Most CPAP users like to use masks that allow them freedom of movement during sleep. Full face masks might feel claustrophobic for some, while nasal pillows that go into the nostrils feel quite obtrusive. The good news is that there are many types of masks available, and you can always find the perfect CPAP equipment […]

Most CPAP users like to use masks that allow them freedom of movement during sleep. Full face masks might feel claustrophobic for some, while nasal pillows that go into the nostrils feel quite obtrusive. The good news is that there are many types of masks available, and you can always find the perfect CPAP equipment that suits your needs and requirements. Let’s check out two highly popular nasal masks, the Bleep DreamPort and the AirFit P10 Nasal CPAP mask by ResMed.

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask

Bleep Dreamport Sleep Solution

Bleep DreamPort is quite an innovative CPAP mask that comes without a headgear. It is flexible, lightweight and highly comfortable. The mask uses medical grade adhesive strips in order to hold the seals (called DreamPorts) in place so that you will not even need a headgear. If you are looking for a mask that allows you maximum freedom of movement, then Bleep might represent the best choice.

While wearing the DreamPort mask, you will never wake up with red marks and irritations on your face. The mask does not have a headgear, so there is nothing that would cause these irritations. With DreamPort you can also sleep in any desired position. The DreamPort Sleep Solution is an extremely flexible and lightweight mask. It has been designed to fit all patients, regardless of the width of their nasal area.

You will get the perfect fit every time with Bleep DreamPorts. The DreamPorts are designed to meet at the level of your nostrils, without entering your nostrils. Patients who consider nasal pillows uncomfortable will definitely enjoy wearing the DreamPorts mask.
DreamPorts mask is also considered one of the most ergonomic CPAP solutions available on the market. It is important to mention that the seals are disposable, and one box of 32 ports + connectors will be enough for 16 nights of therapy.

Bleep DreamPorts top highlights:

  • No headgear- meaning maximum comfort without the feeling of claustrophobia
  • No straps- which means no more red marks and irritations on your face each morning. Just a restful night of sleep, without compromises
  • No leaks guaranteed by the innovative design of the mask
  • Bleep DreamPorts is compatible with all BiPAP/ CPAP machines

It is highly advisable that the first few times you apply the DreamPorts, you should use a mirror. This way you will ensure that the ports are placed well and that the ports fit securely. When you remove the seals, you will not feel uncomfortable at all.
Make sure to thoroughly cleanse the nasal area of dirt, facial oils, and other impurities before applying the ports. Only this way can you ensure that the seals adhere properly and securely so that you can get a good seal.

As you can easily note, there are very slight differences between the two types of masks. The AirFit P10 comes with nasal pillows that go slightly into the nostrils, while the Bleep DreamPorts will get adherence to your face with the help of adhesive strips. Both masks are super lightweight, comfortable, offering you an open field of vision and allowing you to sleep in any desired position.

AirFit P10 Nasal CPAP Mask

Airfit P10

Being part of the AirFit series by ResMed, the P10 nasal mask is one of the quietest, reliable and high-performance masks available. It is actually up to 50% lighter and quieter than other masks in a similar range. The mask is made up of only 3 main parts, which gives the mask a truly minimalist design.

QuietAir woven mesh technology – helps to promote therapy compliance and ensures an ultra-quiet operation. Both you and your bed partner can enjoy a restful and quiet night of sleep, without interruptions.

The comfort of a truly good night of sleep is also ensured by the light design of the mask. When compared to other nasal pillows masks, the P10 is actually 50% lighter

Easy to use nasal pillows mask. Represents the best choice even for first-time oxygen therapy users. The mask features key-clip nasal pillows with color-coded sizing & Left/Right orientation for easy fitting

Recent clinical studies show that patients wearing the AirFit P10 mask can actually sleep 40 minutes longer each night. The mask is easy to wear, lightweight and flexible providing you with all the comfort and compliance you need during your therapy. Therefore, you can enjoy a high-quality night of sleep that is also relaxing.
When you purchase AirtFit P10, this is what is included in the box: Small, Medium and Large nasal pillows, so that you can instantly find the best fit. Then, you will receive the headgear, a short tube, the mask frame, and the 2 headgear clips.

It is important to mention that you can use AirFit P10 with any CPAP/BiPAP machine. In order to connect the AirFit P10 to the CPAP machine, you can use any standard tubing. AirFit P10 is a nasal pillows mask, with two small openings that need to be inserted into the nose. It is only slightly inserted into the nose, and the mask will not cover your mouth or nose.

AirFit P10 has been designed to offer you an open field of vision. You can wear glasses while using the mask, and you can comfortably watch TV, read or work on your computer. Your field of vision will not be obstructed in any way while wearing the P10 mask. The AirFit P10 can be easily disassembled for cleaning, and you can also replace the pillows easily whenever needed.

AirFit P10 also helps you enjoy quality therapy while sleeping in any position. This is not a full face mask, so your cheeks can freely rest on the pillow when you sleep on your side. Enjoy quality therapy while sleeping in your desired position- on your side, or on your back. AirFit P10 also stays leak free for patients with facial hair (such as a mustache). The mask has very soft and flexible cushions, helping to preserve a good seal even if you have facial hair.


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Stuart Heatherington
April 19, 2019 7:16 pm

Chris – the Bleep Dreamport weighs 0.9 ounces compared to the ReaMed P-10, which weighs 1.6 ounces. The Dreamport is nearly half the weight of the p-10.

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