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 Swift LT Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask

Resmed Swift LT

One of the most common complaints of patients on CPAP CPAP therapy is an uncomfortable mask. Full face masks tend to be rigid and quite bulky, and they obstruct the field of vision and all these represent big inconveniences for the patient. The Swift LT Nasal Pillow CPAP mask is an ultra light, minimalistic yet ultra efficient mask that can be used with any CPAP/BiPAP device.

ResMed is a leader developer of nasal pillows masks which are comfortable, flexible, light and providing the best seal and stability all throughout required therapy. Patients will instantly become compliant with required therapy even at higher pressures while using the Swift LT Nasal pillows mask.

Mirage Swift LT

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Follows nicely the facial contours
  • Extremely flexible
  • Non-obstructive design
  • Quick compliance

Swift LT nasal pillows mask does not have a forehand support so users have a clear field of vision. Patients can now enjoy their favorite activities such watching TV or working on their computer before sleep.

Users can also easily customize the seal of Swift LT thanks to the rotating barrel. Adjust the mask to fit your levels of comfort and enjoy required CPAP therapy without mask leaks, pressure points or feelings of tightness around the head or face.

When compared to a previous model of ResMed (the Mirage Swift II)- the Swift LT nasal pillows mask is up to 71% quieter. The innovative vent design disperses air evenly, up and away from the sleeping bed partner. Both the patient and the bed partner can now enjoy a restful night of sleep, without interruptions.

If you are looking for a mask specifically designed to offer you maximum comfort during side sleeping, Swift LT is the perfect product. The frame width of the Sift LT nasal pillows mask is up to 50% smaller when compared to the frame of the Mirage Swift II. You can sleep comfortably in any position, without being inconvenienced by a wide frame cutting into the skin or by a mask that cannot be accommodated on the pillow.

Most of the CPAP therapy users will find the Swift LT nasal pillows mask extremely comfortable and efficient from day one of use. The package contains 3 different pillows sizes which fit well over 95% of the patients. Simply choose the nasal pillows that fit most comfortably and enjoy quiet and efficient CPAP therapy.

  • Swift LT nasal pillow mask features fewer parts than other nasal pillow masks- easy & quick cleaning and sanitation
  • Instant compliance
  • Extremely compact and stylish design, with a less medical feel to it
  • Feels light and soft on the face
  • No forehead support required
  • Finding the right fit every time is possible with the rotating barrel feature
  • Flexible, dual wall cushions that enhance seal and adapt perfectly to movement
Swift LT Nasal Pillow
Product ID 60560
Manufacturer ResMed
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Light touch, Easy fit
Designed for your lifestyle, the Swift LT nasal pillows system is light on the face, easy to use and fit, and provides personalized comfort and unparalleled quietness for you and your bed partner. Ideal for active sleepers, the Swift LT’s compact and streamlined design minimizes facial contact while offering stability with a secure seal. The dual-wall nasal pillows, which sit on a flexible pillow base, seal softly to reduce airflow into the nasal passages, and the rotating barrel allows you to customize the perfect fit without over-tightening the headgear. Its flexible, lightweight tubing and optional tube retainer allows for side and back sleeping. Featuring a unique vent design and weighing only 2.3 oz, the Swift LT is the quietest and one of the lightest masks on the market. The Swift LT also comes with three pillow sizes and fewer parts for trouble-free cleaning and assembly.

Swift LT Nasal CPAP Pillow System Swift LT Mask Parts

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