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OxLife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence  Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the only device in this range which delivers between 1 to 3 liters of variable flow even while the patient uses the DC batteries, the AC power or the external DC power. You can charge and use the POC at the same time on any desired setting. Oxlife Portable Oxygen Concentrator is brought to you by O2 Concepts.

Best Features:

  • Providing 3,000 ml of Oxygen – traditional POCs in the same range deliver maximum 1,000ml
  • Extra long battery life- 5.7 hours at 2pulse setting (20BPM) and 2.5 hours at 2LPM continuous Flow setting
  • Quick battery recharge time- approximately 1.5 hours for 1 battery and 2.5 hours for 2 batteries
  • FAA Approved Portable oxygen concentrator- you can take it with you on board to get required oxygen therapy during travels
  • Easy and quick filter change- you do not require any tools to change the filter; the device is equipped with an easy access filter door
  • Easy patient transport- integrated cart kit design with 6” wheels

Oxlife Independence has the longest battery life, when compared to other POCs in the same range. This automatically translates into greater freedom of mobility and peace of mind that you will not run out of oxygen when you enjoy life the most.

OxLife POC is an extremely versatile oxygen therapy device providing both Continuous Flow and Pulse Dose therapy. While on the go, you can use the oxygen on demand type of therapy delivered by Pulse Dose. This way, you will prolong even more the battery life, while still getting reliable and efficient oxygen pressure therapy. For home use/ during the night use, the Continuous Flow is indicated.

OxLife Independence is an all-in-one solution for your oxygen therapy needs. It is equipped with a user friendly control panel for easy settings, the longest battery life in its class, and it has a robust magnesium case which is compact. OxLife Independence is indeed the One Solution regardless where life takes you- the POC can be used at home, while away or during travels.

Main Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Height 20.2” / Width 10.0/ Depth 8”
  • OxLife Weight: 16.7 lbs. / Battery: 1.35 lbs. /each
  • Flow Rate: 1 to 3 LPM in Continuous Flow Mode- in 0.5 LPM increments
  • Duration of Battery: 5.75 hours (2 pulse setting)/ 2.5 hours (2LPM continuous Flow) Sound output: 40dBA at 2 Pulse Setting
  • Recharge Time for batteries: 1.5 hours for single battery/ 2.5 hours for double battery
  • Concentration of Oxygen delivered: 95.6% - 87% at Sea Level (at all settings)
  • AC Power: 24 Volts output
  • DC Power: 12-15 VDC 1-Amps
  • Altitude Operating Range: 0 to 12,123 Feet ( 0 to 4,000 meters altitude)
  • Storage Temperatures: -4F (-20Celsius) to 140 F (60Celsius)

The manufacturer offers a 3 year limited warranty for the device and 1 year warranty for accessories and battery.

Oxlife Independence Oxygen Sale

OxLife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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Manufacturer O2 Concepts
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The Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator by 02 Concepts is a portable oxygen concentrator designed with both patients and providers in mind. Boasting both continuous flow up to 3L/min and pulse settings up to 6 (96 rnL), the Oxlife Independence gives patients total freedom with 24/7 oxygen on the go.

  • Patent-pending ESA ,"--TECHNOLOGY technology enables the Oxlife Independence to have the longest battery life in its class
  • Only POC in class that can be used on all settings while charging in car
  • Integrated cart kit design offers lighter overall weight
  • Easy access filter door -no tools necessary
  • 6" wheels allow easier patient transport
  • Integrated DC power supply - no external brick
  • Custom split battery configuration gives patients the flexibility of lighter weight or extended battery life
  • FAA Approved 

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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