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CPAPmax CPAP Pillow by Contour Products

CPAPmax CPAP Pillow

Improved CPAP Therapy Experience with the Brand New CPAPmax Pillow

Sleeping on traditional pillows while undergoing CPAP therapy can be quite inconvenient. The patient encounters obstacles when the tubing meets the pillow, so choosing a specifically designed pillow which is compliant with CPAP therapy is of primordial importance. The new CPAPmax pillow best features include:

CPAPmax Pillow

  • Heat and perspiration is significantly reduced thanks to the ultra absorbent and comfortable material
  • You can control the thickness of your pillow thanks to removable ¾” foam layer
  • You can choose between a plush memory foam surface or a flip pillow. The innovative 2 in 1 design maximizes patient experience during sleep and compliance with CPAP therapy
  • The manufacturer offers 2 years warranty for the product

The next generation CPAPmax Pillow is the best investment you can make for a restful sleep!

The pillow has been specifically designed to offer maximum comfort and compliance for patients who need to wear CPAP masks. The head and neck are supported perfectly, and even the bulkier CPAP masks are accommodated properly.

Optimum airflow is guaranteed by the fact that all the layers of the pillow have perforations, Sleeping with a bulky full face mask can be incommoding and the patient may sweat abundantly. However, sweat and heat are considerably reduced because air flows freely through the tiny perforations within the layers of the pillow.

CPAP Comfort Pillow

The CPAPmax pillow accommodates even the most active sleepers who wear CPAP therapy masks. Patients can sleep comfortably on their back, sides or even stomach with the innovative pillow.

  • Cool 3D Mesh Air-Flow- translates into reduced heat and perspiration
  • The pillow has two pressure-free zones on each lateral side to accommodate the CPAP mask
  • The innovative memory foam layer molds to the structure of your head and neck
  • The Hose Tether- reduces the hose drop
  • Optional Contour Layer- patients can adjust pillow thickness
  • Cool air travels through the pillow thanks to the perforated foam system
  • Fiberfill side- for soft, traditional pillow comfort

The CPAPmax Next Generation Pillow

The main concept behind the design of the CPAPmax Pillow was to bring onto the market a pillow that is extremely comfortable and offers a better sleep experience for sleep apnea patients. The pillow is designed with traditional fiberfill on one side and memory foam on the other- patients can opt for the most comfortable side, and switch between pillow sides just as they wish.

Some patients prefer the memory foam side during hot months when they absolutely need to maintain their pillow cool and comfortable. Then, they use the traditional, soft fiberfill side during the cold season when they require more “cozy” and warm pillows under their head.

The perforated layers ensure that air travels freely through the pillow, and this is a feature especially important for patients who use heated humidifiers. The 3D mesh cover of the pillow will keep the user above the ventilated foam system, so all moisture and humidity can dissipate effectively.

Contact SleepRestfully for more details on how you can order the CPAPmax Next Generation Pillow.

CPAPmax 20 Pillow
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Product ID 15-551R
Manufacturer Contour Products
CPAPmax 20 Pillow Discounts Apply !

The CPAP Max 2.0 is easily adjusted to four different heights to customize your comfort. Featuring a removable center layer for you to adjust the pillow thickness and customize the pillow to your comfort level.

  • Easier breathing and body positioning with the ergonomically designed concave center and crescent cutout for your shoulders.
  • The side cutouts allow the mask to rest securely while in use minimizing interference on your face. 
  • Choose your comfort with 2 adjustable sides and 4 different heights.
  • Keep cool and dry with the 3D air mesh side or turn it over and enjoy the plush, hypoallergenic pillowtop.
  • Add or remove foam layers to adjust to desired height level.
  • Works with all PAP therapy masks and brands.
  • Excellent for side and back sleepers.
  • Soft, breathable cover with an attached hose tether that supports weight of the hose.
  • Recommended by Sleep Professionals and Respiratory Therapists nationwide. 
  • Product dimensions: 20” x 13” x 6”

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Best Price: $99.99
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An almost perfect pillow

Ewan - 8/3/2018

Product is designed to help you to sleep comfortably as well as help you control the hose to your CPAP. One side is a bit silky and fluffy, the other side more cool. Adjustable layers means you can use it in different settings and still be comfortable. On...


Lester Woodfork - 5/23/2018

Best pillow I've found

Joan - 2/1/2018

After trying a number of different pillows over the years, including other special pillows for CPA users, this CPAPmax 20 pillow is the best I've found. It is especially great for side sleeping (with the cut out area preventing my headgear from being push...

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