Here are the top masks for people that breath through their mouths when they sleep.

There are dozens of news types of masks launched on the market every year. The offer is vast, but people face a difficult task when they need to select the best CPAP mask matching their individual needs. For mouth breathers, the most recommended solution is the full face mask. Full face masks come with several advantages, especially when it comes to mouth breathing patients:

  • Full face masks represent an excellent choice for patients who struggle with jaw-dropping during their sleep
  • The perfect choice for side sleepers/ restless sleepers
  • During the cold season, such a full face mask ensures reduce passage strain
  • Full face masks represent the best choice for users who need oxygen pressure levels above 17cm H2
  • Full face CPAP masks send required air both to the mouth and the nostrils. Therefore, mouth breathers will struggle with less irritation to their nasal cavities (increased irritation is observed when using nasal CPAP masks).

Full face masks are also ideal for patients with septum deviation problems. Most patients who are mouth breathers and use a nasal pillow mask feel that therapy isn’t working almost at all. According to studies in the field, they have experienced huge improvements in therapy quality, once they started using the full face mask.

The best full face mask recommendations for mouth breathers

ResMed Quattro Air Full Face Mask + Headgear

Quatro Air is one of the lightest and most comfortable full face mask available on the market. It weighs only 3.3 ounces and it is up to 45% lighter than its predecessors. The overall design of the mask highlights ease of use, comfort, and efficiency. This mask is made up of only 4 parts, making it incredibly easy and fast to disassemble and clean anytime you wish.

 – Dual Wall SpringAir cushion- this cushion will ensure the best of comfort since it offers plenty of padding-right at the bridge of the nose. Users who struggle with irritations in and around the nasal area will find the ResMed Quattro incredibly convenient to use.

 – Forehead Support- Flex-wing- you won’t need forehead support with this mask, because you easily adjust and stabilize your mask exactly as you wish

 – No more facial red marks and irritations thanks to the SoftEdge headgear

 – Diffuse vent system- the mask features tiny holes strategically placed around the elbow part so that the air is directed up and away from the patient and bed partner. Enjoy a restful and quiet night of sleep with the ResMed Quattro Air full face mask.

When you purchase this mask, this is what is included in the box: the mask frame, the cushion, the elbow assembly, and the comfortable headgear. Some of the optional tubing systems that are compatible with this mask include:

 – Respironics Performance CPAP tubing- premium quality tubing which is flexible and lightweight.

 – ResMed ClimateLine Air Heated CPAP tubing- heated tubing system with a smart temperature sensor inbuilt. The sensors within your CPAP machine can keep track of the humidity level changes and prevent the formation of condensation within the tubing.

ResMED AirFit F20 Full Face CPAP Mask + Headgear

AirFit F20 is an extremely stylish and compact full face mask designed to actually fit any type of facial structure. The mask features InfinitySeal, which is a silicone cushion that works perfectly at preventing leaks even at the highest oxygen pressures. If you are looking for a mask that offers you an unobstructed field of vision, and one that will never give you that claustrophobic feel, then AirFit F20 represents the ideal choice.

You will receive the mask with three interchangeable cushions sizes, so that you can find the perfect fit from the first time. For the best stability and maximum comfort, InfinitySeal cushioning comes with variable degrees of thickness. The cushion follows in the most natural manner the individual facial shape of the user, adapting perfectly each time. This innovative cushion is also perfect at offering protection at high pressures and even movement during sleep.

With this mask, you will not experience any nasal bridge discomfort or irritation. The mask comes with a soft padded nasal bridge area in order to minimize red marks. Then, the AirFit F20 comes with adaptive wings which are capable of curving to the profile of the user, thus accommodating the widest range of facial patterns. Around the highly sensitive nasal area, the frosted silicone cushion will provide the best comfort and stability.

Best highlights of the AirFit F20 full face mask:

  • Open field of vision- this mask allows you to watch TV, read or work on your laptop without problems. Thanks to the under-eye sitting frame you can now enjoy quality therapy while performing your usual tasks
  • Highly innovative headgear designed with stability and maximum comfort in mind. You can start your therapy very fast and comfortable thanks to the soft plush straps
  • Extremely quick fitting time- thanks to the magnetic clips you can put on/take off the mask with a few clicks

According to genuine patient reviews, this mask indeed helped patients find the comfort, stability, and security they were looking for. The mask can be easily disconnected with one click from the tubing, so that patients do not have to take off completely their mask when waking up during the night and going to the bathroom. Many patients have used this mask on a continuous basis for over one full year and they have experienced no issues whatsoever.

Most patients who select this mask struggle with mouth breathing problems or irritations around the face/nose caused by an ill-fitting mask. This mask provides everything you are looking for in terms of stability, comfort, freedom of vision and movement and do on. Genuine customer reviews are also extremely important, because they are honest and unbiased. This way you can learn many secrets about a product, and then you will be able to make a well informed decision when purchasing. The AirFit F20 has proved to be a highly versatile and very well adapting full facial mask for CPAP users.

Philips Respironics ComfortGel Blue full face mask

This mask represents an outstanding choice for mouth breathers. The mask features a highly comfortable forehead cushioning, and a StabilitySelector and the innovative blue gel for achieving maximum comfort and stability at the same time. The SST- Sure Seal Technology provides a very thin layer over the gel cushioning in order to follow perfectly the facial contours of men and women alike. This way, all users will find very quickly the exact comfort and stability they are looking for.
Highly efficient seal thanks to the premium blue gel- the gel works in perfect balance with the outer membrane made of silicone in order to deliver the optimum self-adjusting seal. Besides providing the best of stability, this gel is also much thinner and lighter.

Top-quality headgear– allows for a fast and convenient fitting- The headgear is one size fits all and comes with EZ Peel tabs. You can adjust it extremely easily in 4 places to obtain a custom, secure fit

Stability Selector– you can easily raise or lower the mask in order to find the perfect angle and comfortable fit for your individual needs.

Angled exhalation ports– these will help to redirect the air up and away from the patient and bed partner. This way, you can enjoy a comfortable and quiet night of sleep without interruptions caused by pressurized air coming out from the mask

Philips Respironics Amara View Full Face Mask

Amara View is a lightweight full face mask designed to offer the best of comfort and stability. This is also a minimalist design full face mask, offering an open field of vision. The main aim of this mask is to offer the users a secure seal which feels soft without red marks or irritations on the face. Patients with sensitive skin will find this mask an excellent choice.

Amara View comes with a one-piece cushion which will fit extremely securely around the mouth, while also allowing pressure to enter in the nostrils. There are no parts that need to be inserted in the nostrils. Amara view has extremely quiet exhalation ports and there are multiple size cushions you can choose from.

The mask has an overall minimal contact design, so you do not have to worry about any skin wrinkles or irritation in the morning when you wake up. The mask allows for a clear line of sight, meaning that you can comfortably watch TV, read, work on your computer without any obstructions in your vision. The mask also comes with a lightweight short tubing with a quick-release button. You can release the mask from the tubing with one single click.

When purchasing this mask, this is what you will get in the box: the mask frame, the mask gel cushion, headgear, short mask tube, and the headgear clips. Amara View is a truly simplified version of the bulkier full face masks, yet providing excellent stability and control over your treatment.


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Gail Dons
September 28, 2019 5:38 pm

Phillips also makes a DreamWear full face mask that is similar to the Amara, but has the tube connection on the top of your head. It combines the full view (a MUST for glasses wearers who like to read/watch TV while their machine ramps up!) with the convenience of a hose that doesn’t get tangled or pull on the mask when you move.

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