a bit of a leak. I found that the attachment on the top of the head frame swivels, so you can run it up the side of the head. I did fine with it routed in the front of my face: I'm sleeping soundly, so I don't go cross eyed. I even slept on my stomach and not a bit of leak. I received my flexible healthcare reimbursement for the 140.85 in the mail today. Lincare, my local provider, won't get it for a month they told me. I am sharing your web site with my patients: one of my patient's spouse keeps taking his mask off in his sleep: she had an awful night last night. I told her about you guys and gave her the web site. Laurie, Arizona

I got the tracking info last night. Thanks so much for the quick response. I’m eager to begin this therapy and start feeling better! I will certainly be contacting ya’ll (a NC word) again with any ongoing needs. It’s quite rare to meet people with such a fantastic attitude towards customer service and business development. At this point, I think you’ve really helped me make some ‘right’ decisions. Dick, North Carolina

Many thanks for this. I appreciate you level of service here. Most impressive.
William, Collegeville, MN

Today I was surprised to receive the mask that I ordered from you only five days ago.
Vasilios, Thessaloniki, Greece

I would like to thank you for being so professional.
This email is to let you know that we have today received the RESMED Machine at ll.30am, and we do appreciate your  concern, with your prompt and safe delivery. Thanking you respectfully,
Eleanor, New York/Trinadad

Thank you for being so gracious about the return and the quick turn around. I hope the rest of the summer goes well for you and yours.
MJ, Alaska

Last night was the end of a 6 to 10 yr Chinese torture. I sleep like a baby and had no problem with the CPAP.
Thanks for all your help. Thanks again.
Neill, Dallas, TX

Thank you for such prompt service. My battery pack and resmed adapter arrived today. I am charging the unit and will have peace of ,mind while on my trip and when I return home. I do not know how I ever slept before I had this great handy little machine. Sincerely,
Veronica, Penn Valley, CA

 Geraldine, Oak Park, CA

Thank you. The CPAP equipment showed up as promised.
Richard, Little Canada, MN

You're great; thanks so much for all your help!
June, New York, NY

I cannot thank you enough for your thoughtful and patient service.
Geraldine, Santa Rosa, CA

Thank you for your professional and very kind response and follow through. The EverGo arrived at 9 am today and the unit is charging as we speak. I look forward to your assistance again as I acclimate myself to an all new lifestyle that relies on power assisted gadgets for mobility.
My best regards,
Steven, San Diego, CA

I am not requesting service, nor complaining, nor requesting information. I just wish to pay a compliment to your organization.

This past Memorial Day , I suffered from a TERRIBLE case of food poisoning. I need my CPAP to sleep. When my CPAP machine's motor froze at 4:35 on Friday afternoon , I was facing a three day weekend from HELL. I called Positive Air , with a dire request sell me a new Fisher Paykel 200. Thank goodness , Darin brought me my new CPAP. It was a real life saver !!!
I love my new Fisher Paykel 200 CPAP , and would like to thank Positive Air and Darin in particular , for going way beyond the call of normal duty , to provide that Ultra  Golden Service that I have come to associate with Positive Air. 
My deepest and sincerest thanks !
Bart, Houston, TX

Thank You for Your assistance! The GoodKnight 420G is now at home and works great!

Thank You again and best regards from Berlin, Germany

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