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Resmed S9 Series Intuitive Design

S9 Logo Resmed S9 Series Intuitive Design

The S9 Series CPAP therapy device by ResMed is one of the most intelligent devices in this range of sleep therapy units. Integrating smart Climate Control technology, the device is capable of providing patients with a constant humidity and temperature air, regardless of changes in the ambient parameters.

ResMed S9 is an incredibly compact and stylish device that will blend in nicely with any home environment. It is a non-medical looking device - a feature that makes it such a popular choice among patients. Living day by day with CPAP therapy delivered by ResMed S9 is easy and patients can become quickly compliant with therapy.

Evolutionary & Intuitive Design

ResMed S9 surprises both through its form and its function. The device is set up with a user friendly menu system with quick and intuitive controls. Patients are encouraged to find the most comfortable humidification, temperature and pressure setting by using the friendly controls.

It has been several times proven through statistics that patients who require CPAP therapy day by day, do not like the medical looking CPAP therapy devices. However, the ResMed S9 sleep therapy device is extremely sleek and stylish, and it will fit in perfectly with any home d�cor.

S9 series by ResMed promises more comfort, better compliance and greater therapy efficiency. ResMed not only promises, but it also delivers all these important facts. You are welcome to contact the friendly and experienced customer service team at for more information regarding the S9 series Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device by ResMed.

Easy & User Friendly menu controls:

  • Users need to push the main dial on the unit until reaching the desired parameter which is displayed in blue
  • Now press the push dial and the selection will be highlighted in the color orange
  • With the turn of the push dial you will browse through the available settings. Push the dial until you can see the exact setting that you require
  • In order to confirm your setting choice, press the push dial

The S9 Series is an incredibly quiet device, incorporating Climate Control technology and SlimLine tubing technology. The device comes with an intuitive design which allows for quick and easy access to the patient menu and easy operation to find the desired setting.

The S9 Series features the following products:

  • S9 AutoSet
  • S9 Elite
  • S9 Escape Auto
  • S9 Escape

S9 Series AutoSet

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