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VPAP™ COPD from ResMed


VPAP COPD is an ultra reliable and efficient non invasive ventilation solution specifically designed for COPD patients. Several clinical studies have proven that NIV therapy enhances the quality of life of a COPD patient, and helps slowing down the progression of the disease.

VPAP COPD top benefits:

  • Patients can easily customize therapy according to their needs using the available settings
  • The device delivers warm, humidified air in one air lining
  • Quick and easy online patient therapy monitoring possible through the EasyCare platform

VPAP COPD helps patients become quickly compliant with their required therapy, and maintains that compliance for long term. In order to receive ideal ventilation, COPD patients require Non Invasive therapy on specific parameters, and VPAP COPD delivers such optimal ventilation parameters to ensure efficiency and compliance.

VPAP COPD ensures to maintain synchrony and ultimate comfort all throughout therapy. Patients diagnosed with COPD generally struggle with a difficulty of exhaling, making hyperinflation or gas trapping an imminent danger. However, VPAP COPD ensures to offer perfect synchrony on a breath by breath basis, helping patients to receive comfortable sleep therapy.


Hyperinflation is minimized by:

  • Fast Rise Time
  • Shortened TiMax
  • High cycle sensitivity

Managing the symptoms of COPD is now easier than ever thanks to the VPAP COPD which is designed to suit the particular therapeutic needs of patients struggling with this complex disease.

  • Pressure range capability of up to 30 cmH2O. Patients with high pressure requirements or overlap syndrome can now rest assured they will receive optimum pressures right at the mask
  • Plenty of adjustable alarm features: high leak, non-ventilated mask, low SpO2 or low minute ventilation
  • Better hypersecretion management is ensured by the device delivering warm and moist air right at the mask. VPAP COPD helps patients maintain their airways clear and enjoy comfortable breathing all throughout the therapy session

The H5i Heated Humidifier and the CllimateLine tubing systems ensure patients receive constant, warm and humidified air, regardless of the changing parameters in ambient air. Enjoy synchronous, comfortable and efficient therapy for COPD with this innovative technology device brought to you by ResMed

ClimateLineMAX Oxy- for supplemental oxygen needs

  • Connect it conveniently at the back of the device and allow oxygen to mix with humidified and warm air for more comfort
  • No need of a separate tubing connection
  • Supporting higher pressures
  • Regulated temperature with the ClimateLine special algorithm to offer constant and comfortable temperature levels right at the mask
  • Protects against rainout

VPAP COPD Technical Specifications

  • Ti Control: Ti Max 0.3-4sec / Ti Min. 0.1-Ti Max
  • Rise Time: Min. 250-900msec
  • Dimensions: 153mm x 172mm x 86mm
  • Weight: only 1.04kg
  • Five Trigger Settings
  • Five Cycle Settings
  • Electrostatic Fiber Mesh Air Filter
  • 22m taper Air Outlet- compatible with ISO 5356:1:2004
  • IEC 60601-1 Classification – Class II (Double Insulation) / Type BF Continuous Operation
  • Power Supply: 90 W power supply unit / AC 100-240V 50-60 Hz, 2.2A / AC 115V 400Hz, 2.2a / 90W DC/DC converter 12V, 24V
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