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CPAP therapy helps patients get enough air pressure into their lungs. However, for an efficient therapy the patient needs to choose the best CPAP machine, and a perfectly fitting CPAP mask. With the help of flexible tubing, the CPAP machine is connected with the mask that is worn by the patient.

There is a huge variety of CPAP masks available, and patients need to ensure that the mask is a perfect fit. When the mask is too large, mask leaks might appear and then CPAP therapy is not efficient. If the mask is too tight, the patient feels uncomfortable and the mask can even cut into the skin and cause irritations.

The physician is the one who will recommend the best style and model of CPAP mask, considering the facial structure of the patient and his current health needs. Some patients have latex allergy, and in their case a Latex free mask is the best option. Other patients have extremely sensitive skin, so a CPAP mask with a gel cushion will provide them with maximum comfort during therapy.

Choosing the perfect CPAP mask considerations:

  • Fit, size & style- discuss with your physician about the mask styles that would be the perfect match for you. Also, at patients can easily browse through the available CPAP masks, read descriptions and technical details and also check out high quality pictures. This way, their choice is made much easier
  • The CPAP mask must offer perfect seal to prevent mask leaks- the masks with gel cushions take perfectly the contours of the face, and these types of masks generally represent a very comfortable option for most patients The straps of the mask- the CPAP mask must fit perfectly without the straps being too tight. When these straps are tight, the mask feels uncomfortable, and if the straps are too loose the mask will also shift easily from its place. Get assistance from your physician to choose the best CPAP mask, and you are also welcome to get assistance from the friendly and professional staff at SleepRestfully
  • When choosing the perfect CPAP mask, patients need to keep in mind several factors. Patients with a beard or moustache will most typically suffer mask leaks if the mask does not offer the best seal. Also, choosing a mask that is lightweight, not obstructing vision and feeling comfortable over the face is the best solution for patients who struggle with claustrophobia or “mask anxiety” issues
  • Patients who struggle with certain allergies can ease their health problem if they will use a HEPA filter air purifier in their home, and flush their nose regularly with saline solution. Using the CPAP mask will become more comfortable this way. Alternatively, during allergy seasons physicians advise patients to use a Full Face CPAP mask for added comfort. After the allergy season is over, patients can revert back to using their favorite style CPAP mask.
  • Ensure to purchase a CPAP mask with replaceable cushions. This way, the cushions can be easily detached from the frame and proper sanitation and cleanliness of the mask is easily maintained.  
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