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Z1 CPAP Unplugged System by Human Design Medical

Z1 Travel CPAP

- The Z1 Travel CPAP Machine with Z1 Powershell Battery System by Human Design Medical-

Z1 Unplugged Battery Powered Travel CPAP

As its name suggests, Z1 is a fully integrated CPAP device offering you a comfortable and “unplugged” experience of CPAP therapy. Z1 is the world’s smallest, lightest and most portable Continuous Positive Airway Pressure device meant to offer you maximum freedom of mobility. Even the most active patients can now enjoy comfortable therapy at any pressure setting, anywhere they go.

The Z1 Unplugged system comprises the Z1 Basic CPAP unit and the PowerShell Battery module. PowerShell is a fully integrated battery solution featuring the following:

  • 45wH lithium- Ion battery pack offering you 8+ hours of continuous, cordless therapy. For even more freedom ,simply use an additional battery to get up to 3 nights of battery power
  • PowerShell represents your number one solution when you are away from a power source, or when there is an imminent power failure
  • PowerShell battery module specifications: weighs only 9oz, it has a battery capacity of 45 Watt Hours, operating temperature range is 41 to 95 Fahrenheit and Runtime at 14cm H2o is 8+ Hours

Z1 Unplugged CPAP device comfort features

  • Whisper quiet operation- only 26dbA sound levels, offering you a full night of restful sleep without being interrupted by a loud machine
  • Lightweight and small- it literally fits into the palm of our hand
  • Powershell integrated battery module for more freedom of movement and peace of mind
  • Automatic altitude compensation of up to 8,000 feet & Automatic leak compensation instantly detecting leakage episodes and compensating for them
  • Z-Breathe pressure relief algorithm- the system will gently lower the pressure upon the exhalation phase so that you can exhale smoothly and comfortably. The device will then return to prescribed pressure levels by the time the inhalation phase starts for maximum therapy efficiency
  • Ramp Time setting- set the Ramp at moderate of maximum levels, to fall asleep on a gentler pressure. The device will gradually increase pressure output to reach prescribed parameters
  • 1 HME Waterless Humidification Filters- no more bulky and heavy water chambers for humidification. The filters will capture the moisture and heat from the exhalation ports and will deliver efficient levels of humidification for you to enjoy comfortable therapy. This innovative, waterless humidification system prevents efficiently dry mouth syndrome generally caused by a CPAP without a humidifier.

Z1 Travel CPAP Human Design Medical

Z1 Unplugged is an out of the box solution for patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea or other breathing difficulties. The device will deliver the most efficient assistance throughout the therapy sessions, so that you can enjoy the most natural breathing.

Z1 Base System together with the PowerShell Battery Module make up the most efficient CPAP therapy solution to be used at home or while traveling. Z1 is FAA approved to be taken on flights, and the device is fully compatible with any CPAP mask of your choice.

See all the features and technical specifications by visiting Z1 Base Unit Page: Click Here

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