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Swift™ FX Bella Nasal CPAP Mask

Resmed Swift FX Bella

Swift FX for Her is a nasal CPAP mask specifically designed to fit women’s personal style and comfort. When wearing full face masks, you have to put up with discomfort caused by a heavy and bulky mask, but Swift FX has been developed with minimalist design yet offering maximum performance and comfort during sleep therapy.

Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow System by ResMed

  • Get more freedom of mobility during sleep. The Swift FX for her allows you to sleep in any desired position, without compromising stability and mask seal
  • Instant fitting, without complex adjustments
  • Soft, simple and incredibly stable
  • Fluid design which adapts to movements while maintaining seal and stability
  • Lightweight tubing system which has a unique bend and stretch movement
  • Choose your favorite stylish color that suits your personal style- available in pink or light blue
  • Three different mask pillow sizes within packaging to fit the greatest majority of female patients: Extra Small, Small and Medium nasal pillows
  • Low profile back strap

Flexible & Fluid form- the most comfortable fit instantly

Swift FX for her features an incredibly fluid and flexible form which helps you adjust the mask quickly and easily. The rotating elbow accommodates the ultra lightweight and flexible tubing, allowing it to rotate gently. Patients do not have to use a tube retainer, thanks to Spring Flex lightweight tubing which bends and stretches in a unique manner.

The headgear features soft silicone wraps that rest gently around your cheekbones. Get a restful night of sleep and wake up refreshed without wrinkly skin or feelings of tightness generally caused by a rigid headgear.

Swift FX for Her is all about simplicity and minimalism while providing the most comfortable fit for efficientBella CPAP Nasal Pillow System CPAP therapy. The low profile back straps with a unique Velcro fastener system allows you to get the mask stability that you need without over tightening the headgear. The back straps are also available in stylish and soft feminine colors such as pink, gray or light blue.

More female users can be fit with the Swift FX for Her, thanks to the nasal pillows available in several sizes- small, extra small or medium. Swift FX for her is an out of the box solution for women who want to enjoy the most comfortable CPAP therapy even at higher pressures.

The nasal pillows are flexible and incorporate unique trampoline action movement. This will allow patients to move freely, since the pillows adapt perfectly to movement, while the mask maintains its stability and seal.

Swift FX for Her also features a unique vent diffuser system which disperses air evenly and in a quiet manner.

Less Mask & more of you - Swift FX for Her represents the best solution if you are looking for a lightweight mask that provides the best stability and mask seal for as many hours as needed during therapy.

  • Freedom of mobility
  • So light you won’t even feel it’s there
  • Allows for multiple sleeping positions
  • Innovative vent design disperses air quietly
Swift FX Bella Nasal Pillow System
Product ID 61560
Manufacturer ResMed
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Featuring a minimal design that reinforces a sense of freedom, the Swift™ FX Bella offers you more choices when it comes to customized fit and personal comfort, so you can look and feel more like yourself.

• Exclusive Bella loops provide an additional option to accommodate various hairstyles
• Optional headgear offers two ways to wear the mask, depending on your personal style and comfort preferences
• Optional soft wraps enhance comfort at the cheeks
• Fit range customized for women
• Exceptional softness, simplicity and stability
• Flexible, fluid form follows your facial contours and movements

Includes Extra Small, Small and Medium Nasal Pillows.

Swift FX Bella Nasal CPAP Pillow System Swift FX Bella Mask Parts

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