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Bleep Dreamport Sleep Solution


Bleep DreamPort CPAP Sleep Solution

DreamPort Sleep Solution is an innovative CPAP mask that eliminates the problem of uncomfortable mask headgear, or tubing getting in your way during sleep. Bleep DreamPort CPAP mask is a lightweight, headgear free and extremely flexible mask that you can put on and take off with great ease. Thanks to the patented solution, the mask comes with medical grade adhesive strips that help keeping the mask in perfect position, without the need of a rigid and uncomfortable headgear. Bleep DreamWay CPAP Mask

The DreamPorts (or the seals) adhere nicely to the individual contours of each user, so you will never wake up with red marks and irritations on your face. You can apply the dreamports extremely quick and easy. Within a minute you can already sleep comfortably in the desired position: on your stomach, on your back, or on your side.

  • Minimalist design- allows you to use the DreamPort both during the day and during sleep

  • Thanks to the highly innovative design, even patients with facial hair can wear the mask comfortably
    Sleep in the desired position, anytime

  • Quick and simple application of the “DreamPorts” within a few seconds. No headgear required.

  • Quiet operation- both user and bed partner can enjoy a restful night of sleep

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Mask Application InstructionsBleep DreamPort

  • As a first step, make sure to cleanse your nasal area. Remove facial oils to ensure the DreamPorts will adhere well to your skin. Use the efficient DreamPrep wipes, or other mildly astringent solution to remove facial oil or makeup. Allow your nose to air dry or pat dry with the help of a towel

  • Next, apply the DreamPort adhesives around your nostrils by applying some pressure. You need to get a good seal when applying the DreamPorts

  • Now click the DreamPorts into the DreamWay connector. Next attach to your CPAP main unit

  • You are ready to enjoy a carefree night of restful sleep with your DreamPort CPAP MASK

Operating Instructions:DreamPort Nasal Pillows

  • Operating pressure range of the mask – 4 to 20cm H2O

  • Transport & storage temperature range of the mask – 4 to 140F

DreamPort Recommendations

  • It is highly recommended that the first few times you apply the mask, you perform this in front of the mirror up until you are comfortable applying your mask without visual help

  • Use a chin strap for more assistance if you consider that too much air is leaking through your mouth during usage

  • Turn down your humidifier if you experience whistling sounds or excessive condensation in your maskBleep DreamWay Sleep Solution CPAP Mask

  • Never wash the mask in a dishwasher. Always use lukewarm water and a mild detergent to cleanse your mask. Always air dry, away from direct sunlight

  • Never cleanse your mask with products that contain chlorine or any harsh detergents (such as moisturizers, alcohol, anti-bacterial cleansing agents, etc.)

  • Do not use hot/boiling water to wash your mask, as this may easily affect its natural shape or the main interface and its ability to create proper seals

Beep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial PadsBleep DreamPreps

The Bleep DreamPreps Witch Hazel Facial Pads are to be used to remove oils and irt from your face prior to the application of the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution. Each canister contains 100 wipes.


  • DreamPort Application
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DreamPort Quick Start Guide

DreamPort Instructions For Use

Bleep DreamPort Starter Kit
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The DreamPort Sleep Solution from Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Bleep's uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts in place eliminating headgear. You will not wake up with marks on your face.

Before applying clean areas around nostrils of makeup, oil or dirt with DreamPrep wipes or other mild astringent like alcohol or witch hazel wipes. Then allow your nose to air dry or pat dry with a towel.

Includes one DreamWay Interface & one box of  32 DreamPorts (good for 16 nights of use).

Bleep DreamPort CPAP Sleep Solution

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