Here are the top masks for people that breath through their mouths when they sleep.

Most CPAP users like to use masks that allow them freedom of movement during sleep. Full face masks might feel claustrophobic for some, while nasal pillows that go into the nostrils feel quite obtrusive. The good news is that there are many types of masks available, and you can always find the perfect CPAP equipment […]

Maintaining your CPAP equipment clean and sanitized at all times is of primordial importance. Keep in mind that you are using your mask to breathe air into your lungs, and if your mask/tubing is not properly sanitized you might ingest viruses, bacteria, and mold with every breath you take. Tubing systems are also humid environments […]

Airfit N30i

Choosing the right type of CPAP mask is of primordial importance. A good mask will help you enjoy the best quality therapy, regardless of the required pressure. ResMed presents the innovative AirFit N30i, which is a nasal cradle type of CPAP mask with a top of the head tubing designed that allows you to sleep […]

Keeping your CPAP equipment clean and sanitized at all times is of primordial importance. There are many CPAP cleaners available on the market, but you should carefully choose one that suits your individual needs and your available budget of course. By regularly cleaning and sanitizing your CPAP, you will ensure your equipment is free from […]

Patients who require the use of a POC- Portable Oxygen Concentrator- generally complain about having to use heavy equipment which cannot be carried around easily. The good news is that ResMed has launched the Mobi Portable oxygen concentrator which has been designed to offer utmost portability, efficiency and quick compliance. Mobi is an ingenious, technologically […]