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Resmed S9 Series Climate Control

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Exclusive CPAP therapy. More Comfort with the new S9 Series.

Resmed has always managed to surprise patients in the most pleasant manner by integrating smart technologies within the therapy devices which would help patients get unprecedented comfort. Resmed S9 Series with Climate Control is a smart unit which is able to adapt intelligently to changes in ambient temperature and humidity. Resmed S9 is able to deliver the optimum temperature and humidity right through the CPAP mask for the patient to breathe in comfortably.

ClimateLine Heated Tube S9 Series

The ClimateLine tube of the ResMed S9 oxygen therapy device features an advanced precision heated circuit which is integrated in the spirals of the tube. The intelligent Climate Control algorithm fully controls this circuit and ensures to deliver the most comfortable temperature and humidity oxygen to the patient, regardless of the changes in ambient air.

A special sensor located right at the end of the tube will measure the temperature of the air that is leaving the tube. This special feature ensures patients have access to CPAP therapy that is personalized for maximum comfort and compliance. No more rainout. No more condensation. No more interrupted sleep.

What makes ResMed S9 so different than the rest?

When using a traditional CPAP therapy machine with a humidifier, as the temperature in the ambient drops, so will the temperature within the tube. Thus, most patients complain of condensation that forms into the tube, even though their machine is set up with a humidifier. CimateControl is a unique humidification & temperature control system that delivers constantly the required levels regardless of the temperatures in the ambient.

  • Constant temperature within the tube
  • ResMed S9 integrates with market leading H5i Heated Humidifier
  • Innovative solutions for the most comfortable CPAP therapy

A classic humidifier system integrated with any CPAP device will never monitor the air right at the mask, react to certain changes in ambient air flow, or protect perfectly against rainout. You might get a certain level of comfort, but only as long as the ambient temperature is constant. When any humidity or temperature parameters change, a traditional humidifier will let you down.

Choose ClimateControl ResMed S9 series which will help you finally get constant therapy at the parameters that you want and need. Climate Control also helps delivering a constant amount of vapor, regardless of the temperature setting you select. The heated tube, together with the humidifier will work to offer you CPAP Therapy at a constant temperature and humidity.

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S9 Series AutoSet

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