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ComfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask

CommfortGel Blue Full Face CPAP Mask

ComfortGel Full Face CPAP Mask

ComfortGel full face mask from Respironics is an incredibly innovative and practical mask that will help a wide range of patients get compliant with their therapy. The mask features the patented Blue Gel technology which adapts softly to the facial lines of the patient, and helps providing maximum seal for the mask.

ComfortGel Blue Full Face mask is a simple yet extremely smart mask which is highly recommended in the case of patients who are non-compliant with other standard full face masks, nasal masks or nasal pillow masks.

Why do I need a full face mask if I breathe through the mouth while sleeping?

This is an extremely important point. Patients who sleep with their mouth open, will not benefit of CPAP therapy with a nasal mask. This is so because the air pressure that is supposed to maintain the upper airways open will “escape” through the mouth, if the patient sleeps mostly with an open mouth.

Even patients with breathing patterns alternating between the nose and the mouth definitely require a comfortable, perfectly sealing full face mask for efficient CPAP therapy. The ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask by Respironics best features include:

  • Lightweight mask
  • Advanced Sure Seal Technology – SST-
  • Patented Blue Gel Technology by Respironics
  • Replaceable cushion design
  • StabilitySelector- innovative adjustment feature which allows users to lower or raise the mask until a comfortable fit is achieved

Generally, full face masks are quite complex to fit but ComfortGel Full Face Mask by Respironics is specifically designed to help patients get the most comfortable fit from day one of use.

Physicians can also rest assured that the ComfortGel full face mask is compliant with 90%+ of patients. The mask is highly recommended for patients with more prominent facial structures, for patients who breathe mostly through their mouth during sleep, for for patients noncompliant with other types of masks (such as nasal masks or nasal pillows masks).

  • Robust seal of the mask is guaranteed by the patented Blue Gel technology inserts
  • Quick and easy adjustment guaranteed by the innovative forehead cushion
  • The mask features an integrated O2 port to measure pressure and the O2 bleed-in
  • Quick Clips allow for a fast fit and release of the mask with one snap!
  • Patients can adjust and move around the mask just as they wish in order to find the perfect fit- ComfortGel comes with an enhanced Stability Selector

Patients can enjoy the best mobility during the night- the mask can be disconnected from the hose quickly thanks to the innovative release tabs.

The mask is extremely easy to clean and maintain sanitized. Patients need to use the special sanitizing CPAP wipes to remove any facial oil buildups from the mask. This way, the mask will stay clean, and provide the best seal just like on the first day of use.

When cleaning the mask with lukewarm water and mild soap, ensure to allow the mask to dry out of direct sunlight. For more valuable information on how you can purchase the ComfortGel Full Face mask, please contact SleepRestfully.

ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask
Product ID 1081801
Manufacturer Philips Respironics
ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask Discounts Apply !
This mask features the highly popular Respironics blue gel plus advanced sure seal technology (SST) flap, which optimizes seal. The comfortable, newly designed forehead cushion, enhanced StablitySelector® adjustment feature and renowned blue gel come together to create an unmatched level of comfort and stability in a full-face mask. With an all-new, removable gel cushion and easy-to-clean design, the ComfortGel Full mask makes sense. It allows simple cushion replacement without the need to exchange the entire mask. The premium headgear increases patient comfort and mask stability.  The Respironics ComfortGel Full mask is latex free.
Discontinued - Limited to Sizes on hand
ComfortGel Full Face CPAP Mask ComfortGel Blue Full Face Mask Parts
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Best Price: $105.00
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Full face mask

Mjbrichler52 - 3/13/2018

Fits snug and no leaks. Very comfortable. Easily managed

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