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Dreamstation go cpap Accessories

DreamStation Go Battery

DreamStation Go is one of the most travel-friendly and reliable CPAP machines. When Philips Respironics developed this portable little machine, they thought about the most convenient advanced accessories to go with the DreamStation. There are plenty of extras you can purchase for your CPAP, which are meant to make the entire therapeutic experience even more convenient, comfortable and ‘portable’.

DreamStation Go Small Travel Kit

The small travel kit is an extremely stylish bag that allows you to stay very organized during your trips. The kit includes a stylish case and a separate protective bag that will store your tubing system and mask. The kit is fitted with a convenient zipper.

  • Protects your DreamStation Go travel CPAP machine during travel
  • Machine washable for added convenience
  • Manufactured by Philips
  • Compatible with DreamStation Go CPAP and Auto CPAP

DreamStation Go Medium Travel Kit

Enjoy added travel experience with the ultra-stylish Medium Travel Kit for your DreamStation Go CPAP. The modern case accommodates not only your device, but also your overnight battery for use when you are in locations off power grid. The case also includes a separate, machine washable bag that accommodates your mask and tubing system. The kit allows you to stay highly organized on your trips and have everything you need for therapy right at our fingertips.

  • Protects your DreamStation Go travel CPAP machine during travel
  • Machine washable for added convenience
  • Manufactured by Philips
  • Compatible with DreamStation Go CPAP and Auto CPAP

Overnight Battery for the DreamStation Go CPAP

Travelling off the power grid can be extremely frustrating when you need to receive required oxygen therapy. Thanks to the overnight battery you can now enjoy up to 13 hours of autonomous operation of your CPAP, on the 10cm pressure setting. Please keep in mind that CPAP running times of battery vary highly depending on the pressure setting used. Altitude, temperature, mask leakage or charging mobile devices with the USB port may also affect the running time of the device on the overnight battery.

  • Meets FAA requirements
  • Lithium Ion battery pack
  • Travel approval letter needed when you travel with your device + overnight battery
  • Enjoy CPAP therapy off the grid
  • Compatible with DreamStation Go CPAP and DreamStation Go Auto CPAP
  • Battery charging time: less than 5 hours; run time 8+ hours
  • Minimum lifecycle: 500 cycles

Philips DreamStation Go 12mm Tubing system

The Micro-Flexible technology is the smallest and lightest tubing system ever manufactured by Philips. It allows you maximum freedom of movement during your sleep. For best flexibility, portability and connectivity use the micro-flexible tubing with your CPAP.

  • Greater comfort
  • Better flexibility
  • Higher ease of movement
  • Weight: 2,44 ounces
  • Length: 187.5cm / 6.15 feet ; inner diameter of tubing: 12.12 mm
  • Replace every 6 months
  • Manufactured by Philips

Enhanced filtration with the 30-day fine filter

The 30-day fine filter is a disposable accessory that ensures the best purity of the air coming through your CPAP. The filter captures successfully pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander.

  • 95% + efficiency at .5-.7 micron
  • purifies the air you breathe for optimum treatment
  • Lasts up to 30 days
  • Manufactured by Philips
  • Replacement every 30 days recommended
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