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So CLean 2

Maintaining your CPAP equipment clean and disinfected at all times is extremely important. The market is abounding in CPAP automatic cleaners, and making the right choice can be difficult. Of course, sellers advertise the best they can their products, and you are tempted to purchase the product with the best features and the best description. However, you should always take into account product reviews, written by genuine customers. Typically, users will write such reviews even after one full year of using the respective product, especially if they have encountered some problems with the use of the respective cleaner.

The SoClean2 is a highly popular CPAP cleaner, and it is the only type of Ozone cleaner that needs to be connected to the CPAP machine directly. On all other types of cleaners, you need to remove the humidifier chamber from the machine and put it along with the mask and the tubing in a bag (or drawer). On these latter types of Ozone cleaners, no Ozone will enter the CPAP machine to cause any damage. With the SoClean 2, the Ozone actually enters your CPAP machine and damages may occur.

What reviews say about the SoClean2?

According to genuine reviews on the SoClean 2, some users are particularly disappointed with how the cleaner works. Some users have been experiencing major breathing problems after putting on the mask at night, while previously having used the SoClean to disinfect their equipment. The main problem was that after disassembling the CPAP unit in order to check for problems, customers noted that most of the soft silicone seals were deteriorated and of a brownish color, instead of being intact and of a clear color. For example, the dry box seals found between the water tank and the unit that pumps the air, or the silicone seal found between the lid and the water tank were completely deteriorated. Moreover, it seems that the SoClean2 cleaning process also leads to damaging of the nasal pillows in the mask. Soft silicone parts are extremely important, as they offer the necessary seal and protection between different parts of the unit. Or, the pillows in the mask have the role of providing an optimum seal during therapy.

Some patients even tried to remedy the breathing problem by replacing their mask or the hose itself. However, this turned out to be only a temporary solution, as the problems persisted. The soft silicone seals inside the unit were deteriorated, so replacing the mask or the hose would not be of much help. A damaged CPAP air pump results in high expenses when it comes to replacement -not to speak of the fact that you are not getting appropriate therapy with a damaged CPAP unit.

This is why it is extremely important to carefully read user reviews before investing in a CPAP cleaning unit. You should also carefully check the warranty details of the product, as well as any restrictions or recommendations. Ozone can indeed damage different silicone parts of your CPAP equipment. You made an investment in your CPAP machine, and you need to protect it and clean it properly and efficiently in order to enjoy its benefits for a long period of time. Besides damaging interior silicone parts, this particular Ozone cleaner can also damage the pressure sensor or the humidity sensor, since Ozone enters inside the CPAP unit.

ResMed- Official Information on Ozone Cleaners

According to ResMed, ozone devices cause damage to some of their Air10 CPAP units, and this damage may lead to increased motor noise. However, they have not identified any patient safety risks that can arise because of this problem. Furthermore, starting with February 1 2020, damaged to ResMed devices and components caused by direct exposure to Ozone will be excluded from their device limited warranty.

CPAP Cleaning & Disinfecting – Best Alternatives

Keeping your CPAP clean and sanitized is extremely important. While using your equipment, viruses, mold, and bacteria build up inside the hose, water chamber, and other parts of your CPAP. You use your CPAP to breathe, so it’s extremely important to breathing clean and fresh air every time you our on your mask. You can achieve the most hygienic environment if you will opt for a CPAP sanitizer.

It is best to opt for a cleaning device that does not have to be connected directly to your CPAP machine but uses a separate bag instead. Check out below a few of the best options available on the market.

Virtuclean 2.0

This CPAP cleaning machine is provided by VirtuOx. The unit will help eliminating all the germs and bacteria from your CPAP equipment in only 30 minutes. You can definitely trust VirtuOX- a household name in the home diagnostics field. They provide top quality diagnostics tools for insomnia, sleep disorders, respiratory problems and even cardiac arrhythmia issues.

VirtuClean is a cleaning and disinfecting unit that uses Ozone, or Activated Oxygen to perform the disinfection. You do not have to use any soap or harsh detergents/chemicals in the machine. The unit will start cleaning by itself only with the help of Ozone. The unit does not require on-going maintenance, and it is extremely small, compact and stylish. It weighs only ½ pound, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. Virtuclean represents the perfect method of CPAP cleaning for frequent travelers.

In order to use VirtuClean, you just need to put the components of your CPAP machine into the VirtuBag. Then, you have to attach the sleep equipment to the main device, turn on the device and wait until it signals that the disinfection is done. VirtuClean automatically cleans your CPAP equipment within 30 minutes.

