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Airmini setup instructions

ResMed AiriMini Travel CPAP Machine

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Setting up your AirMini machine & start required therapy

It is extremely important to select a compatible mask for your AirMini CPAP, before you even set up the machine. Compatible masks include the following:

  • AirFit F20 & AirFit F20 for Her
  • AirFit N20 & AirFit N20 for Her
  • AirFit P10 & AirFit P10 for Her

Always refer to the mask user guide to check out exactly how to fit the mask.

Setting up AirMini major steps to follow:

  • First plug the power supply unit into the machine. Then, plug in the power outlet. Please keep in mind the main connector is shaped with angle styled edge, so it can be fitted into the machine in one single way.
  • Now connect the AirMini tubing (gray end) to the machine air outlet.

Humidification system for N20 or AirFit P10 for AirMini onlyAirMini HumidX

Use the HumidX or HumidX Plus humidifier system.

  • Twist the connector gently in order to open it
  • Keep the HumidX or HumidX Plus system with the colored side pointing downwards. Now insert the humidifier system.
  • Keep pushing gently the connector and slightly twist it until it will ‘click’ into its place.

Start/Stop Air therapy with the AirMini device

  • Press the Start/Stop button in order to start or stop the machine
  • If SmartStart is enabled, you only need to breathe normally and the machine will start

Before you stop your therapy, remove the mask from your face.

Press the Start/Stop button and the machine will stop.

If SmartStop is activated the machine will stop by itself after you remove the mask.

AirMini Comfort Features

By default, your machine comes enabled with the following features: Pressure Relief, SmartStart and Ramp Time. In order to make changes to these settings, you are welcome to check out the Patient eHelp section on your AirMini App.

Connecting your AirMini with your smart device (tablet, smartphone) through the AirMini AppAirMini Travel CPAP

You can pair/connect your AirMini device with the AirMini App by ResMed. The application can be downloaded from the App Store (IOS platforms) or Google Play (Android platforms). Make sure you get the latest version of the app on your device. Once you connect your device with your smart device through the ArMini App, you can easily perform changes in comfort setting, start/stop your therapy or view therapeutic data on your mobile device. In order to fully protect your privacy, all data will be sent encrypted through BlueTooth.

Connect AirMini and smart device steps:

  • Plug your AirMini device into a power outlet
  • Make sure BlueTooth is enabled on your smart device.
  • Now open the AirMini app on your mobile phone/tablet
  • Press the Bluetooth button on your AirMini CPAP when you will be prompted by the App
  • Choose “Connect” on your smart device. Now, the two devices are paired via Bluetooth. Remember to select the name of the machine in the selection list (AirMini CPAP)
  • Perform authentication (only first time needed). You can either insert the 4-digit key from the back of your AirMini machine, or you can choose to Scan the QR code.

Adjusting clinical settings on your AirMini via the App

Use the AirMini application on your smart device in order to make changes to the clinical settings of your therapy on the CPAP itself. Please keep in mind that the AirMini comes with a few default settings such as:

  • AutoSet 5-20cmH2O
  • Default ramp starting pressure 5cmH2O

You can always restore these settings by simply choosing to “Restore to Default”.

  • Choose the setting that you want to adjust
  • Select the needed setting by using the switches/spinner
  • Set up as many processes as needed using the same procedure
  • Choose “Apply” changes in order to save the settings. The light on your AirMini device will flash 3 times. This means all changes have been saved.
  • Start Therapy- Select the Sleep screen and press START (Therapy menu)
  • Use the exit tabs on the left hand corner of the screen in order to exit the Clinical Mode
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