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iCH Auto CPAP by Apex Medical

iCH Auto CPAP by Apex Medical

The iCH Auto CPAP is an extremely elegant, holistic healthcare CPAP therapy device. The machine provides plenty of comfortable therapy modes, so that patients can immediately find the most beneficial setting according to their needs. The CPAP machine does not have a medical looking design, and it will blend in even with the most modern home ambient.

The iCH Auto CPAP by Apex comes with an integrated humidifier to offer patients comfortable air temperatures. The device is also incredibly quiet and it represents the perfect solution even for the most active patients. If you are looking for an extremely compact device that is easy to use and is equipped with plenty flexible therapy modes, the iCH Auto CPAP represents the perfect choice.

Elegance and instant compliance are perhaps the best words to describe this CPAP device. Many patients feel quite frustrated having to use therapy devices that look extremely medical. Apex has designed an ultra stylish, compact and elegant CPAP therapy device to suit a wide range of patients and their specific CPAP therapy needs.

  • Holistic Healthcare formula
  • Instant compliance
  • Flexible therapy modes
Apex Medical iCH Auto

iCH Auto CPAP provides an extremely precise pressure output, so that the device is compatible even with the most specific therapy requirements. The system provides an ultra efficient humidification system which will prevent condensation and rainouts.

Best Features of the iCH Auto CPAP device by Apex:

  • Auto-adjusting pressure for comfortable, natural style breathing all throughout therapy
  • PVA Pressure Relief Function
  • AHI/Leak- Efficacy Reporting
  • Dual Downloading Ports- SD card + USB cable data access
  • Remote Update of Pressure Setting
  • Leak Compensation
  • Auto Altitude Adjustment
  • Clock + Alarm functions available for perfect CPAP therapy monitoring

What is PVA Pressure variation Algorithm?

This is an innovative technology designed specifically to help patients who experience problems breathing against high pressure coming from the device. Thus, the PVA Pressure Variation Algorithm will allow for the pressure setting to be reduced right at the edge (start) of the exhalation process. Then, by the phase of the inhalation, the pressure will return (auto adjust) to the prescribed pressure levels. PVA Pressure Variation algorithm technology helps patients become truly compliant with CPAP therapy right from the first use. Patients will also experience an extremely natural breathing pattern without problems.

  • The CPAP pressure is reduced throughout the transition from Inhale to Exhale
  • During Expiration phase, the device will maintain a lower pressure setting to provide comfortable pressure for the patient to breathe naturally
  • When the Expiration phase comes to an end, the algorithm will set the device back to the prescribed pressure so that patients receive required CPAP pressure during inhalation

PVA is a smart inbuilt technology, which will automatically stop if there are apneas detected during therapy. When the apneas are not “sensed” anymore, PVA will restart.

  • High precision algorithm
  • Inbuilt sensing technology which suspends PVA mode if there are apneas detected
  • Effective therapy is maintained by lowering air pressure during Exhalation to help patients breathe naturally


Model iCH Auto
Pressure Range (cmH2O) 4.0 - 20.0 (0.5 cmH2O increment)
Ramp Time (min) 0-45 (5 min increment)
Ramp Starting Pressure (cmH2O) 3.0 to Therapy pressure (0.5 cmH2Oincrement)
Data Storage 730 summary sessions
18 detailed sessions
Sound Level: under 28 dBA
Humidification: Patient-adjustable; 6 settings
Water Capacity 300 ml
Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.5" x 7.8" x 6.9" (16.5 cm x 19.7 cm x 17.4 cm)
Weight 1.14kg (2.51 lbs)
Power Supply AC: 100V-240V, 50/60Hz, universal power supply
DC: 24V
Operating Range +5 °C to +35 °C (+41 °F to +95 °F);
15% to 95%RH non-condensing
Storage Range -15 °C to +50 °C (+5 °F to +122 °F);
10% to 90%RH non-condensing
EN60601-1 Classification Class II, Type BF, IP21,
IEC 60601-1-2 EMC Compatibility
1 of 2
Product ID SF07109
Manufacturer Apex Medical
iCH Auto CPAP Discounts Apply !
Providing comfortable and flexible therapy modes, the iCH Auto CPAP system with it’s stylish and attractive design is the perfect partner to support you and your prescribed treatment goals.
The integrated heated humidifier provides comfortable, quiet and reliable therapy and for people on the move. 
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