Main benefits of VirtuClean:

  • Successfully kills all bacteria and germs residing within the tubing, mask or water chamber in only half an hour
  • It is an automatic cleaning process. You simply turn it on and walk away. Let the unit do the rest
  • You do not need any soap, detergents or harsh chemicals. There is also no need for ongoing maintenance
  • Weighs only ½ pounds. Small, portable and light
  • The ideal solution for both home and travel use
  • Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)
  • Extremely quiet while it performs the disinfection

Use the sanitizing bag provided in order to sanitize perfectly your tubing, the mask, and the humidifier chamber. Make sure to use the approved charger and USB cable. You need to replace filters every 6 months, and you will also get a 24-month warranty from the manufacturer. There is no need to perform pre-wash of your equipment, so you can simply insert them as they are into the bag. You do not need to use any adapters, and you need to replace the bag only once per year.

Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner


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Is an automatic cleaner and sanitizer. It’s a highly popular option among CPAP users. It is very simple to use and highly efficient. All you have to do is unplug your CPAP tubing from the main machine and then re-attach it into the port inside the sanitizing bag. You should also put inside the bag your mask and the hose.

Sleep 8 uses activated oxygen in order to sterilize your CPAP equipment. There is no need for water or any harsh detergents. The machine will complete the cleaning process on its own, without the need for any extra accessories. The cleaner successfully eliminates viruses, mold, and bacteria that pose a great risk to your health. Especially during the cold season, it is recommended to perform cleaning/disinfection of your CPAP on a more regular basis. This way you can stay away from having to struggle with long seasons of cold/flu.

The best news is that Sleep8 is compatible with all types of masks, and both heated/non-heated humidifiers. There is no need for any special connectors or adapters; you just need to insert your equipment into the bag and press start for the sanitation to begin. The full sanitation cycle takes approximately 60 minutes. If you compare Sleep 8 and VirtuClean it can be said that VirtuClean is the faster cleaning option (only half an hour).

You can easily recharge the battery, and it takes approximately 1,5 hours for a full charge. With each full charge, you will get 2 complete cleaning cycles. Therefore, if you are used to sanitizing your CPAP equipment twice a week, you only need to charge once a week.

Sleep8 is lightweight and small, so it represents the perfect option for traveling. You can easily pack it and take it with you wherever you go. This way, you can enjoy clean therapy regardless of your location, and without having to use water and soap to clean your equipment. The device comes with an 18-month warranty for the main device and 12-months for the charger. You also get a 3-month warranty for the bag. You can always purchase easily the replacement parts that you need. Sleep8 is a CPAP cleaner with some great reviews, so you can rest assured you will get a good sanitizer for a fair price.

If you have stumbled upon a manufacturer that doesn’t approve your warranty after using a CPAP cleaner please share it in the comments section below.


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Jack Wright
March 22, 2020 8:14 pm

i have the resmed 10 but i do not use the reservoir, does that make a difference?Also could i use the so clean on a limited bases; once or twice a week? I am using the new p30i head gear, with a lot of silicon.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
March 26, 2020 4:03 pm

I do not use humidification myself. That is not a problem just make sure you have turned off the humidifier in your settings. When you use the SoClean 2 is a personal decision. I would suggest at least once a week.

Default user avatar
Bill Fulton
February 6, 2020 7:38 pm

Reviews are helpful, but I have questions.
1. In addition to the mask itself, do the tubing and reservoir also go into the Sleep 8 CPAP Cleaner and Virtuclean 2.0 sanitizing machines ? Does reservoir need to be emptied every day ?
Sounds like a good idea to avoid the SoClean machines ?

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
February 12, 2020 4:03 pm

Thank you for your question. With the Sleep8 the mask, hose and the reservoir all go into the bag. With the VirtuCLEAN the mask and the reservoir go into the bag and you use the hose to connect the bag to the cleaning unit. This connection cleans the inside of the hose so in the case of both units all components are sanitized.

As for the water in the reservoir, regardless of what you do for cleaning the water should be totally changed every day. Standing water collects bacteria. Distilled water does not cost so much that it is worth the health risk.

Default user avatar
Lois Lawson
January 27, 2020 11:53 pm

I just purchased the so clean 2 and it has a 30 day return so where it’s hooked up to my machine should I return it while I can get my money back? Don’t want my machine torn up

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
February 4, 2020 6:32 pm

That is a personal decision. Only ResMed has issued any type of guidance on the matter and that letter is not conclusive.

