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Boomerang Gel Pad by AG Industries

Boomerang Nasla Gel Pad by AG Industries

CPAP therapy patients need to feel extremely comfortable during therapy, otherwise they tend to give up treatment too soon. This is why, high profile medical device manufacturers bring onto the market plenty of useful accessories that help making sleep therapy even more compliant.

The Boomerang Gel Pad is such an accessory which will help increasing patient compliance by improving overall comfort of wearing the CPAP mask. The special gel pad will hinder potential irritations caused by the mask, and help reduce mask leaks.

The Boomerang Gel Pad by AG Industries is compliant with all sizes and shapes of nasal or full face masks. Patents will fit this gel pad over the nasal bridge and then wear the mask. This way, irritations, mask leaks and any discomfort caused by the mask are avoided. Patients with a sensitive skin also prefer the use of such soft and comfortable gel pads.

Boomerang Gel Pad help:

  • Increasing overall comfort
  • Maximizing mask seal
  • Decreasing any skin irritations & sores
  • Decreasing potential mask leaks

The Boomerang Gel pad is manufactured from skin-friendly USD grade mineral oil (including essential oils). The mask is non-toxic, it does not contain Latex or Silicon and it is hypoallergenic.

Patients can purchase the Gel Pad through at the most competitive price.

The Boomerang Gel Pad is available in two different sizes: Petite/Small and Medium/Large.

Contact customer service experts for help in choosing the right size of gel pad that you will wear with your CPAP mask.

How to use the Boomerang Gel Pad

  • read carefully the instructions manual and follow the tips closely
  • before each use, ensure to wash the Gel Pad in lukewarm water and mild soap mix
  • fit the Boomerang Gel Pad on the bridge of the nose
  • next, wear the CPAP mask over the Gel Pad comfort cushion

*The manufacturer recommends replacement of the Boomerang Gel Pad once a month.

*The Boomerang Gel Pad can be cleaned with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This way, you will ensure that all bacteria, dust particles and allergens are successfully removed from the comfort cushion each time before wearing it.

When you wash the gel pad with soap and water, always allow it to dry out of the direct sunlight, so that the cushion will not be damaged in any way.

For a maximum layer of stability and comfort, wear soft gel cushions like the Boomerang Gel Pad with your mask.

Active sleepers also find the use of the gel pad very comfortable, because the cushion provides more stability to the mask in each sleeping position.

Genuine Customer Testimonials

According to genuine reviews from patients, the Boomerang Gel Pad provides maximum of comfort and stability with the greatest majority of mask styles and types. The gel pad is easy to fit and clean, and it helps preventing the mask frame from cutting into the skin at the nose level.

Patients with nose sores also found the use of the Boomerang Gel Pad extremely helpful.

Contact SleepRestfully for further assistance.

Boomerang Gel Pad
Manufacturer AG Industries
Boomerang Gel Pad Discounts Apply !
The Boomerang Gel Pad is a patent pending accessory that helps increase patient compliance by decreasing irritating leaks and improving overall comfort with both nasal and full face masks.
• Increases Comfort & Seal
• Decreases Skin Irritation & Soreness
• Decreases the Potential of Air Leaks
The Boomerang Gel Pad is manufactured from a proprietary USP grade mineral oil including essential oils.
• Non-toxic
• Hypoallergenic
• Latex & Silicone Free
Available in 2 sizes.

Boomerang Gel Pad

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