Default user avatar
May 9, 2020 1:00 pm

I’ve had a So clean 2 for over a year now and got a new ResMed CPAP recently will it void my warranty to use the So Clean or is it just a suggestion not to use it.

Default user avatar
Charles Goldberg
May 14, 2020 8:28 pm

ResMed has issued a notice that they have the right to void your warranty if it is determined that the use of a SoClean 2 created the damage to your machine. They are the only manufacturer to date that has taken this action and only the SoClean 2 is involved.

Default user avatar
May 25, 2020 2:54 am

So a smart person would not opt to use SoClean 2 since ResMed has states that if ResMed CPAP users use SoClean 2 and it damages (in my case S9 model), then the warranty can be voided. That would be hard to explain to Medicare if the machine broke within the two year warranty period and ResMed declined to replace it. I am sure Medicare would not either.Since I am now on Medicare and Medicare has changed the rules for obtaining a new machine every five years to only being able to do so now when the machine breaks, it is costly for me to do so (to the tune of $800-1100.

Default user avatar
September 26, 2021 6:36 pm

Phillips Resperonics currently has a recall for their CPAP machines due to So Clean damaging them.

Default user avatar
Paul Mathless
August 8, 2022 8:28 pm

In everything I’ve read about the Phillips recall over the past year I’ve never seen any mention of the SoClean as the culprit. All the blame seems squarely on Phillips.

Default user avatar
Wendy Williams-Case
August 20, 2022 5:00 pm

Paul, I so agree with you! Glad to read your comment. There’s so much going on with Phillips and their recall. I’ve not once read SoClean was the problem in any way.

Default user avatar
R Cody
July 13, 2023 6:03 pm

I find it interesting that SoClean is so confident that their machine doesn’t harm the ResMed equipment that it has (go to their website to verify if you like) warranteed the ResMed equipment for the warranty period that ResMed voids if you use it with the SoClean. And extends it an additional year !

Default user avatar
December 7, 2021 12:18 am

actually, Resmed made it clear that using OZONE (not just a particular model of device) will void the warranty. Part of the issue is that one needs specialized metals and plastics etc to withstand ozone degradation.
Strangest is the statement from someone that silicon components have been damaged by the ozone cleaning cycle. Unless those components are a blend of materials they should not be affected as silicon is one of the highest rated materials for use with Ozone.
Hope this helps. I am trying to determine whether or not I will pass on Ozone cleaning. If I do use it the machine will never be near the Ozone generator.

Default user avatar
December 6, 2020 7:55 pm

I realize this post if old, but maybe my reply will help someone else. DO NOT USE THE SoCLEAN MACHINE. It has ruined one ResMed machine and was starting to affect my new one when I finally discovered that the problem was the SoCLEAN machine. I now have an expensive and worthless SoCLEAN machine and a noisy ResMed that makes me (and my boyfriend) aware of every breath I take. Shame on SoCLEAN. They should have to make things right.

Default user avatar
September 22, 2021 3:45 pm

I agree, same issue and situation here.

Default user avatar
October 25, 2021 7:13 pm

I believe that I have just experienced what you experienced. My Resmed Airsense10 is making a loud humming noise with every breath I take. It started after having used the SoClean for about a year.

Default user avatar
April 6, 2022 3:00 pm

My experience on using an Resmed Airsence 10 for 7 years and 16000 + hours. I have been using the SoClean for at least the last 5 years. no noise, no leaks, no trouble

Default user avatar
Paul Mathless
August 8, 2022 8:33 pm

This is the first time I’ve heard about any reservations concerning the SoClean. I’ve been using SoClean daily on my ResMed CPAP machine for about four years now, and the ResMed still works perfectly.

Default user avatar
Gary I House
November 27, 2022 4:44 pm

I agree, I’ve used my SoClean for about 6 years now, with my ResMed. Still working. Bottom line is, you DO NEED some sort of cleaning machine. If you are planning to tear everything apart, then wash in soap & water, let dry, then reassemble – this will NOT get done very often. Call me lazy, but I would not be doing that every day.

Default user avatar
March 17, 2024 3:23 pm

I used soclean and my resmed air10 for the past few years as well. No issues. I just purchased a new Air10 and was informed of the warranty void. I am afraid to try soclean with new machine. Based on reviews and comments, I suspect Resmed cheapend their machines and now is susceptible to break down

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